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elvira's story

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Elvira’s story


It was a peaceful and quite day when Elvira heard a loud noise outside her house all of a sudden. She went out and took a look. She saw nothing except the Rishi’s farming. I looked left; it was my sister Josefine and my mother. I asked my sister.

Elvira: What was that noise?

Josefine: Vaghath is saying that the Rishi's are lying. The fruits are not forbidden. The Rishi's are doing this because they want the fruits for themselves.

Elvira: Oh!


In another place called Eden.....

It was the princess's 900'th birthday...


Noah:How could you forget. You know the princess doesn't like anything more than pies.

Downey:Well, I just forgot. Wait i got an idea, let's go to Eden Tower.


In Eden tower,


Noah: So what's your idea?

Downey: First let's go to the top of Eden tower.


Top of Eden tower,


Downey:*Gasp* that was a lot of stairs.

Noah: So what's your idea.

Downey: We're here to take something.

Noah: Wait, you mean....

Downey: Yes, the fruits of wisdom.

Noah: Please, please say we are not doing this. I will feel better.

Downey: With these sacred fruits I will make the best pie ever.


What will happen next and what happened to the place where Elvira lived..... Find out tomorrow itself.


Hope you liked this :):)

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@ kirara - lol,this elvira is a character in eternal eden.Or so,I don't remember too well.

@ adelina - oh,ok :)

don't double post,you can edit it ;)

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In Eden,

started the pie contest,


Princess:candidate no.1 please approach. thank you.

Princess:candidate no.2 please approach.

Jean:now its my turn. i made this with warmth and love princess.

Princess: oh thank you jean it was wonderful.

Princess: candidate no.3 please approach.

downey:it is my turn now. princess i have perfumed my cheeks for this occasion.

Noah: I can't watch this.

princess: downey your pie is so.....

Jean:horrible, but of course it is.

Princess: no it is so..Wow,so delicious.

Jean:What! but how i always win, for centuries i have always won.

Downey: It seems Eden tower has realized the purity of my heart.

Princess:something is w-wrong.

Princess: Eden is in great d-danger.


The princess turns into a monster!


meanwhile in the place where Elvira lives everyone was eating the fruits of wisdom except for Josefine.


Elvira: now that i am queen of sin i better find a place to build a palace... ah! that's a nice spot.


In Elvira's castle


Josefine: elvira how could you do this. I told you not to eat those fruits.

Elvira: So what if you eat those fruits you will be a queen just like me.

Josefine:I don't wanna be the queen of sin.

Josefine's master: josefine what are you waiting for kill that vampire.

elvira: too late


Elvira vanishes.......





Hope you like this :):):)

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