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Installing AV2 on other puter

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Hey! I absolutely love these games, all of them, so thank you very much!


I had purchased AV2 and d/led it onto my desktop puter. However, as of now (weeks later) I'd much prefer to play it on my laptop...(I've beat v2 on my desktop already). When I d/l v2 on my laptop I can not use the same activation code I got when I purchased it and used it on my desktop puter.


Is there anything anyone can do about this? I'd really like to play v2 on my laptop...I have v1 on it but they are so different!


Thank you very much in advance!

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Where did you purchase your copy from?


Provide that information in an e-mail to "Admin@Amaranthia.com" and they will reply to you with another key (assuming you purchased it from here).

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