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The Princess and the Dragon

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Hey all, how are u? Been away for a while, sorry but i've been busy with college and all. Anyway i'm on Spring Break now.


Anyway, i decided to post the short story here.


Warning: if your a expecting a story "pricess gets kidnaped by a dragon, prince kills dragon and saves pricess" kind of story you're way wrong, this story is nothing like this.


Actually I personally hate those kinds of storys, and the fact that the ground is always one of the bad guys.


This story is about a bratty princess who thinks she owns the world so orders her father to get her a new pet, a dragon.




He ran away trying to avoid his hunters at all cost. He did not wanted to start a battle with those mortals, his species was already seen with bad eyes by them, Monster they called him.


"Capture the monster!" He heard them yell. He didn't understand why they were after him.


Yes mortals feared him, but as long as he stayed away from them, didn't burn anything nor slaughtered their lifestock, they would let him be. But now, decades after he been living peacefully on the outsikirts of that town, the mortals finally decided to put an end to his rest.


"Capture the dragon!" He heard them yell once more.


Those of his species had abandoned him the moment the danger started, he was now alone, he could easily fly off, but if he tried to open his wings in the wood he could make some damage.


A yell caught his attention and made him stop instantly. It was the cry of one of the mortal's offspring he realized. Changing his course, even knowing that would make it easier for the hunters to capture him, he followed the cry. In the middle of a clearing a mortal child was on the ground, a little girl, her leg caught on a bear trap.


When the child caught sight of him she yelled in fear trying to run away. He walked slowly to her, the child squirming for freedom.


"Please stop child, or you'll cut your own leg off at this rate." He warned, but the child just kept trying to escape. He slowly got his claws near her, they were five times bigger than the child, with one touch he broke the bear trap open and the child fled away crying and limping as he just watched.


"Aaah!" A male voice behind him said. He looked back in time to see the leader of the hunters, he growled stepping away, but he could smell them, the hunters, surrounding him. "A beast with a heart, or were you just thinking of eating her but she fled before you could?" The hunter asked laughing.


He growled lowly. He heard the sound of the arrows being shot, but at his surprise, not to kill him, instead, holding strong chains, the arrows hit the ground around him creating a chain net over him, he tried to cut free, but the hunters cought the chains trying to hold him still.


"Since we can't kill you, dragon, it's time to say night night!" The leader said throwing a vial at the dragon's head. As it broke against the dragons nose, he slowly, started drifting away into the night.



Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this.

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Chapter 1 - Commotion on Hightown


"Aah! Siria! Carefull!! Are you learning to coam a hair?" The pricess yelped under the brush of her maid.


"But your highness, I'm doing my best, just that today your hair is a bit messy." The maid escused herself.


"My hair, messy? My hair is never messy, you're the one who can't even coam right! Get out you wortheless girl!" The princess ordered.


"But your highne..."


"Out, now!" The princess yelled. The maid bowed and exited the room quickly. The princess frowned and grabbed the coam brushing her long silky brown hair. "I've to tell daddy to send that useless girl into the dungeons or to sell her to our neighbours. Good servitude, it's so hard to find it these days."


She watched her reflection. She was beautifull and she knew it, her long straight brown hair, her green deep eyes, her pefect smile, her pale soft skin, she was at her 17 years so far, very soon she would turn 18 finally and be able to choose her companion.


She was perfect, and she was her royal highness, Princess Arianna Sullivan the third, and very soon she would be the queen of that land, and if her beuty did her justice, queen of the neighbour land. She could easily catch prince Dereck into her grasp, he was young and naive, she could do anything she wished off him.


She placed the coam away and walked down to the throne room. Her father was sitted at the reunion tabble talking with a group of drabby and dirty looking hunters. She looked at them, they seemed pleased and her father was worried.


"What you ask me for it is too much." The king said. "I know capturing a dragon alive is a risk, but what you ask me goes behond what we've on our safes."


"What seems to be the problem father? Do these hunters have my pet?" She asked.


"Yes, they have captured a dragon." The king informed.


"Oh and your highness you're going to love him. He's a sturdy adult male, with beutifull long horns like a pair of black shining jewels, amazing strong wings, and blazing eyes so warm it coud burn up the world." The hunter described.


"What's his color?" She asked curious and interested.


"Black, like rare leather, it shines under the lights with such magnificence, dignifying of a king or queen." The hunter continued. The king sighed in annoyance; the hunter had a way with words that was sure.


"Yet what you ask for him is more than what we can afford." The king added.


"My dear father, why don't you just explore the peasants for the money that's missing?" She asked.


"But dear, we're already taking too much from them; very soon the people will be starving and in misery." The king added with his kind heart.


"Oh daddy, you're so kind, but you promised me a new pet." She looked down faking a disappointed look and turned around hugging herself. "I wanted so much to have a dragon a strong and loyal creature to protect me. But it is alright, I know you care about your people..." She made a disappointed sigh. "I just was expecting that so much... but it's ok, I'm used to this, i just hoped this time it would be different."


"No Arianna. Don't worry I'll get you your dragon." Her father said, she smiled gently and bowed leaving the room. When she was away she smirked to herself. She could always turn her father around so easily.


In that afternoon the palace guards went all around the city stealing, attacking, pillaging all the houses they could till the king had enough to pay the greedy hunters. She watched through her room balcony they dragging in a giant wagon, improvised to drag the beast. The beast was covered by a red veil and under it, it was fighting for freedom, she noticed the chains falling through the sides.


“Wait a minute, that beast is not tamed!” She realized. She ran down to the palace garden were the hunters were waiting with the dragon to be paid. Peasants and servants had gathered around to watch the beast. Growling was heard under the veil but when the princess arrived the beast went silent.


“What is this?” The princess yelled. Her father stopped.


“It’s your dragon your Highness.” The hunter explained.


“That I can see. Why is it chained? Is it not tamed?” She asked.


“No your highness." The hunter explained.


“The advert clearly stated I wanted the dragon for a pet, so it would obey me and serve me, and you bring me a wild beast instead!” She yelled.


“But your Highness…”


“No buts! My father doesn’t reward such incompetence!” She looked at her father then yelled. “Guards! Cease those traitors!” The guards surrounded the hunters forcing them to their knees. “Now you will pay for your incompetence.”


“No please your magnitude! I have a family, a daughter. All these man have a family! We did not know Your Highness wanted it tamed.” The leader of the hunters plead.


“You should have thought about that before trying to deceive me. Take them to the dungeon.” She ordered. The king looked at his cold hearted daughter.


“Don’t I have a saying on this Arianna, my dear?” He asked.


“Yes you do father, but those hunters disrespected us.” She smirked looking at the covered beast. “Take him to the stables and send the beast-master to tame him.” She turned to her father. “Oh and father, you should put away that money, it may be useful.”


She walked away, she could hear the filthy peasants mumbling about her.


Selfish child. She heard someone say, she looked around.


“Who called me selfish?” She asked.


“Sweety, no one said anything.” The king informed.


“But I heard someone.”


Selfish and rotten child. A voice said once more. It was a man, a deep beautiful male voice. She looked around, was she hearing things?


"I heard someone. Who insulted me?" She asked.


Noone talked. Ignoring it she went away back to her room.


O.O Creepy voice talking on the princess head. Who or what may it be. Try to guess.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the newest chapter of the legend of the Princess and the Dragon.

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lol! nice update xDD

that's one feisty princess :D

btw,there was one typo : in the first line, it's spelt as "comb" and not "coam" ;)

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Lol, bit obvious, I should have asked "why is the princess able to understand the dragon?" anyway that's answered on this chapter: P


Anyway, this chapter is the saddest of all in the story! But before you all kill me for it; it’s essential for you to understand later on why the princess can understand the dragon (and other stuff). So yes, what happens in this chapter REALLY had to happen ^^’’’ so please don’t kill me. Oh and you find out the dragon’s name!


But, don’t worry, the next chapters will be better ^^’’’’.


Chapter 2 – Failed


Amethysta Sullivan was a kind hearted woman, she wasn't as tall her daughter Arianna, nor slim, she was instead a small compact woman, with her own kind of beauty and curves any man would die for. But like her daughter, when she was young she was a cold hearted woman and everyone wished to see dead. But she had changed and understood the pain and misery she brought so she became better, kinder.


