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Found 43 results

  1. idk how many times i have played av1 and now im playing it again but ofc i forgot how things were. im on the 3rd druid and am about to unlock more quests in the highlands but i am so powerless over the purple birds and stones. teijal is so weak and she's in level 38. so far dameon (lvl39) is my strongest. i got to get him that strong weapon at ylisfar and his attacks are quite good but rhen's and lars' and elini's (both lvl40) aren't. taijal is in my reserve bc she is useless for now. i can't defeat highlands enemies pls help me do i just need to level up or what
  2. This is a request to do with getting rid of clutter and organising when developing. Currently, there are variables listed by type for Hero Objects AND Hero Properties. For both Hero Object and Hero Property variables, if you could sort and filter variables by groups too, that would make development FAR easier when handling tonnes of bools and other variables in one place... ?
  3. Hi , Ant! Is it possible to set more than 3 options for selection in dialogs? Something like a "Pillars of Eternity" ?
  4. Create actions to change the skins of menus. Game Over Menu Inventory Menu Journal Menu Load and Save Game Menu Options Menu Start Menu
  5. Drag hero object into scene. This will automatically create a hero gameobject.
  6. @Ant, See also the post on clothing/armour/equipment. So this request is related but more to do with base Character customisation and selection at runtime and usually when a game begins for the first time. So not swapping out whole HeroObjects but modifying the current one. So maybe default for maybe height and weight and proportions, gender, age, skin and eye and hair colour etc with defaults by Race and Subrace. Functionality to change some or all of those parameters at runtime when setting up your character. Default starting clothing, armour, equipment and weaponry dependent on Class, Race, Subrace... that sort of thing...
  7. Hello I wish to remind myself of the greatest RPG making legend and that legend is John Wizard himself (I dunno his real name...) but anything else then that I just wish if he can reply to my post or atleast say "Hi" since I just replayed Dawn Light again and I just really miss that guy hes been making so many great RPG games when I was 10 back then and I had them stored on my cd thats the only thing I really care for now and also If anyones ever played Laxius Force or Laxius Power and Three Stars of Destiny those were my favorite rpgs back then and I think people should look up to them since they are so memorable...I wish things were the same just like in year 2005-20--. ------------------------- Sincerely Gary. -------------------------
  8. @Ant, Would welcome your thoughts on how compatible HeroKit is or could be with TPC?
  9. @Ant, (I may edit this post as thoughts occur... it's stream of consciousness time !) (Hey! Aren't potions equippable, ready for later use?) Looking at the list for the Item Database some thoughts occur re other 'fields' and generally:- - Item Type - Item Subtype (need to be able to filter and sort items in inventory etc by type and subtype...) - if Weapon: Normal Damage by Close Melee, Melee, Polearn, Thrown, Shooter, Shot - Damage Calc methods? Dice Damage option? Formulae by Level, Skills? Reach,Attack Rate/RoF, Range Additional Elemental? Damages? (by Percentage? Other damage calcs, formulae?) - Associated Mesh, Gameobject/Prefab, HeroObject of Item - various uses animations perhaps with defaults by item type, subtype - Rarity (perhaps calculated) - Commercial Value (perhaps accomodating different currencies bronze pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces etc not being too prescriptive) - Loot weighting/chances - pretty essential for loot drop lists etc - Race/Subrace(s), Class(es(, Alignment(s), Stat(s), Skill(s), Level required at X rank, score, level - Also prohibited by above factors - Stackable and Stack - Durability, Condition, isRepairable - Weight (and weight sensitive) re inventory - Consumable and consumable time - Equippable, Equipment Slot(s) - Handedness ( ie if holdable, strictly one handed, preference one handed, one or two handed, preference two handed, strictly two handed ) - is