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Permission for Granite Mt admission

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Short of whacking the Queen over the head with a frying pan, what would you suggest we do to get this permission? This quest miraculously appeared after shutting down the computer and restarting, obviously after the 5th time asking the guard why he wouldn't lets us pass.


I also tried to coax a werewolf in to eat her but that didn't work either.

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I have talked to the Queen, she says the same thing over and over about not being able to get a decent pie...I have been to every previous place looking for any pie that I can 'take' her, there aren't any. I have looked in every items store, every 'house', every magic shop...etc. I even checked my items list and I don't have one hidden there either.

I have been back and forth between Harakauna and Tyobi over and over, and to all the other cities previously visited, closed the game, reopened, visited the palace kitchen several times, nothing is working for me, nothing is triggering the next step. Obviously I have missed something that I can't think of.

:\ I can't progress until I do this....


Well. Update!

I went BACK to Harakauna just now and the ballot box appeared on the center table, I voted for best chef, and the winner is about to be revealed. I THINK this will be the answer I was looking for...it just took multiple times to get this part of the game to progress..I wondered why the chefs kept saying 'vote for me' and there was never any way TO vote...


Maybe I played too long yesterday and the game got tired!!

I hope I didn't just spill another spoiler.


Back with another update, I got my pie!! Feel free to delete all of my posts here, or edit .. the main answer for me was persistance!

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This probably isn't the right place for it, but here it is anyway. The Aveyond games are some of the most fun, most detailed without being too 'finished', have the cutest characters running around, some of the best creators, and definitely some of the best people working to HELP after creation. I know I speak for many when I say that we really DO appreciate all your hard work at game creation, help afterward, and all the work inbetween.

Thank you!

And to members who help too, Thank YOU, also.

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