She tried to teach her daughter to be kind and caring, but with the loss of her second child she became over protective of her first born, spoiling the child till she became nothing more than a superficial heartless woman. She sighed and looked at Arianna, sat on the smaller throne between her mother and her father, listening to the Beast-Master.


For the past two weeks the beast-master worked hard to try and tame the giant black dragon. Yet his work was useless, the dragon didn’t even tried to do what the beast-master tried to teach him, most of the time he would just lay arund watching the beast-master with an annoyed look on his face, other times he would just caught on fire every tool, every weapon, and everything the beast master used to try and tame the dragon. Usually after that the dragon would let go of what seemed a chuckle, seeming entertained with the beast-master’s failure.


“We need to find a Dragon Lord.” The beast-master informed awakening the queen from her daydream.


“Why a Dragon Lord?” Arianna asked.


“Dragon Lord has a special gift that allows him to understand the dragon, his language, to see right into the dragon’s heart or hearts...” The queen explained. “They can tame dragons into their will.”


“Like a horse tamer.” The princess said.


“Not exactly, with horse and the tamer, the horse is just an animal; the Dragon Lord sees the dragon as an equal, as a partner or friend.” Amethysta explained to her daughter.


“Then get me a Dragon Lord.” Arianna ordered.


“It’s not that simple my daughter.” The king said. “The Dragon Lords live at the south of the continent, on the country of Akrovia, the land of all species of dragons, and we’re at war with Akrovia.”


“If we got a Dragon Lord he could tame the dragon and even secretly make it to kill you, my daughter.” The queen added. They would attack the princess at sight; she was the cause of that war, her and her selfish wishes.


A maid knocked at the door and when the king authorized her the maid came in. “Your highness, Princess Arianna. Prince Dereck of Protectora is here.” The maid informed.


“Tell him, I will be on my way.” The princess looked at her parents. “Father, mother, you have two days to find a way to fix this, If you don’t, I want that dragon executed. Its horns and claws will be used to make jewels and his skin will make amazing cloaks and dresses. Now if you excuse me, I’m going bear hunting with Prince Dereck.”


The queen sighed at her daughter’s cruelty. “Alright Arianna, don’t leave the palace woods.” She adverted her daughter who kissed her mother’s cheek and her father’s hand walking out of the room. Her daughter left at horse with her promised fiancé, and then Amethysta looked at her husband.


“There’s something I don’t understand. That dragon, he could have fought the hunters and free himself of the chains, yet he chose not to.” Amethysta said. “I don’t understand why.”


“It’s a beast my dear, it’s impossible to understand what’s going on that mind.” The king answered.


“My dear husband, one thing I know is that dragons aren’t mere beast.” She said, she knew that from experienced. “Before we were at war with the land of Akrovia, I saw how dragons behaved, they were almost human like.”


“It depends on the species my darling and their masters.” The king replied. He was wrong and she knew it.


“The hunters said they caught him because he freed a girl who was trapped on a bear trap. Do you know what that means?” She asked.


“Our daughter is wasting too many bear traps again?” The king asked.


“Yes that too, but that’s not what I mean. I don’t think that dragon is just a wild beast. I think he has a consciousness.” She said.


“You mean It, and no my dear, it was probably just interested on eating that child.” The king answered.


“But what about the hunters? They all had children and he didn’t attack them when he could.” Amethysta said.


“It was probably stunned, that’s why it didn’t attack.” The king explained. Yet the queen wasn’t fully convinced. She had to see that dragon, face to face; she had to see if it truly wasn’t a wild dragon.


When the night came, after her husband was deep asleep, the queen, putting nothing more than her night gown and a cloak, she sneaked outside; avoiding the two sleeping guards near the stables where the dragon was kept, and she entered the stables.


The stables were enormous, so the dragon was laying well at ease in the middle of them, chains were around his feet, wings, arms and neck, so he couldn’t escape, yet that was a minor holding for him, he could easily escape if he wanted to. He seemed to be asleep. She watched him carefully, he was all black, with his wings partially red, and his horns were black also, shining like massive onyx stones. She got in front of him, she stepped away in realization: She knew that dragon.


“Long time no see Dragon Lady.” A male deep voice said on an ancient language, only dragons and Dragon Lords knew.


She looked up and saw the warm red eyes of the dragon over her. “Aerongoth.” She called and the dragon smiled nodding. “I should have guessed it was you.”


“It has been a long time Dragon Lady.” He said. “You have aged.” He realized.


“I don’t have the dragon’s long life, I’m still a human and a mortal one. I came to free you Aerongoth.” She said. The dragon looked at her surprised. “Before my daughter makes you get killed.”


“My Lady, don’t you think that if I wanted to escape, I would have already?” He asked getting up, the chains sang as he did it, one of the guards outside moved, restless on his sleep.


“Then what you doing here? What is that you want Aerongoth?” She asked watching him. “Are you here to punish me for failing on my word?” She asked hugging herself and looking down. “Because I failed on giving you your reward.”


“My Lady, I never asked a reward from you, do you remember what I told you?” He asked.


“Be kind, have a heart, and raise your children well.” She said. “And I failed, the guardian you seek died before I gave birth to him, and my daughter is a spoiled rotten creature.” She answered.


The dragon let go of a loud sigh.


“Wait, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? For my daughter? This is all her fault and you’re here for her, to take revenge for the death of your beloved ones.” She said. The dragon looked at her surprised.


“What you saying woman?” He walked to the queen.


“You’re not going to touch my girl! If you hurt her I will kill you. I don’t care the wrong she did, she’s still m child and I will protect her with my life!”


The dragon growled: “Shut up mortal, only a human would assume so low of me! I thought you knew me better woman, after all I did for you! And yet, you assume that without even knowing what I want. I’m not here to kill your daughter, but if she was indeed killed, I would surely praise the one who placed an end in such vile creature!”


The queen stepped away surprised on how the dragon talked to her.


“I am a Dragon Lord! Dragon you have no right to speak to me in such terms! And the only vile creature is you, you’re the monster.”


“I have a name mortal!” He growled at the queen. “And I am no monster! The only monster I see, are you and your kind, who forced me to abandon my family to protect you then hunted me like a beast and slaughtered my family!”


“You all deserved that! You’re nothing more than monsters that enjoy hurting female humans for a stupid prophecy! I am just sad they did not kill you all!” She yelled at him. “Your offspring deserved what they got.”


Aerongoth open his wings growling loud, she had touched a soft spot. “I thought you had become a better woman, someone worthy of that gift, but I was wrong! On this day forth, you are no longer My Lady, and you are no longer my friend!” With his hand he hit the queen sending her away against the wall.


Amethysta stepped away surprised and enraged. “How dare you beast?!” She shouted at Aerongoth. “You shall pay for your insolence!” She looked around and saw a spear, she grasped the spear and charged at the dragon, but he just stepped away making the queen fall into the ground. He wasn’t going to attack her even though she kept charging at him, he still cared for her. Yet, because the world has a strange way of working, the queen fell back, tired and confused, hitting her head hard against a pointy piece of wood.


Her expression was of pure surprise as she let go of the spear, the dragon stopped. “My lady…” He called as he scented the warm blood now flowing down the back of her head. The dragon held the queen with his hand gently, her blood spreading all around his palm.


“I’m sorry Aerongoth. I failed you… please don’t hurt my girl!” She asked with a faint smile at the dragon.


“Your Highness!!” The dragon heard the humans yell, they all in force attacked the dragon.


“Let go of me! I can save her! I can save her!” The dragon yelled, but it was no use, none of the mortals understood him. As he watched them drag the now dead body of the queen away he closed his eyes, the irony. She was right; he went there for revenge and ended up losing the last person he knew that he could call family, the irony.


Hope you like... and don't kill me, the next chapters are better.

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And here is the thrid chapter, actually after this part is when everything that will turn this story into a famous legend later on starts happening.