Container, Container x y size, container size, contains.. [sub Item List] - is Containable, containable x y size - is Craftable? - Craft items required and quantities - Crafting type - Sockettable? Socket type(s) allowed? - Socket items in place - Armour (local, body) when equipped - local by equipment slots - Resistances to Elements - Effects/Animations/Particles when Actions/Uses - Depending on Use/Action, effecting, buffing, debuffing Vitals, Stats, Skills, Armour, Damages - Wondering whether easier to define cumulative effects, buffs, debuffs separately and drop them in ... as with Prefixes, Affixes, Suffixes and Socketted items which also must create effects, buffs, debuffs on user/item? - Item material type ie metal and subtype ie iron... a special affix changing colour of item in Mesh/icon... - Quest data -
  10. @Ant, Looking at your screenie of the item database, I hope you can see why item types and subtypes and being able to filter and sort by them in item database editors/ui as well as in game inventories is absolutely essential if you'v got more than say 40, let alone 1000s, of items... Some thinking on this below:- Type SubTypes Generic Currency Bronze Piece, Iron Piece, Silver Piece, Gold Piece etc. Weapon Knife, Sword, Axe, Bludgeon, Spear, Gun, Stone, Sling, Hammer, Whip etc. Ammunition Arrow, Bolt, Bullet, Shell, Pellet Armour Suit of Armour, Pauldron, Greave, Cuirass, Chestpiece, Jacket, Shield, Helm Clothing Trousers, Shirt, Cloak, Coat Adornment Ring, Earring etc Consumable Food, Drink, Drink, Scroll Container Pouch, Rucksack, Bag, Chest, Quiver, AmmoClip etc Socket Crystal, Orb, Rune etc Component Foodstuff, Ingredient, Fuel, MachinePart Recipe Furniture Bedroll, Table, Chair, Bed, Torch Key Tool You get the idea...
  11. Affixes: http://wireframewebsolutions.com/d3affix/ Prefixes: http://www.d2tomb.com/item_prefixes.shtml Sockets: https://www.diablowiki.net/Socket
  12. Right now, nothing shows up. Creator should be able to choose which hero object should jump.
  13. Right now, you have to use the mouse to select a button in a dialog box. Change this so that the player can also use the arrow keys to make a selection.
  14. Flash screen only goes from transparent to opaque to transparent. This is okay, but the effect looks flat. Add ability to blend with another color as flash occurs (like go from red to white)
  15. Need sample scenes that folks can test out before they get HeroKit. These should be hosted on the web.
  16. Once new animator system is tested, add Unity's old one for 2D sprites.
  17. @Ant, Can this be introduced? Really useful in relation to items, effects, rarities etc... and with supporting Actions?
  18. @Ant, In line with my other post, "Request: (for RPG/Nov development) - Menus", I set out below a rather long stream of consciousness on the sorts of things on quests, currency system, loot system, spawn system, stats, conditions, abilities, classes, races, damage system, elements, alignments, factions, relationships and so on that make for a REALLY good RPG, with a view to you thinking then about what can actually be accomodated in HeroKit and in HeroKit HeroActions and HeroProperties... directly or indirectly... In all of this, I appreciate that some or all can be accomodated with HeroObject Variables, Globals and HeroProperties - but that you are aiming for a Kit here that makes it as easy as possible to set up a classic RPG environment. So, with that in mind, :- * Quests Quest system ingrained and working well with Dialogue system. Quest Subtypes, Idea of Main Quests and subsquests, challenges, hunts, collections. Also critical and optional quests. Placed in Journal? Certain quests only offered dependent (see below) on Race, Class, Alignment, Faction, Relationship. * Currency System Auto-calculating with sense of whether items are buyable, sellable. (different prices). Currency exchange system. ie. bronze pieces, iron pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces, mithril pieces, whatever... * Loot System RNG and weighted likelihood of getting items according to loot tables etc. For different PCs, NPCs, Monsters etc and Containers. * Spawn System Random and weighted spawning and re-spawning of plants/containers, items, NPCs and monsters. * Progression Need to have different ways to