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~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

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@Rogue: Meh. I like making concepts, then can't seem to find a good place to start. The things that come into my mind usually are stuff that's in the middle of the story. ESPECIALLY original stuff. Heck, I can't even start FANFICS, much less original stuff.

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Hello when I saw this I felt that I should enter


for either of my dreams that first has ended in failure, I would have of being a painter of cartoon programs, but unfortunately I did not find support from family or friends and the insistence of my father to stop myself from drawing and interested in my studies as well as my dream of being a model in Our country, we have strict traditions and professions fashion show of the professions egregious that lost hope since childhood

As for now I would hope that my dream became a successful lawyer and will strive to achieve this goal

and thank you for this topic

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