Chapter 3 - A fair trade


It had been two months since the death of queen Amethysta, and as expected, everyone blamed the dragon for her death, even though it was clear that the queen’s death had been accidental, it was easier to blame it on him. He himself felt guilty for his old friend’s death, he had forgotten how easily enraged Amethysta was.


Yet, at the contrary of what he hoped and expected, the princess didn’t let the guards execute him for what he did. “I want to make him pay, my way.” She had said. He wondered if the starvation they were putting him under was part of her idea. He hadn’t eaten or drunk since the queen’s death and he was starting to feel the effects of the lack of water on his system, like his scales shedding off.


Arianna had arrived with her horse from another bear hunt; a couple of guards dragged a bear behind her. She entered the stables to check on the dragon. Aerongoth was lying on the middle of the stables, the same way he was in the morning before she left. It seemed like the dragon had grown used to its situation, she just found curious why it didn’t fought, why didn’t it try to get free?


“I was expecting you to be already dead.” She said with a smirk. The dragon sighed annoyed.


“If you want me dead that badly, why don’t you kill me yourself?” Aerongoth growled at the princess. She was going to answer than stood quietly and breathless. Did the dragon just talk?!


“You talk?” She asked. The dragon lifted his head breaking the chains that were holding his neck to the ground.


“You understand me?” He asked.


“No, it can’t be! I must be hallucinating! Guards, the dragon has broken free!” The princess yelled, a group of guards holding chains ran inside, they threw the chains at the dragon, who, getting up broke all the chains and grabbed the others they threw, pulling them and the guards along. He got on his back feet and lifted the chains up that the guards were still holding, he left them go and guards fell hard into the ground, they got up running away quickly.


“Come back here!” The princess yelled, but they were long gone. She turned around and saw the dragon’s face just a few inches away from her. “Aaah!” With a yell she turned around to run but the dragon grabbed her by the back of her gown and lifted her up.


“So your mother dies and you acquire her gift.” The dragon said, Arianna squirming for freedom. “That sure is surprising. I hoped that due to the nature of your heart you wouldn’t be given the gift, the gift only chose those of a pure heart, yet here you are, your family once more showing me that the Dragon Lord’s gift works strangely.”


“First a woman was born with the gift, your mother, the first of the Dragon Ladies, but even though she was spoiled, she still had a pure heart, and now you, with a heart corrupted and rotten were born also with the gift.” He continued.


“What are you talking about, you monster?!” She yelled.


“The gift that gives you the ability to understand me.” He explained. “You are a Dragon Lord, well Lady, but whatever.”


“Than…” She panting and still trying to get free said “If I’m a Dragon Lord don’t you have to obey me?!”


“Good point…” Aerongoth lowered her a little, still holding her up. “But I can choose not to obey you, and having in count the nature of your heart, you’re probably going to use your gift to give an end to my species… Just to make safe, I should eat you…”


“No! Put me down! Don’t eat me.” She yelled at him. He opened his claw and she fell hard on her back in the ground, she rubbed her back winning.


“Yet again, being such a spoiled and rotten child, you would probably give me indigestion.” The dragon said. She looked at him, a mix of offense, rage and fear on her eyes. “Besides, dragons don’t eat humans, you mortals taste repulsive.”


Opening his wings he looked down at Arianna. “I came here to kill you, to take revenge for all the pain you brought upon the people and upon my species, but now… You’re not even worth my time.” She heard the guards coming back with more and then he flapped his wings producing a great wind, Arianna covered her face as she heard him fly away, she heard the ceiling of the stables breaking, pieces of wood falling around her and over her, when it stopped and dragon was no longer heard she uncovered her face, the dragon was now just a spot on the sky.


“Princess Arianna!” Prince Dereck came running in and helped the princess up. “Are you alright Arianna? The guard said the dragon attacked.”


She nodded hugging the prince. “That monster… I want his skull!” The princess said, yet, for her surprise, the prince made her let go of him and just looked at the sky.


“That will be hard to get your highness.” The prince informed as he walked away she followed behind.


It was a troublesome week; the king had to use the money on the safes to rebuild the stables that the dragon destroyed. Worst of all, something seemed to have changed on Dereck, he no longer seemed interested in being with Arianna and had started ignoring her. That was troublesome even for her father. Since prince Dereck was the only successor for the throne of Akrovia, his union with Arianna would probably put an end to that senseless war.


It was the dragon’s fault, before it came, everything was going according to Arianna’s wishes. She was about to earn her independence from her parents, she was about to become engaged with prince Dereck (she already called herself his fiancé), her father would give his crown to her and after Dereck became king of Akrovia, she would become the Queen of Gloria and Akrovia, the queen of the full continent. Of course Dereck would be the face of the kingdom, but she would be the one pulling the strings behind.


Yet none of that was happening. Dereck refused to talk to her and even receive her, her father was losing money and that was bothering her. So, to lighten up her mood and try to feel better about herself the princess decided to go hunting for foxes. Fox fur was so glorious and soft she wanted to make a mantle with it.


So at that moment, she was in the woods with the guards. The dogs were extremely agitated, probably scenting a fox so the guards decided to go check while Arianna stayed on her own waiting for them, she enjoyed giving the final blow to her hunts, gave her a feeling of superiority that she loved. She heard sound and saw the guards come back, the dogs were gone she noticed and they seemed rather strange.


“Where’s the dogs?” She asked.


“They went back to the castle for some reason, your highness.” One of the guards answered.


“Alright.” She said. “Let’s go back then.” She asked, she turned around with her horse but saw figures coming from behind the trees. “What’s going on?”


From behind the trees, a group of three girls and five man appeared, all of them wearing leather armor and swords, one of the girls was holding a bow, and the tallest and largest of the men had a spear. The princess stepped away looking back at the guards who smirked alongside the strangers. Arianna yelped in horror as she realized what was going on.


“Hello, your highness.” The tallest and oldest of girls said with a smirk. “We came to get you, you little brat! No use looking at you personal guards.” She seemed to spit the two last words. “They were really enthusiastic on helping us with our lil’ plan.”


One hit the horse scaring it, the horse got up on his back paws in fear forcing the princess of her cell and into the ground. Before she could get up the guards pinned her to the ground with mockingly laughs as they tied her hands on her back and her legs.


“What you doing?!” She yelled.


“You see sweety. My man risked his ass to get you a bloody dragon, hoping the money you would pay could feed our starving boy. So you make you dogs pillage our houses for money we don’t have and left me and my family with nothing to live on. Yet, instead of being thankful and paying, you ordered my husband to be decapitated on public square. I was strong enough to survive without the money nor my man, but my baby boy wasn’t as lucky.” She explained.


Arianna kept watching in fear. “So you want a ransom?” She asked. The leader laughed and pointed at the men and girls around them.


“You see these people, brat? He lost his wife ‘cause she refused to pay the bills you were asking. That one, lost his father to starvation cause you took all that he had gathered to eat, these two girls here, one lost her son, run over by you precious carriage and you didn’t even bother to check if the child was alright and didn’t left they check it cause you ‘were late’! And her, you ordered her father to be beaten for getting you precious dress dirty.” She sighed and walked to the princess, and then her hand hit the princess’s cheek with all strength in a hurtful slap. “What were you thinking girl?”


“We don’t want money. We want to do to you, what you did to our loved ones.” The younger girl added.


“Actually… worst even.” The bigger man said.


“I think it’s a fair trade, don’t you agree?” The leader said.


They covered Arianna’s face with a bag and placed her over the horse as the group quickly left the place. Far away, Aerongoth was watching everything that was going on, pondering to himself if he should help or just let the princess pay for her errors. Even though it would actually please him to see the princess pay for what she did, he was better than her so he had to do something cause it was part of his nature, with a sigh he lift off of his hiding place.


“Sometimes, I wish I was just a bloody beast!” He ranted. “Damned honor of mine, and damned consciousness and self awareness.”

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The newest chapter, I hope you’ll all like it.


Chapter 4 – A reluctant hero?


The hunters stopped after about 10 to 12 hours of riding, it was dark in the night, and they were pleased and happy. They finally had the source of all the troubles of the continent and if she died, slowly, the problems would go with her. Akrovia and Gloria would stop being two independent countries and become one huge continent again.