map and follow progression for general level and for levels or ranks with Abilities etc. Different formulae available. Some links:- https://forum.unity.com/threads/master-class-system-quickly-create-populate-classes-w-o-writing-code.460025/ https://forum.unity.com/threads/need-some-help-with-d-d-style-leveling-formula-execution.340664/ https://forum.unity.com/threads/skill-leveling-like-in-wow-level-up-fishing-cooking-skinning.364352/ * Statistics Need to cover-off subtypes too like Vitals, Points, Modifiers, Bonuses, Buffs, Debuffs, Attributes, Characteristics, General Level, General Experience, Resistances. Need to easily manage minimum, base/default, current (without bonuses, effects etc), maximum (without bonuses, effects etc), current (with bonuses, effects etc). Need to easily manage, start, stop, clock, bonuses and effects on Stats and inter-relationships there. Need to manage both 'deathline' and 'critical' levels for Stats - causing then Conditions or other debuffs/negative bonuses, or death. Resistances would be to Elements (see below). * Conditions Things caused by either a deathline or critical level in some Statistic or other? Things like say Blinded, Deafended, Befuddled, Insane, Tired, Exhausted, Enraged, Lamed, Disabled, Unconscious, Asleep, Charmed, Burnt, Poisoned, Diseased, Cursed, Petrified, Frozen, Held etc etc. Whilst you have Conditions, how do they effect Stats and Abilities? and Resistances within Stats. * Abilities Passive and Active. Cooldowns for Active ones. Need to cover-off subtypes say Skills, Knacks, Powers etc etc. Need to cover-off this side of progression ie. at level/rank X a Range would gain a rank in Archery from 3 to 4, and that would increase damage with Y by Z%. Abilities by their own ranks or levels? Adjointing relationships between Abilities. Same as with statistics re minimum, maximum etcs and managing bonuses and effects. Requirements - preferred, prohibitted, required stats at X, abilities at X, classes at rank X? * Classes Need for Classes and Sub-Classes. Need for single Class, Multi-Class and All-Classes scores for one HeroObject/Player. Need for rank and measure of progresssion in each Class. And then how that plays in to and effects Stats and Abilities. Default starting items, armour/clothing, characteristics? Required minimum Stats etc. Allowing for certain specific responses in dialogue and certain quests etc. * Races Races and Sub-Races - each with default bonuses and weaknesses and effects on Stats and Abilities. Default starting items, armour/clothing, characteristics limited to define Race or Sub-Race. Required minimum Stats etc. Allowing for certain specific responses in dialogue and certain quests etc. * Damage System Need for Max/Min Damage. Variation. Dependent on items held, buffs, debuffs, effects, spells, bonuses (see above). Need for Damage sub-types - Normal Melee Sharp, Blunt, Ranged etc? Also Elemental Damage. Need for Damage vs Resistance and Armour formulae. Effected by Stats and Abilities. Weapon Types. Advantage and Disadvantage and Initiative. Possible for Dice Notation calcs for damage or calcs for resistance. ie. "3D6+12". See Rogue Sharp. https://bitbucket.org/FaronBracy/roguesharp (p.s. RogueSharp is open license and I have implemented it in to Unity and have a Unity Package if you fancy reviewing it). Dodging and Evasion? Initiative, Advantage and Disadvantage... according to position relative to enemy, condition etc... Use of Shield? Combo moves - Riposte and Parry and Counter Attack - dependent on Stats and Abilities. * Elements [Normal/Melee Sharp/Melee Blunt,Ranged Projectile] Damage but also then Elementals. Allow for additional Damage types, Spell types, Resistance (see above) types. Things like Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ice, Electric, Holy, Unholy etc etc etc. * Alignments Scaled ie. -10 to + 10, whatever. So Good/Evil, Lawful/Chaotic, Magic/Science, Nature/Science, that sort of thing. Effected by certain actions, causing certain responses in Dialogue, allowing certain quests. * Factions / Relationships Other HeroObject PCs / NPCs effected by actions and dialogue and alignment and class and race - improving and worsening relationships, different kinds of relationships, determining NPC and Monster/Animal reactions etc. etc.
