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Aveyond Characters *SOME SPOILERS*

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And if I had my way, he probably really wouldn't exist... Edward came around because Rhen married Dameon. If Rhen had married someone else, the history would probably change and he wouldn't exist :evil:

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Ugh. I just remembered. Edward is a decendant of Dameon.


Anyways, I've always wondered WHY he doesnt believe in vampireds, ghosts, werewolves, fairies, pretty much everything. I mean, being a prince, surely he should have heard SOMETHING that proves that vampires, fairies, etc, exsists?

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sandstorm1998- I've always wondered that too... it doesn't really make much sense, does it?


Oh, and I just remembered: since Edward is descended from Dameon who was Talia's son who was half-fairy... doesn't that make Edward (very little) part fairy? So he doesn't beleive in himself? :laughing:

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lol. in that sense of logic, yes.


maybe edward's dear old mum was decended from a line like lydia (cranky and obnoxious idiots), and she dominated the family. like, when ever his dad told stories about fairies and such, edward's mom would just say they wer nothing but stories.


going by how monarchies worked back in the middle ages, this could be true, because families were male based. the queens weren't part of the direct lineage, they were just wifes and reproducers. the boys were always the heirs.


speaking of which, i wonder if edward has any sisters? i mean, his parents are both pretty old, and going by what i just explained he might have an older sister or two. no older brothers cuz they would be the heir not him.

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Well, it depends on the situation, really. If the only heir was a female, like Rhen, the husband would be king. Maybe his MUM was the one who was from the royal lineage and then his DAD was the cranky non-magic-believer like Galahad was. Who knows?


Now this is probably off topic again, but I just started playing AP and it says the the Sun Priests are the one who sealed Demon Realm. Or something like that. Note the plural. So... there used to be more than one sun priest? Then where'd they all went? Did all sun priests get disbanded and they have just one sun guardian to ... do whatever sun priests do? :S Also, the Demons were sealed away in the year 4000 something something... It looks like "4000+ -d-". Just HOW DOES THE CALENDAR WHATEVER WORK????? @______@ Is that even explained? What year is the "now" in each story arc?

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Kirroha was the one who started the whole 'edward doesn't exist' phenomenon. Made a siggie/avvie set bout how eddie's always going about '_____ doesn't exist'.


AP: wait, where are you seeing this? I'm looking at the script for AP and I can't seem to find anything about sun priests or demon realm.


Direct quotes:


The dark prophecy is at hand... \!

Ahriman, the evil spirit has


On the thirteenth moon, his powers

will reach their zenith, and no

one will be able to defeat him.


2450 years ago, the greatest

emperor in history ruled over the


Through the use of blood and

suffering, this emperor, the mighty

Ahriman, was the most powerful man...

who controlled the world. \!

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ohhh i see what you mean:


The Sun Priests

The sun priests had a powerful order

2000 years ago, and their influence

stretched across all kingdoms.


All of them gave their lives in the

Millennium War to rid the world of

demons, and none exist any more.


The Great Schism

The gap was closed in 452l.d. when the

sun priests sent the demons back into the




Ancient Elves

The ancient elves traveled across the

kingdoms until the Millennium War.


Millennium War

A great evil lord, Ahriman, brought the

world to its knees. He was defeated

and banished to a dark plane.



A great evil will enter the world and

history will repeat.


History of Devenshire

Devenshire was founded in 452l.d. by the

sun priest, Ajo.




The Elven Economy

Since the Millennium War, the elven

kingdoms have slowly disappeared.


and more interesting tidbits:


Scourge in Thais

Legislation may outlaw brothels in Thais.


The Threads of Reality

The world is said to have layers of reality

stacked on top of each other. What happens

if realities cross? Disaster.


Dream Guardian

The dream guardian watches over the sleep

of mortals. The guardian sleeps eternally,

but if she wakes, the world will fall into nightmare.


The Rebellion

Some monsters have rebelled against the

humans and think they must be destroyed

for peace to return to the world.


History of Monsters and Priestesses

The priestesses protect the monsters

from the world.




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i think, re: sun priests, dameon was referred to as A sun priest, meaning he wasn't the only one. i think this happened at the beginning when one of the daevas said "hiss! a sun priest!"

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@pink: check the above post. i got direct quotes from libraries/shelves from all over the world in AP lol ;)


Also, there's a distinction between sun priest and sun guardian. look at this conversation:



Hiss! A sun priest!



Better. A druid. The Sun Guardian.


It's possible that the sun priests have gone under like the elves (see elven economy) and we simply haven't seen any others besides dameon.


It's also possible that dameon killed the others so that he would be the only sun priest left meaning the only power that can defeat the demons is the sword of darkness.

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Oooo... interesting!!! Though it means that I have to rework my Aia history because I totally forgot the existence of AP and the information it may contain.... Darn!


Thanks for bothering to look up all those quotes, KTC!!! I don't know what I'll do without you :D

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np. if you need any other info, I'll see what I can dig up since I got access to Ap (and AV1 *shhh* >.>) XD

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@KTC: Eh? Access to what? All the game graphics and files? XD


@pinkjaguar: LOL, that would be interesting. Though me making up the whole history of Aia, from the beginning ["creation"] to AV1's "now" is just me being totally obsessed about keeping my world setting true to canon even though my story plot totally WRECKS canon. I mean, I don't want my personal concepts jeopardizing the original canon concepts.


I was wondering what the ".d." after the year was, though. Was it something like our BC and AD? Then just what year is "now"? :S

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@DarkDragon: The topic starter? You mean Pinkjaguar? As far as I can see, she's also chatting with the rest.


@d_a: But the Canon concept of AVeyond itself is a bit messed up, isn't it? Especially with the fact on how quickly the land mass shapes and stuffs changes.