They took Arianna of the horse and tied her to a tree, they uncovered her face and she saw all the hunters sit around a campfire; her guards weren’t there with the others, probably staid back to fake-out her kidnap. They had ripped her dress to leave pieces of it behind to make it all more convincing.


“My father will catch you!” She yelled at the hunters.


They laughed. “No they won’t. We planned this well princess. We thought it all over, you will be dead before they even discovered in which direction we went.” The leader explained.


“So what are you going to do to me?” She asked, they kept silent and just played with the fire. She looked at them, tears were streaming down her eyes, but they just ignored her, she bit her lip. “Tell me!!” She yelled.


The youngest of the group walked to the princess and gave her some bread; Arianna looked at the girl surprised. “Even a demon deserves some respect.” The girl said answered. Am I demon? She wondered. “Eat; this will be your last meal.” Arianna refused to and the girl sighed leaving.


She seemed more reluctant than the others with Arianna’s future. Arianna stayed there, crying loudly, hoping someone would hear her and free her, she knew that wasn’t as in the palace, that all she had to do was cry to get what she wanted. But it didn’t hurt to try.


She kept crying so loud till one of the hunters got up and walked to her slapping her so hard she went instantly silent. He gave her a meaningful look and walked back to the others. It didn’t took long till they were almost all asleep; the biggest of the group was keeping an eye on Arianna. When the morning came they returned to their trip.


Arianna this time didn’t have her face covered. She recognized that place; they were probably heading towards the abysm that divided Gloria of Akrovia. Fear had invaded her; they were probably planning on throwing her off the cliff into the abysm, she trembled and wined. I don’t want to die! She thought.


The hunters took the tied up princess off the horse and drove her till the edge of the cliff, a few pebbles fell down the cliff into the abysm. The abysm that separated the two countries, was a deep depression with more than 5 miles high, in the bottom a small river ran down it towards the end of the continent.


“Well princess, this is the end of the road for you.” The leader said, she looked back at her than at the smaller girl.


“Please don’t kill me… Please.” She begged.


“We’re sorry princess, but that’s the only way to put an end to all this senseless suffering you caused.” The younger girl said.


Then finally, one of the men placed his hands on the princess’s back and pushed her off. They watched as the princess yelled falling and then looked at each other smirking pleased, they looked down once more, but something, great and black came up from the abysm, flying over them with use red and black wings. It was a dragon! The dragon landed on his back feet behind them, he was holding something on his left hand as he looked at them enraged.


“Did you not understand me?” The dragon growled on his ancient language. The leader stepped away. “I thought I was clear when I said the deal was over.”


“We heard you loud and clear, but we decided to work on our own.” The leader explained.


“Foolish humans. This isn’t how this will be solved!” The dragon said and it lift off leaving the hunters on their own.


When Arianna woke, she realized she wasn’t dead; she was laying over a piece of clothing, like a cape of some short, covered by a rudimentary wool blanket. She was surrounded by trees, and a small fire was lightning the night in front of her. She sat up rubbing her eyes, the hunters were nowhere to be seen and she had no idea of where she was, she heard voices talking nearby and got up. She followed the sound and hid behind a tree watching. In a clearing the dragon that she recognized as being the one she wanted as a pet was talking with a cloaked figure in the darkness.


“Yes I think I can do that again. But she’s different from the other.” She heard the dragon say to the figure.


“We should have stayed with the original plan my brother.” The figure, a male, said back. “Her spirit is too corrupted; we should have killed her when we had the chance.”


Why does everyone wish to kill me? The princess wondered hiding behind the tree.


“But wouldn’t that make us as bad as her?” The dragon remembered, the figure flinched.


“Very well, we’ll try the honorable approach but if you fail, I will kill her.” The figure said and with a flash it disappeared.


Arianna ran back into where she was before but the dragon was already there. How did it got there so fast?! Arianna stepped away as the dragon turned around holding the blanket between two of his claws.


“Hasn't your mother taught you that’s impolite to eavesdrop on other’s conversations?” It asked.


Arianna turned around ready to run away but the dragon blocked her way with its tail, the dragon’s tail, in the end it had a glaive shaped blade that was waving menacing to her. She turned around looking at it.


“You could always thank me for saving your royal derrière.” The dragon said.


“Well you did your duty well… so… thank you then… can you take me home now?” She asked, sticking her nose up in pride.


“My duty?” The dragon asked chuckling. “Ye right, I spent a whole night debating the pros and cons about saving you. The cons? You’re a spoiled, selfish, rotten, corrupted child. The pros… It’s the honorable thing to do.”


“You sure were reluctant about becoming a hero and saving my life, yet you saved me. Now take me home!” She ordered.


“Oh no Arianna…”


“It’s your highness.” She corrected him.


“Like I was saying, Arianna.” He said the words strictly. “I didn’t had to save you, yet I did it anyway. My original idea was to kill you, but things went miserably wrong! And I realized, revenge isn’t the right way to do it, so I no longer seek it upon you, but others do. I could give you back to them, but I have an honor and a consciousness and delivering you to your death goes against it. So, since I want you dead, but killing you will only make me worst than you and since I already saved you, I want a reward for it.”


“So you want money.” She said, greedy beast! If it wanted money she would give it money, the same way she gave to the hunters. “I will give you your money, just take me home.”


“Oh no… you’re not going home, and I don’t have any need of money.” She saw the dragon smirk evilly. “I just want to give you a little lesson and when you have learned it, I will take you back home.”


“What?! You will take me home right now! You hear me dragon, right now!” She ordered.


“My name is Aerongoth, not dragon!” Already annoyed and angry with the princess’s stubbornness, Aerongoth waved his tail hitting Arianna and making her roll across the dirt.


“You are in no position to order me Arianna. From now on, I’m the one who gives orders.” He said.


“Aaah…” She wined on the ground.


“And… from now on, no more calling me beast or dragon, it’s Master Aerongoth.” Aerongoth added. “You owe me your life and if you wish to keep it, you will put your ego down and do as I tell you.”


“Yes master Aerongoth…” She wined. He helped her up with his claw and gave her a piece of bread.


“Now eat, a long day awaits you tomorrow, you need to build up energy.” The dragon informed.


Sitting down the princess started eating the bread, tears running down her cheeks. She looked forward seeing Aerongoth’s eyes over her. She had to find a way to escape.




The roles have turned.

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It's a very well written chapter but I noticed a couple mistakes.


“Haven’t your mother taught you that’s impolite to eavesdrop on other’s conversations?” It asked.

Shouldn't it be hasn't instead of haven't?


"for now on"

Shouldn't it be from now on?

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New chapter wee ^^.


After alot of talking with Aerongoth...


Aerongoth: *shows a card saying "threatning"*


Alot of debating...


Aerongoth: * shows a card with: Alot of hitting and chasing*


And alot of negotioting.


Aerongoth: *shows a card with: basicly beating the living hell out of me*


He accepted to come back to playing a character in this story.


Aerongoth: *shows card: HELP*


*looks at him* what's with the cards?


Aerongoth: *burns the cards and swallows what's left of them* what cards?




Chapter 5 – First lesson: You can get the world if you’re polite


When Arianna awoke in the morning she noticed she had a chain around her leg and the other end of the chain was tied up to a tree. She tried to pull her foot free from the chain but it was no use. The dragon was nowhere to be seen, she wondered where he had gone. He probably suspected she was going to try and run away so he decided to chain her. She noticed that near her was a bag and a note and near that a container with water. She grabbed the note and read.


Arianna, in that bag there is a clean dress for you to use, also you have clean underwear you may need and some food. The water besides you is for you to wash yourself. Get cleaned, eat and get dressed… Not by that exact order but whatever. I expect to see you ready when I come back.


She sighed and opened the bag removing a piece of hard bread and cheese and a bottle with milk he had left. She looked at it repulsed; it wasn’t the kind of breakfast she was used to! Where was fresh soft bread, or sweets or honey made by the servants? And the cheese smelled awful, the milk wasn’t warm either. She was starving however so she ate it all.


