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DarkGaia - Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

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Dark Gaia Studios presents... A brand new free RPG!




Game Overview

Legionwood is a console style RPG made using RPG Maker VX by Dark Gaia Studios. Legionwood is my attempt at creating a nostaligic and familiar RPG experience reminiscent of the classics of the early 90's such as Breath Of Fire and Crono Trigger.

Legionwood features a massive world filled with adventures and side quests, and is expected to contain over 20 hours of gameplay and four huge story driven chapters.

While it isn't revolutionary and contains gameplay that is for the most part bog standard RPG fare, Legionwood is designed to be that way; familiar and fun for RPG fans looking for a casual game to play.



The world of Legionwood. Once upon a time, it was prosperous and full of technological

wonders. About three thousand years ago, a mysterious phenomena demolished most of

mankind's cities, and as a species, they had to start again. This much, archaeologists and

scholars know from the ancient ruins of technological cities and fortresses dotted throughout

the most barren parts of Legionwood's surface.

After at least two millennia had passed, mankind had begun to re-establish itself as the

planet's dominant species. Major inventions were being rediscovered, and technological

development had finally reached a medieval period. It was at this time when everything began

to go wrong. Legionwood has always had war, but suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere began

a furious and unpredictable world war that raged for years and devastated cities and nations

worldwide. This terrible conflict, known as the Great War, ended as suddenly as it began, with

no mention of its cause or conclusion to the public, and mankind began to pick up the pieces.

Now, one thousand years have passed since the Great War came to an end. Since that

terrible time, makeshift peace treaties have ensured there have been only minor conflicts over

the last centuries, but once again technology is on the rise, and half truths and legends about

the Great War and its origins are prevalent in popular culture.

Each country, empire and kingdom fears its neighbours, and only reluctantly are peace ties

held in place. In a last ditched effort to try and maintain some sort of peace between the rival

kingdoms of Charn and Trevelle, the king of Charn has decided to hold a celebration and

festival to honor his new daughter's birth. Everybody in attendance is expecting a good time,

but a key figure linked to Legionwood's dark past of conflict and death has been biding his

time, and has decided that now is the perfect time to stage a new Great War and political



Game Features

- A character driven story full of twists, turns and red herrings, and an intended gameplay time of

around 20 hours.

- 6 playable characters, each one with a distinct personality, which you can mold into your own

custom character classes to suit your combat style.

- Turn based combat with an emphasis on tough opponents and using skills, rather than

mashing "attack" over and over. Think, don't button mash!

- A custom soundtrack, composed entirely of non comercial game music, some exclusive

to Legionwood.

- Collect, raise and summon 5 elemental spirits to aid you in battle! Summon level up, learn skills

and fight just like your party members!

- Innovative Ability Point system by KGC allows you to choose which bonuses you gain in level ups,

so you're free to decide which role your characters fill in your battle plan.
















You can download this game from the page here:



*If the download is unavailable when you try, it's because the server is updating; simply try again in a few hours and it'll be there!


Mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UVUOA3XR

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No, I highly reccomend holding out for the full version which should be released in a few weeks, after almost three years of hard work!


I hope you'll come back and give the game a try once it's out - it's free so why not?


Thanks for showing an interest.

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WOW!! yaaay!! XD a few weeks huh? I can't wait to see it 8D

and ur welcome hehe :)


actually, someone recommend me this game while I was looking for RPG vx games and I found out that it was great >w<


I'll be looking forward to it :)

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The day you [d]eagerly awaited[/d] probably didn't care about is here at last!


Legionwood is fully complete, and testing is finished! The full game with all four chapters can now be downloaded. Please enjoy! I spent three years of my life toiling to complete this game...


See the first post of the thread for the download link!

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Friday, September 24th 2010


Hi everyone! Sadly, I've had to suspend the games downloads in order to upload a new one. My artist, Kken, has requested that I change her name in the credits and I felt I should honour her wish immediately. Thus, I've removed all previous downloads and am uploading a new one to RMN as we speak, which should be available sometime within the next 24 hours.


It will also include a small bug fix. If you've downloaded the current version, don't worry about downloading the new one, just simply go into the BGM folder, copy "Adventure Awaits.mid" and rename it to "BR - Adventure" to fix it yourself.

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Hmm... It should work fine on all computers, as it includes the RPG Maker VX RTP in the download.


You just need to install it after downloading, then go to wherever you installed it to and click on "Game.exe"


Would you mind telling me exactly what it says, when it won't open?

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somebody help me: for this game u must download some sort of software to be able to play it right? well i lost all of that "software" from my computer and i dont remember the site where to download it!

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Oh wow! I love this game! :D I haven't gotten very far though >.< I'm in the beginning of chapter two! I'll be sure to comment once I'm done! XD (On side note: My Fave. Character is Ark! <3)

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Darn it. What's with all the good looking and free rpg games coming out when I have no time to play them? T^T


But yeah. I'll definetely play this game when my life decides I deserve some free time.


Also, out of curiousity, are the main character sprites original? They look way better than most VX sprites I've seen for some reason...

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@devil_rj: Spoiler [highlight to read]: 846.


@DarkGaia: I've been playing this game for the last few days and enjoying it. But a couple of bugs have forced me to put the game on hold for a while. Does the latest build 5 fix the Orb of Origin bug? It would really suck if I can't use it after going out of the way to get all 5 Pins of Creation and Pin of Zenith not to mention defeating the superboss, Rift Entity. :( I'm the type who likes to complete everything so I'll rather wait for the perfected version... Oh, and do the luck charms and all the summons work now?

Anyway, hope I can resume playing it soon, nice work :)


Edit: It worked fine in the latest build 5 revised version, got the ultimate equipments, yay! :D Luck charms and Horus still don't work though. Oh, another thing, why is flame bolt (Upperthrone tech shop) still unlearnable? Seems to be another bug since I'm almost at the end of the game with only the final dungeon left. Thankfully, the other tech's at the snowed cottage can be bought in this new version.

Now off to the final dungeon! :D

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