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@theAdept_Rogue, you might want to consider that there's usually a 200-300 year gap between the games (except AP and AV1) - that's plenty of time to have land mass shifting - earthquakes, natural phenomena, and all that.


What I want to know is why the Oracle was going on about Aveyond disappearing in AV2, while is AV3 it's alive and well.


Is Aveyond sort of like Aia's --- heaven or nirvana? The ultimate goal?

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@Seraphina: Well, repeating what you've just said, Aveyond is probably restored after a few hundreds of year or so.

Although to be honest, AV3's Aveyonfd is really similar to AP's Misten Far, I almost thought AV3 was the prequel of AP if it were not for Te'ijal & Galahad.

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It's not that I don't like the new places. It's just that... the SAME places change too much. It would have made more sense if we get to see some other part of Aia, since Arishta and Thais and all that are just a small part of the world, rather than make mahoosive changes to the places we have already seen, because that made the whole thing seem illogical.

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I guess, but seeing as AV1 is a long time away from AV2 and 3, I'd think it would be be weird if there was no change at all. So I agree, it's probably better if there were less changes, but no changes is even worse.

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Let's just say Aia has fast-moving tectonic plates compared to Earth...


Anyway, back to the discussion of AV characters!


I think character development is one problem in Aveyond. Especially in AV3. The characters have personality, but no development. Edward in the end is still the same Edward as in the start. Lydia in the end is still the Lydia in the start. They don't develop throughout the story. None of them do, except maybe a bit of Galahad or the girls falling for Edward. Don't you think after all those events Lydia would act nicer or Stella would be a bit meaner?


It's even worse in AV2. (Note that I've only played build A). Yeah, the characters are cute and all, but they barely have any lines. Character development? What can be developed? They have no character.


AV1 doesn't suffer from this, though. An obvious example being Lars. I also feel that both Rhen and Dameon developing through the game, although it can be just me reading too many fics. None of the optional characters do, though.



Another thing is about the 'tag-along' characters. Aveyond has problems with these. Av3 has partially solved this problem, though...which is ruined by TLO. Let's see their reasons for joining the party:


Rhen : I'm the Chosen One!

Lars : I'm not going to let Rhen steal all the glory! But I got close to her and want to help her.

Elini : I want to find a new hubby so let's travel together because it's safer! And let me tag-along even when I've found him. -> tag-along

Te'ijal : I'm bored and want to go on an adventure -> tag-along

Dameon : I'm going to get close to Rhen and convince her to join the dark side...although I didn't even try

Galahad : A lady must not be in danger! -> tag-along

Pirate John :You need a dragon rider? Let me join until the end and watch me become Elini's slave! -> tag-along

Mad Marge : Hire me! I totally suck in battles, though! -> tag-along


As you can see, almost all AV1 party members are tag-along and have no impact to the story at all besides Rhen, Lars, and Dameon. You only need Pirate John to ride the dragon. Well, you can say Lars is tag-along, too, but at least he had a major role before he joined and have proper interaction and development with Rhen.



Ean : I'm gonna save Iya!

Iya : I'm gonna be saved be Ean!

Rye : I want to go on an adventure! -> tag-along

Nicolas : My big bro told me to. -> tag-along

Gavin : I'm bored -> tag-along

Ava : Dragon Dung ordered me to -> tag-along

Emma : Thanks for letting me enroll to the school even though we barely knows each other -> tag-along

Jack : Thanks for releasing me from the curse -> tag-along


AV2 is even worse, with Ean and Iya being the only person that has any impact in the story. The other characters may as well be mere NPCs and none of the story will change.


Mel : I'm the Darkthrop descendant

Edward : I want to go on an adventure! But I also have a big emotional impact for Mel.

Stella : I lost my memory that might be related to the plot!

Te'ijal : I have to stop my brother!

Galahad : I need to stop my brother-in-law!

Lydia : I'm not gonna let Mel steal Edward! -> tag-along

Ulf : Thanks for letting me out of the prison -> tag-along


Yeah, there's a lot less tag-along characters in AV3 LoT and GoN. Actually, you can say Edward and Galahad are tag-alongs too, but they have pretty major interactions with others so they're not as obvious. Same thing with Lydia, she has proper interactions with other members so she's not that obvious of a tag-along. Ulf is the only obvious one.


Mel : I'm the Darkthrop descendant!

June : I want to get my Magician's Certificate and constantly whine about it! -> tag-along

Edward : Mel, WAIT FOR ME! Crap, my kingdom's been taken over..

Ulf : I just accompany Edward and leave your party for half the game -> tag-along

Yvette : I want fun adventure! -> tag-along

Spook : I'm Gyendal in disguise!


Yep, TLO has taken a step down from GoN in that June and Yvette are obvious tag-alongs. Ulf is also one, again...

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@TrueShadow: Oh man, yeah! Lots of pointless tag-alongs who really have no reason to be there in the first place!!

Is that spoiler text really Spook's true identity? Because I reaaaaally still have no desire to play AV3...



LOL... "I'm going to get close to Rhen and convince her to join the dark side...although I didn't even try" indeed <---- major excuse for my crack OTP to come into play in any fanfic I make :D In fact, that's actually how the stupid pairing actually came to be. So basically....


- Tear Shrine -

Agas: I recognize you sun priest. Whose side are you on?

Dameon: ...

Agas: Hah! I knew you aren't cut for the dark side! What about your job, hmm? Did you actually do anything about it?

Dameon: Uhhh.... *awkward*

Agas: See? I knew you're such an epic failure. Here, let me do it instead because you suck...

Rhen: Dameon, what's he talking abou- Hey, what the-? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ASAJGHSAGSJAS!??!?!?!?




:offtopic: :offtopic: :offtopic: :offtopic: :offtopic:

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