Then she took out the dress, it was a grey dress, a bit old and already very used. It was a peasants dress, made of bad quality clothing that she didn’t even know the name, the kind of clothing they used to do the bags in which they transported the cereals. I’m not gonna wear this! The princess thought, she shivered with cold due to her dress being reduced to pieces and looked at herself.


The wind was lifted off making particles of dirt hit Arianna. She covered her face as she heard and felt the dragon landing near her. She looked at Aerongoth who was looking t her.


“Why aren’t you dressed nor cleaned?” He asked.


“I’m not going to use this piece of… thread.” She said pointing to the dress. “Nor am I going to wash myself on cold water.”


The dragon laughed loud. “You don’t have a choice Arianna, unless you want to go to town dressing like that.”


“I’m going to town?” She asked feeling her hopes up, that way she could ask someone to take her home and tell them what the hunters and the dragon did to her.


“Yes, but don’t get your hopes on. You’re in the border of Akrovia and Gloria, on a land that doesn’t belong to neither of the countries. If they even suspect you’re the princess, they will hang you at the first chance they get.” He informed, her smile died instantly. “I brought you this.”


He threw a brown cloak at her of the same material has the dress.


“Get dressed. I need you to go to town.” He ordered.


She frowned. “I have you to leave if you want me to get washed."


“Ok.” He said. But he didn’t move a muscle. She watched Aerongoth wondering why he wouldn’t leave.


“Can't you leave?" She asked.


“Yes I can.” He answered yet he didn’t move just watched her with his impassive look.


“Then why are you still here?” She asked.


“You questioned if I could leave, what I can, but that doesn't mean i will, besides I will not tolorate you treating me like that.”


She blinked. “What you mean?”


“When you ask something to your father or some lord who’s visiting, do you ask things that way to them?” He asked.


“Yes.” She answered. She noticed by his expression that that answer wasn’t enough. “I usually say please…” She added. “Is that what you want, for me to say please?” He smiled. “Oh please! You got to be kidding me, dragon.” She said.


“My name is Aerongoth, not dragon!” He growled at her. She remembered how he wanted her to treat him and flinched away.


“Sorry master Aerongoth.” She said looking down. He smiled.


“See, you can be polite when with the right incentive." He said.


“Can you please leave so I can get dressed, master Aerongoth?” She asked. He smiled and broke the chain on her leg.


“Yes I can. I’ll be back at night, inside your cloak’s pocket there is the list of things I want you to do today, also some money for those things. If you try to escape I will know and I will catch you, so don’t try anything funny.” He warned her and then lift off leaving her on her own.


She took off what was left of her dress and got washed, dressed the new dress that was extremely uncomfortable and a bit itchy and putted the cloak on. She looked for the pockets till she found one and inside a note with a list and a small bag with a phew bronze and silver coins, she didn’t even knew that existed coins of that material, she had only seen gold coins. She started reading it.


Arianna, today you start your period of learning, your first lesson you’ll have to find it for yourself, and then you will tell me what I wanted you to learn. Here you have a list of ingredients you will need to make a soup for us to dinner at night:

The things you’ll have to get from town:

1. A hen;

2. Cabbages;

3. 2 kilos of Rice ;

4. Salt and pepper;

5. A pot or a pan;

6. Ask someone HOW to make the soup, not to make it, just HOW.

7. Oh, and lemons.

You have there enough money to buy them all. DON’T WASTE the money with useless things or you won’t have enough for everything and we will have problems.


She looked at the back of the note and there was a map drawn there pointing wich way should she go to get to town. With a sigh she followed the map till she left the woods and was looking at a small farm town. She entered the town and she watched everyone, wondering where she could get those ingredients. She saw a little girl playing by the road.


“Hey commoner! Tell me where I can find this stuff.” She said at the girl, the girl looked at her with a strange expression and then ran away. Arianna looked for other people, most of them refused to talk to her and other walked away. She was almost quiting when a old lady called her.


“What’s wrong deary?” She asked.


“Noone will tell me where to find these things…” She explained.


“Maybe you’re asking the wrong way.” The old lady said. “Maybe you should try to seem like you’re asking for help and not ordering help.”


“Oh…” She remembered what the dragon had said before. “Being polite?”


“Exactly sweety.”


With sigh she asked: “Please, where can I find these ingredients madam?”


“That’s better sweety. Go straight ahead and you’ll find the market.”


Arianna did so and found a busy market, she bought everything that was on the list till all the money was gone, she frowned annoyed cause now she had no money. She had everything only missed the recipt to actually do the soup, she saw a woman buying the same things as her and decided to follow her.


“Wait, peasant!” The princess yelled as she ran after the woman, the woman stopped.


“How did you call me?”


Arianna stopped, she had done wrong calling the woman that way, she didn’t know she was the princess, she wouldn’t help her is she ordered, if she wanted help she had to ask for it and be polite, even though that woman was a peasant. “Excuse me miss, can you tell me how you do that soup?”


She nodded and explained to Arianna how to do the soup. Afterwards, once more following the map Arianna walked to where the dragon had made the camp. He wasn’t there yet, she made a small campfire and started cooking, she burned herself a couple of times on the pan and cut herself while preparing the things, but when the night fell she was finally done and the food was ready. A few minutes later the dragon arrived.


“You seem to have done well everything I asked you today.” Aerongoth said eating his portion of the food Arianna had done. She nodded.


“I never had realized it took so much time and that it was this hard to cook.” She said looking at the improvised bandage she had around her fingers.


“What you learned today?” He asked.


“That I have to be polite regardless who the person or creature is.” She explained. The dragon smiled pleased.


While laying the princess was thinking, if all the things the dragon would teach were that easily she could fool him throughout them all till he would leave her go back home. It was piece of cake, being polite, what was next? Humility? Probably, but she already imagined how it would be; he would probably send her again to the town to gather some stuff and help some people and she had to humble, nothing she couldn’t fake out.


Aerongoth watched her with a devious expression however. Today it was easy, saying “please” and “excuse me” was just the cherry of this all. After tomorrow he would force her to do things and face situations that not even the servants on her town before had to face. Grasp yourself princess, this is only the sun before the storm and it starts raining tomorrow.


Ps - ty nataliedb2k8 for pointing out those mistakes i made, i didn't notice them.

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DON’T WAIST the money with useless things
Spending more money than necessary is "waste", not "waist". Waist is the part of your body located between your chest and hips.


A phew minutes later the dragon arrived.
It's f-e-w, not p-h-e-w.

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The princess still has many notches to go down before she is safe... meaning... aerongoth will have a hard path to destroy all that makes her a snoby bratty and ruten pricness (her confidence, her self-estime, her peace... tuns of things).


Thanks for pointing out those mistakes Daeva, i'm not the best at english...


Anyway the newest Chapter. This one came late cause i had a exam to study for.


Aerongoth: I like this chapter…


It's not even that funny... o.o…


Aerongoth: Not that… you’ll see why




Chapter 6 – Mud is good for your skin, seriously, not kidding!


Arianna yawned; it was so soon in the morning! She could have slept a phew more hours, it was like five in the morning or less, if she was home, at that time she would be dreaming of jewelry and clothing, and not being there, in the middle of the woods, barefoot, cold and tired, following the dragon as he lead her to a different town in now the Akrovian territory.


“Yaks!” She yelled as she stepped on a thorn weed on the ground, she jumped around painfully and limped after the dragon that didn’t even bother to stop.


“Can I get some shoes?” She asked.


“No, we can’t afford them right now.” Aerongoth said as he kept walking. “Besides, you better get used to that, that’s how most people around here walk, barefoot.”


She sighed annoyed, he hadn’t yet explained her what was it that they were going to do to town. Probably he wanted to show her something “meaningful”, she frowned. She just wished he would hurry up and send her back home so she could send soldiers after the hunter who kidnapped and after that stupid dragon. They arrived at the town and walked through the streets, the people looking at the great dragon in admiration and fear. They arrived finally at the landlord’s house.


“Okay, we’re here.” The dragon informed.

“Here were?” She looked at the mansion smiling.


“At your new job.” He explained.