  19. @Ant, I'll start by saying no current Unity RPG kit asset does this well... The Mount Points asset works well in isolation. This is not the current functionality of swapping one whole HeroObject for another but rather the functionality of donning/taking off clothing/armour/equipment/body additions (ie. Hair, horns, wings etc.) not just by whole body but by body location and similarly holding or dropping held items like weapons or shields. Supporting static or skinned meshes or prefabs... As well as massively enhancing the visuals, this then makes Character Customisation by Race and SubRace and by class much much easier...
  20. @Ant, Bear with me on this one - I think it's a brilliant idea if it could be done. So, when you are creating an Integer or Float variable (as above), how about you had a tick box underneath with something like "Integer/Float contains variables formulae". Then instead of a straight 12 or 9.2 you put "[V-B-0]+[V-F-2]/[P-I-1]*[V-I-3]" - something that recognises */+-% operands and all Bool, Integer and Float variables. Cast in to a resultant Int if you want to generate an int, cast in to a float if you want to generate a float. Perhaps have bools counting as either 0 (false) or 1 (true) which, when you think about it, would be v useful too. That way you can have formula calculated Integer and Float variables. This would help enormously with stuff like Progression, damage calcs and so on...? I appreciate it would be a big new thing, and maybe for a later release (after 2D and RPG) but.... hope you can see why it would hugely boost functionality...?
  21. @Ant, Just thinking it would be useful to have more string actions like the if string contains action (I posted elsewhere on that one). I was thinking additional String HeroActions like:- - Get String (Uppercase); - Get String (Lowercase); - Get String (Titlecase); // this is where the first character is made a capital/uppercase, the others lowercase // - Get String (Left); // get Left$ of original String // - Get String (Right); // get Right$ of original String // - Get String (Length); // get the length of a String and return that length as an integer // - Get String (Mid); // rather like Mid$ - get/return a string from say characters 12 to 15 - in the original string // - Get String (Find Substring Index); // find a string within another string (with option to say whether search is case sensitive or not, default not) and return the position of the string your searching for within the source string as an integer - so different then to If (String Contains) HeroAction // - Get String (FieldString); // you enter a source String and a delimeter character String and a count Integer and this HeroAction returns the String within the field string ie. "A,quick,brown,fox" as source String, delimeter String = "," count Integer = 3, would return the String "brown" // - Get String (FieldStrings Count); // you enter the source String and a delimeter character String and this HeroAction returns an integer of the number of Fields within the source String // - Others??? [edit] 8-10-2017 I've created (I hope) the above HeroActions as custom HeroActions. See attached. See also this link:- http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19043-other-string-heroactions/ HeroKit Actions - Other String HeroActions - v1.0.unitypackage
  22. @Ant, (May require implementation of Colour as either a Variable or an Object) - Shift Object Colour; // this HeroAction shifts one or two of the Colours within the HeroObject on display // - Shift UI Colour; // this HeroAction shifts one or two of the Colours within the UI on display // - Shift Sprite Colour; // this HeroAction shifts one or two of the Colours within the Sprite within the HeroObject on display // N.B. These HeroActions are pretty amazingly useful. Suddenly you can use the Mesh or Sprite Renderer functionality to shift colour(s) from the defaults and you can say change the colour of a Obsidian Sword from a 'steel-like' colour to a greenish colour because of the HeroProperty that now says it's made from Obsidian. You get near-infinite variation of items, objects, sprites, UI, for very little input....
  23. @Ant, - Is (Object LOH); // this HeroAction determines whether the HeroObject can 'hear' a nearby Object dependent upon hearing skill, threshold and other Object's stealth skill - similar to Is (Object LOS) HeroAction but Line of Hearing (LOH) perhaps less effected by intervening objects in the seen when compared to Line of Sight (LOS)//
  24. @Ant, - Is (Object LOS); // this HeroAction will determine (within an angle and a threshold for sight, minus any Stealth effect) whether the HeroObject can 'see' the Object - takes in to account raycast intervening Objects that block line of sight (LOS) //
  25. @Ant, - Approach Object; // this HeroAction will make the HeroObject turn towards the Object and approach the Object to a proximity of X whilst navigating around NavMesh obstacles //
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