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Found 12 results

  1. Where are the artifacts in the museum
  2. I am unable to leave the shop. When trying to exit, instead of a person walking I get the conversation bubble. Please help.
  3. So I started a potion before I could finish it. I ended up having to make another potion first so I had to reset the potion. When I went to go remake the potion I had started early, the secret ingredient, spider eyes, was no longer in my inventory and I wasn't able to get more of them.
  4. Hey there, I've been trying to build a functional Character with the YouTube tutorial as help. I did everything from the video but when i try to start the play mode die mesh starts glitching, it looks like a rod grasshopper. Also i'm getting this error: HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitSettings must be instantiated using the ScriptableObject.CreateInstance method instead of new HeroKitSettings. UnityEngine.ScriptableObject:.ctor() HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitSettings:.ctor() HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitCommonRuntime:GetHeroKitSettings() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/4. Hero Common/Data/HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs:150) HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitCommonRuntime:initializeGame() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/4. Hero Common/Data/HeroKitCommonRuntime.cs:61) HeroKit.Scene.HeroKitObject:Awake() (at Assets/HeroKit/Hero Engine/Framework/1. Hero Objects/Scene/HeroKitObject.cs:123) i don't know what to do.
  5. I have played through killing Ahriman in Aveyond 1c, 3 times now but the game wont end. I go to Aveyond to the temple and the Oracle tells me to hurry to Ahriman's castle and kill him, every time!! Pleaese tell me how to get the game to recognize I offed him? Thanks, verraFae
  6. Hello I am currently playing Aveyond 4, but there is a problem. I have completed every quests (nearly) and the only ones remaining are joining coven and the follow ups. The problem is that I was able to join both covens (only later I knew there were 3). I got spell from both. Life from Lor and steal item from jinx. I completed membership of Jinxs and got the sell old dress. The problem started from there. I have already sold nearly all items, only thing remaining are the extra hat, the dress and piggy bank. Now, the trigger for customers activates, but no customers are coming and I just can't sell the item. The lowest level in my team is lv60, normal mode and I can't go back since there r no previous saves of coven and I have played too much. I am attaching screenshots and hope u can help. help. Thanking in advance.
  7. If ray type is main camera or another camera, debugRay is passed in when it should be a bool for isMainCamera.
  8. Hello I am currently playing through the whole series again and am stuck on fhe quest where you get the pirate ship. I have the death relic, i've talked to the pirate but evertime I try to go to seafall to get the application for the house it crashes. When i try to enter from witchwood the text goes off but it crashes it the loading screen. Any fixes? Thanks it advance.
  9. Slider code was not in GetFloatField. Add this: // if this is a field, draw field (1=number) if (data.fieldType == 1) { //data.fieldValue = SimpleLayout.FloatField(data.fieldValue, 149); if (!sliderData.useSlider) data.fieldValue = SimpleLayout.FloatField(data.fieldValue, 149); else { data.fieldValue = SimpleLayout.SliderField(data.fieldValue, 250, sliderData.min, sliderData.max); if (data.fieldValue > sliderData.max) data.fieldValue = sliderData.max; else if (data.fieldValue < sliderData.min) data.fieldValue = sliderData.min; } }
  10. There needs to be more information about what is saved when a save file is created. Go over data types in hero objects and fields on game objects.
  11. Docs need to include information about variable conditions that can be used with events.
  12. Hello! I went on to rescue the princess from Lord Zorom and succeeded in defeating him. However, after the fight I went to the King and Queen to bring her but she does not seem to be with me. Why is this happening? How do I fix this? I don't want to go back to the start... Please HELP. Thank you very much.
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