“At my job? I don’t have a JOB! I DON’T work!” She remembered. The dragon left go of a loud chuckle.


“Well you better start now if you wish to eat.” He said. A man came walking to Aerongoth and Arianna and smiled at Aerongoth.


“So this is your servant Sir Aerongoth? The one you talked about?” The man asked.


“Yes.” Aerongoth pushed Arianna till she was facing the man. “She has never worked before, so please give her something simple to start with.” He smirked deviously. The man nodded, he had a very simple function he could give her, very simple indeed.


Against her will she was forced to follow the man throughout the mansion, dozens of girls were working on hit, most of them cleaning, others just running one room to the other doing things Arianna couldn’t tell what.


She wondered what kind of function the man would give her. Dust the furniture? Mop the floor? Maybe arrange the beds? He took her out of the mansion to the backyard, the backyard was muddy and a mess due to a storm that seemed to had hit that town a phew days ago. She saw a phew girls all muddy and dirty trying to recover the flowers, but he did not took her to them, instead he lead her to the stables where in the mud a group of three girls with shovels were removing… horse… manure!


“Here” The man gave her a shovel and pointed to the manure. “That’s as simple as it can get, remove all the manure from the stables into that pile! Simple.” He ordered.


He walked away and Arianna sighed. Goddess damned that dragon! He wanted to break her so he gave her such a crappy task… literally. But he wasn’t going to break, or no he wasn’t! She was Princess Arianna, no one would bre…


“Aaah!” She yelled when a girl threw a ball of mud at her. She brushed the mud of her dress and looked at the girl.


“Move your pretty butt new girl! And start cleaning up some crap.” She said.


With a sigh Arianna started on the duty. The shovel was heavier than she expected, especially when filled with a mixture of mud and manure. The other girls kept insulting her at some points, calling her slow and lazy, yelling for her to fasten up the shoveling. It was a tiring duty and the other girls were doing more than her so she decided to stop.


“Hey move your butt thin face!” One of the girls said, but Arianna ignored her. Keep working peasant, she thought. The other girls stopped and looked each other, then filling the shovels they started throwing mud at Arianna. “Work!”


Arianna scooted away as fast as she could, hitting the man who was giving the job with her back.


“What’s going on?” He asked.


“They were throwing manure at me!” She said.


“It wasn’t manure, it was just mud.” One of the girls corrected. “She refuses to work!”


The other girls supported. The man looked at Arianna. “Since she doesn’t want to help maybe she will like to work on her own.”


“What?” Arianna squealed.


“Come you girls, I’ll get you other things to do.” He walked away and the other girls followed handing the shovels to Arianna.


Arianna ended up having to remove the manure all on her own. At least she could do it at her own pace, but in the meantime it started raining making the job a lot worst. She tried to get some shelter when it started raining but they sent her back to doing her job, when she ran back to do her job she tripped and fell over one of the piles.


“Gross!” She yelled. Luckily the rain was able to wash most of the manure of her by the time she was done. When night came the man started calling her and the others. She threw her shovel and run down towards the man.

“Very well peasants, you did good job, here’s your payment.” He handed a small bag to each one of the girl, most of the girls, when they opened it got happy, and Arianna didn’t understood why. Inside the bag was nothing more than some miserable 10 silver coins.


“That’s all?” She asked the other girls.


“You’re not happy?” One of the girls asked. “This is the first time he gives us this much!”


“It’s just 10 silver coins…” Arianna said.


“Just 10 silver coins?! You sure are ungrateful! That’s more than what we could ask for! Most of us don’t make this much in a whole month!” Another girl said pushing Arianna, Arianna fell on her back on the mud. The girls passed by her ranting.


Arianna looked at the bag. How could people live with less money than that? Impossible… She thought. Getting up she did what the dragon before told her, headed towards the market and bought food, a lot of money, like six coins, still was left, she putted it away and went to meet the dragon, at the camp.


As she arrived she stopped silently, watching him, he was standing near the lake watching the stars, the light reflected over him. He seemed distant, as if he was lost on a conversation with the stars. He was indeed an amazing creature, that she had to admit. As she moved he looked towards her.


“You’re back…” Aerongoth said.


“I bought the food.” Arianna informed, not telling him she had some money left, she was planning to buy stuff with it.


“Good.” He got near her and his nose twitched. “Guardian, you stink! What were you doing?”


She smelled herself and frowned. “Cleaning manure.” She explained. “But this is mud! Honestly!!”


“Manure?” The dragon asked chuckling and pushed her gently into the ground.


“Eww stop! I have mud all over me!” She whined.


“Mud is good for your skin.” Aerongoth informed and pointed to the lake. “Get washed and redressed and we’ll eat, I’ll make dinner tonight.” He said.


She obeyed and washed her dress first letting it to dry; she went to a more hidden part of the lake so Aerongoth wouldn’t peak and started washing herself. She touched her skin; Mud is good for your skin? She wondered. “Humph… Silly.” Yet she looked back at the dragon who was now trying to diminish the flames of the fire he had started for the food and shook her head.


She came back already dressed, although her dress wasn’t still fully dry.


“Come near the fire Arianna, or you’ll freeze to death.” Aerongoth said, she sat by the fire and he handed her the food. “What you learned today?” He asked.


“That mud is good for your skin.” She answered, the dragon chuckled. “Also that if you don’t do your share part of the work the others will throw manure at you.”


Aerongoth shook his head disappointed, that wasn’t still what he wanted her to learn. “Very well.”


He watched her as she ate and he walked back to the lake. He laid down there watching the stars again, the time was running out and there was still so much she had to learn, he had to fasten the things, otherwise he would fail and the rebellion would kill Arianna, a phew years ago he wouldn’t mind that happening, but right now, killing the source of the problems wasn’t the solution for them.


Oh! Cause you go all emo in the end!


Aerongoth: -.- *growls* ...

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Irrelevant question here: Who's Ainlie to Aerongoth again? Firends? Brothers? Cousins?


more nitpicky spellcheck:

“Move your pretty but new girl!
Rear end is "butt", not "but".


And not to be mean... But can you change the spelling in the post? I mean, you said you appreciate the correction, but if you don't change the actual spelling it won't make any difference.


You're not good in English? English is not your main language?

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That's actually more relevant to this story than you think... and i can't tell you it's a spoiler wich answer you'll only find in the end of the very story.


Aerongoth: I hate him so much, I just won't kill him for my principles!


Ainlie: I don't know why that stops you. I know it never stopped me.


Aerongoth: Usually you attack me when you're insane...


Ainlie: ...and then spend the rest of my sane time making it clear to you that i hate your guts to hell.


*sighs* at least they agree on 3 things: 1- they hate each other, 2- they want to see each other dead and 3- they both prefer to get hit by a meteor than get hit by Darklinia's axe! *summons Darklinia*


Dark: you called?


*gives her an axe* make sure they get lost.


Ainlie and Aerongoth: Meeep!!! *they both flee*


For two powerfull dragons they sure fear a girl with an axe.


Dark: rule number 1 of stories, girls hit harder than badguys, especially if they're badass girls!


It doesn't actually work that way but who cares. And they don't actually hate each other, if they did they would already be dead, they're just too stubborn to admit they actually care about each other.


And didn't changed the mistakes at the time cause i had to go, but i was going to and am going to now. And no, I'm not english, i'm portuguese, though curiously i'm better at english than at portuguese, go figure out why... *shrugs*

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Oh... Okay. So you're portuguese... You know, I write better in English than I write in Indonesian (I'm Indonesian) so I guess we're kinda on the same boat here... In case you don't understand the expression it means that we're in a similar situation.

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New chapter, wee. ^^


Aerongoth: You people aren't going to like me on this one.


Actually I like this one…


Aerongoth: of course you do, you hate princesses… in general…


Yes I do… that’s why I kill them usually in my stories :P


Aerongoth: When you were a kid you didn’t exactly like the princesses from the Disney stories did you?


Nope, I was cheering for the witches… ^^


Aerongoth: Presenting the 21st century Elvira…


*Beats him* Shut up-.-… She’s awesome! O.o


Anyway up for the chapter! This one is a big one.


Chapter 7 – First steps


Arianna had already been working for two whole weeks on that manor. The dragon knew exactly how much she earned and constantly warned her not to waste the money but she wasn’t actually going to pay attention to him, she had already enough to buy herself some boots she saw and a new dress, she also had enough to pay a guard to take her back home.


She no longer worked at the stables, the landlord first moved her to take care of the garden, and then she went to the kitchen to work. Currently she was on her knees, with a wet rag washing the floor. She was tired and her knees were sore from the work she was doing, sweat ran down her forehead and she cleaned it.


A lot of commotion caught her attention. Stopping for a few seconds Arianna stopped to see the Landlord’s daughters giggling near the castle entry. “The prince is coming!” Some of them said. Arianna tried to get up to see but the girls came running inside pushing Arianna to the side. A group of, their feet all dirty with mud, walked through the hallway Arianna had just finished cleaning, amongst those guards was a familiar face.


A boy, not more than 25, with dark red hair and brown eyes, tall and slim with round childish face, wearing a crown smiled gently at the girls. Arianna’s heart filled with joy. “Dereck!” She called.


The prince looked at her and frowned, trying recognized that face. “It’s your highness peasant.” He answered back. Arianna looked at him sad.


“Dereck it’s me! Don’t you recognize me?” She asked. The girls around looked at Arianna and laughed, Dereck himself laughed too.


“I usually don’t commune with commoners!” He said and walked by her ignoring her. The girls laughed and kicked the bucket filled with water.


“You missed a spot peasant!” They said laughing.


Arianna looked at the water and saw her reflection; no wonder Dereck didn’t recognize her. Her hair was a mess of brown locks for not being combed for a long time now. Her cheeks were red from the work and had some dust and dirt on them, her hands were bruised and her feet had blisters from walking barefoot everyday from the camp to the village. She covered her eyes crying and heard one of the guards come back.


“Hold this.” He said with a deep and beautiful voice, she held it like he said, her eyes too filled with tears to notice how he looked like.


The knight kneed down and grabbed the bucket, then gently placed his hand on her arm and pulled her as he walked to the garden. She kept sobbing silently as he tied the bucket and the rope and threw it down the well.


She wiped her tears and looked at the knight. He was larger than any guard or knight she ever saw. He was extremely tall, either 2 and half or 2,80 meters tall. He had long black hair falling over his armor till mid back, it was completely straight, and he had the deepest and the kindest blue eyes she ever saw, and they had a small glimmer of burning fire in them. She turned the helmet he gave her and looked at it; it had horns like most of the Agrovians armor sets. To imitate the dragons they so much love… She thought.


He took the bucket filled now with water for her till the entrance of the hallway. “I’m sorry for the mess we made.” He said with a smile. “But you have to understand that most nobles don’t care about the commoners.”


“I know…” She replied. She herself was one those nobles. “But you seem to care about us…” She said. The knight chuckled; he had such a nice sound.


“I care for all men, women and dragon the same way, no matter if they’re a king or a farmer. I have seen many hurt and suffer cause of the noble’s greed and being a man with a lot of riches I can always help in a way.” He said. “I just wished the rest of the world could see that way.” He said, with a smile he bowed and took his helmet back. “Good luck fair lady, I would help you clean the mess we did, but my king calls me.” Then he walked away. She watched him with her eyes sparkling, such kind heart on a man of the nobles, if the whole world could be that way… She sighed.


When she finished and received her money, she had already forgotten what the knight said. She remembered Aerongoth telling her to go straight to the camp after she was ready they had things to do, he wanted to show her something. But instead she went to a clothing store to get her just reward for whole her hard work..


After she was done she ran back to the camp, trying to hide what she had bought, the dragon was nowhere to be seen though. So, with a smile, she tried on the shoes and the dress then washed her other dress and left it to dry. Then with the groceries from yesterday she did the dinner. After awhile Aerongoth arrived, he landed near the lake and walked towards her, he was holding a package on his hand.


“What is this?” He asked.


“Chicken…” She explained.


“Not that… what you’re dressing…” He explained.


She got up and looked at him, his expression was dangerously neutral. “A new dress, I decided to buy with the money I earned.”


“Did I not tell you to not waste the money?!” He asked, not waiting for an answer. “Or maybe you’re stupid and did not understand what I meant.”


“What? I earned that money! I worked and sweat for it! I have the right to do whatever I want with it!” She replied, now mad with the dragon. He got nearer to her and lowered his head so that his eyes were at the same level as hers.


“Maybe I did not make myself clear! You belong to me and you WILL obey me! We needed that money for other things.” She noticed he squashed whatever was in the package.


“You greedy bastard!” She yelled at him. “You have been forcing me to work for weeks now! My feet hurt and are blistered! And you won’t even let me get shoes with the money I earned?” She yelled.


Aerongoth growled and before she knew it she was flying across the ground hitting against a tree. She rubbed her face and torso that was hurting badly, the dragon had just slapped her! She got on her knees surprised and now scared, the dragon walked to her and pulled her by her dress.


“You shall never again call me that!” He growled. “Remember that I’m the only thing keeping you alive here!” He said, then holding her on his hand he lift off into the air. She closed her eyes terrified, was he going to let her fall? But before she could think more about that she felt the dragon land, she heard people yelling his name than opened her eyes as he left her fall in the ground.


“Aeron! Aeron!” Some children just yelled running towards the dragon. They were extremely skinny and most of them seemed sick, others, even though they were also skinny, had their stomachs swollen.


“Not now children.” He said. “I just came to show her something.” The kids left go of groans of sadness and started walking away, a little girl walked up to him.


“But you will bring us food today, won’t you Aeron?” She asked, the dragon shrugged and the girl smiled and ran away.


Arianna looked around, the people there barely had houses, most of them had their beds in the street, a boy was drinking water out of a bucket, he was so swollen it looked like he was going to blow up. “Why are they like that…?” She asked, her voice trembling.


“They are starving.” He explained. “The little food they get is the one I’m able to gather, through you.” She looked at him surprised; she thought he ate all the extra food, having in count his size. “I’m a dragon, even though we are respected here in Akrovia, thanks to you, princess, I can’t work or get paid to help these children. That’s why I forced you to work, because you’re human, and the law you forced Akrovia to obey was that only humans could be paid, and even you are paid miserably.” He said.


“That’s why you always made me cook so much?” She asked to what he nodded.


“You saw that kid drinking water? They drink it not because they’re thirsty, they drink it to try and deceive their hunger, that’s why they’re swollen, and they end up drinking so much they die…” As he finished saying that she heard a bucket fall and the kid that was holding it passed out on his back.


“Oh my goddess!” She said and ran towards the kid but the dragon stopped her.


“It’s too late, for most of them, even feeding them the little I get, most of them die anyway, others get a chance to live. Not even that hypocrite of your goddess helps us.” He said, than holding her he lift off. She could see the suffering on his eyes, and they were such beautiful red eyes, how come she never noticed that? I have seen these eyes before… she realized.


When the dragon landed he didn’t bother to put her gently in the ground, he just threw her off. She fall hard on the ground and Aerongoth walked to her, he was enraged.


“You’re going to go back to town, and give that dress and those shoes back, and you’re not coming back until you bring the full sum of money you had!” He ordered, spitting out each word like daggers. With her mouth trembling she took off her dress and putted on the other one she had, took off her shoes and ran off towards the town crying, the dragon watched and sighed sadly, it was in course now.


“This is the first step to break you princess, if you do everything right, I’ll be able to fix you, and if not… then they will throw you out.” He said to himself.


When Arianna arrived at the town it was night, the dress store was already closed, knocking at the door Arianna yelled for the owner of the store. “Please open up she said.” When the man opened the barged in and in between sobs and cries she begged the man to take the things back, but the man was greedy and rejected to pay the full sum, so when he kicked her out, she still didn’t had the whole money she needed, crying she looked at the sky asking for help, than as if being heard, she saw prince Dereck surrounded by his guards, all of them wearing the horned masks.


“Prince Dereck…” She said, her voice crying. “I want to go back home…”


“Arianna?” He finally recognized and ran to her holding her into a hug. “Oh my goddess?! What you doing here? What happened? Your face is bruised, are you hurt?” He touched her cheek and she flinched.


“The dragon… he…” She restarted crying and Dererck picked her up carrying her till his horse.


“Don’t worry Arianna. I will take you home.”


End of chapter 7… o.o


Aerongoth: And Dereck came to the rescue…


Edit: i jus realized i had the chapter order all wrong! the shame!

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Yes, yes, even without the spoilers i personally received, i would've guessed that that mysterious extremely tall knight is a dragon. Man, whoever he is, he's almost as tall as my Aesma, and that's kinda scary.. 250-280 cm eh? That would be taller than Agas and he's already freakishly tall...

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New chappy...


Aerongoth: Shouldn't you be studying?


Yes... but i can't study anymore...


Aerongoth: *sighs*


Chapter 8 - McAramon

Arianna was holding tight onto Dereck’s back as he rode away. He said he would take her to the great city of Protectora and from there he would take her home. She was so relieved for finally being able to go back home, yet she couldn't help but feel threatened by the fifteen guards who protected prince Dereck.


It wasn't the fact that they were all extremely tall for humans, nor the fact that all of them were heavily armed, neither the fact that they were all wearing dragon masks, no, it was the fact that she knew that they were staring at her, and not a happy staring, as in “stare at her cause she’s beautiful”, no it was a “stare at her cause we want her dead kind of stare”. Maybe she was just being paranoiac, but they were scaring her.


“Dereck…” She started “Why are your guards staring at me that way?”


“They never saw a human like you.” He explained.




“They’re all dragons…” He explained.


“Seriously? Human dragons?” She asked.


Dereck chuckled. “No. Not exactly, most of them are hybrids, half human, half dragon, and other three are metamorphisian dragons and they can turn into human like, and there are two who are using the jewel of humanity which gives them the ability to turn human.” He explained.


“Oh…” She looked back at them. I’m the only thing between you and death, Arianna… “Huh?” She let go of Dereck and looked around. She knew that voice, it was Aerongoth.


“What’s wrong?” He asked.


“Nothing…” She lied, instantly she looked up at the skies, but it was too dark for her to see anything, there weren’t even stars. Aerongoth must be worried about me… She thought, and then shook her head. Why should I care? He was holding me from home! But… he said cause of me he couldn’t help anyone…


“Dereck... Is it true that dragons can’t work?” She asked. Dereck stopped all of a sudden and jumped of the horse.


“Of course they can...” He answered the guards followed him. “We’re going to camp here for the night.”


She jumped of the horse. “What I meant was, if they can get paid for their jobs.” Dereck looked at her, the guards stopped what they were doing.


“No we can’t.” One of the guards answered, he was the tallest of them all, and his voice was familiar. “A young princess a few years ago decided she wanted a fairy, but her father couldn’t pay for it, so she said he would save money to buy the fairy if he stopped paying the non-human. She was princess...”


“McAramon...” Dereck interrupted and the guard went quiet.


Arianna looked at the ground, she remembered that, she made her father get her a fairy, but, because the fairy wouldn’t play with her and just watch the gardens sighing she ended up ripping the fairy’s wings and trapping her inside a glass box, a month after she got the fairy, the fairy died of starvation and dehydration.


“I wonder what happened to that poor girl.” The guard of name McAramon said. “A fairy captured and abused by hunters, forced to leave her home, her family to be a child’s toy...”


Arianna lifted her head and noticed he was looking at her, and then he turned around and went to hunt with other two guards. Arianna sat silently on the ground waiting; she looked at the sky, no stars. She remembered Aerongoth was always looking at the stars, she wandered why.


“Why aren’t there any stars?” She asked.


“Because we are near Mount Ilusion.” Dereck answered as he sat beside Arianna. “It’s volcano, it’s right besides Protectora, it’s always in constant activity so the smoke cloud hides the stars.”


“Isn’t that dangerous?” She looked up.


“Not really. The fact that it’s in constant activity is what makes it so safe.” The prince said. “At least that’s what my older brother used to say.” He confessed.


She looked at him. She didn’t know he had a older brother, plus everyone said he was the heir of the throne of Akrovia, how could he not be the older son. “You have a older brother?”


He seemed to be caught out of surprise and nodded. “He died a couple of years ago...” He said.


“Why?” She asked.


“To stop the dragons from attacking your kingdom.” He explained.


She looked at him surprised and hugged her legs. “I see...”

“What dragon kidnapped you Arianna?” He asked.


“He called himself Aerongoth.” She answered, one of the guards left the wood fall and grabbed it fast, and she looked at him.


“It’s impossible.” She heard the guard of name McAramon say as he walked towards them carrying food. “Lord Aerongoth is one of the noblest dragons of our land.”


“Lord?” She asked.


“Yes, he used to be my father main adviser.” Dereck said.


“What happened?” She asked, but both Dereck and McAramon just shrugged.


“You should eat.” Dereck gave her some bread a bit of meat to eat, she watched the guard as he went to join his fellows.


After a few hours both Dereck and half of the camp were asleep, but Arianna couldn’t sleep, he mind was remembering those starving children she saw and Aerongoth’s painfull epression. She sighed.


Silently she got up and left the tent they had made for her and walked till the now dead fire she hugged herself looking at the fire. Suddenly someone placed a blanket over her shoulders, she turned around and saw the guard they called McAramon, now with no mask, just with a kind smile on his face.


“You’re the guard from the manor.” She realized.


“And you’re the servant girl...” He finished. “You shouldn’t be out here like this.” She nodded looking up at the sky.


“You seem distant your highness.” He said.


She shook her head, being called princess and your highness no longer sounded right to her. “Call me Arianna.” She asked.


“I’m Raiuno, but everyone calls me McAramon.” He shrugged, his armour making a funny noise as he did so, she smiled.


“Raiuno, what does it mean?” She asked.


“I have no idea, our birth names usually don’t have a meaning, only our dragon names.” He explained.


“What’s your dragon name?” She asked, he smiled as he placed his mask on again.


“That you have to find out, but for now I tell you that it means Kind Hearted and Noble dragon.” He smiled and walked away sitting by a tree. He was the one who was guarding the place.


“Is there anywhere i can go wash myself nearby?” She asked, he nodded.


“There’s a river nearby.” He pointed to the left. “Someone better go with you...” He started getting up but prince Dereck held Arianna’s hand.


“I’ll go McAramon.” He offered, she noticed Raiuno stopped midway almost hesitating to either get up and go or stay down, he sat back down.


Dereck kindly leaded her till the river where she kneed down and watched her own reflection. She looked terrible, like the servants on her palace; she started washing her face and hair silently. I’m the only thing stopping you from dyeing. She heard Aerongoth’s voice once more on her head and looked at the skies. Behind you princess.


She looked back at Dereck who smiled and shook her head, then she looked back at the river shaking her head still. She heard Dereck coming closer to her. Behind you princess! The voice yelled but she didn’t looked back untill she felt Dereck’s hand on her shoulder gently. But before she could look at him she heard the sound of wings flapping and a black lettery tail flying between her and Dereck throwing Dereck away.


She jumped back almost falling inside the river; she looked up and saw the familiar warm blood red eyes of Aerongoth. “I told you Arianna, I’m the only thing between you and death!” He said.


She saw the tallest of the guards, Raiuno coming with his sword on his hand; he looked at Aerongoth who just scooped Arianna with his hand and lift off before anyone could stop him. She heard, down there, Dereck yelling:


“Aerongoth! You bastard! I’m going to catch you and I’m going to use your horns to make jewels!”


The dragon flew away laughing. “Are you alright Arianna?” He asked looking down at his hand where she was sat confused.


“He was going to take me home!” She said.


“No exactly...” The dragon just said and he flew away towards the clouds, she was safe by now. He got over the cloud of smoke and she could finally see the stars, so many, colorful, so beautiful.


Arianna opened her mouth surprised, she never saw a sky like that before. "Where we heading?" She asked.


"To Sanctuary." Aerongoth answered, there he could continue his lesson and Arianna would be safe.


And Aerongoth recovers the princess! Wee :P

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