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Pure RPG

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Please continue discussion in official topic.


Quick Details

20+ hours of gameplay

100+ maps to explore

Many unique minigames/sidequests

Only $9.99


You can find much more indepth info on this game at my website: http://www.caspergaming.com/


Main Story

Pure RPG takes a fresh look on the good vs. evil genre, with powerful, moving cutscenes and original characters. It starts off simple, with two farmboys going to market, but quickly escalates into a battle for control of the entire world. The monsters are tough, and will test the actors' abilities at every turn. Can you rise to the challenge and defend the earth?



Many minigames and sidequests, which include:


Bounty Hunter


Treasure Hunting

and many more(more details at my website)

A full story which takes over 20 hours to complete, not including minigames/sidequests

A complete walkthrough on my website

A FREE demo

Many moving cutscenes


Main characters





and Saro

detailed info on each character can also be found on my website.


Screenshots can be found on my website.

Credits can be found on my website as well as ingame.


Constructive criticism on the game is welcome, although the game will probably not be updated unelss a drastic change is made. I will use your suggestions in the sequel to this game though!

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well i took a look a the trailer and it "looks" like

the game its self was just slap together "i don't know yet" I'll try the demo before i actually say it was slapped together..,

I guess its the story im more interested in hearing

could u give a better description on what the storyline is about?


(i have a feeling this game dose not have a storyline that actually goes into some of the characters backgrounds/history... >.<)

sorry if this post made u mad just my thoughts on this game

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I will admit the storyline is NOT great in this game...as it was my first game and I went into it jsut messing around, but ended up turning it into a full game. I tried my best to make the storyline fit with what I had already created, but I really did not plan ahead on this one :/ sorry about that.


The storyline is kind of random up until about halfway through the game, when I started taking it into consideration more, sorry!(walkthrough section on my site: Treldor and a Legend is where the storyline is explained ingame)


Basically, you start off as two farmboys who go to market, and while you're at market, the town gets attacked. So, you go notify the king, and he sends a soldier to escort you back to your home. WHen you get home, you discover your parents have been kidnapped, and it is assumed the people who attacked the town are responsible.(THIS IS WHERE DEMO ENDS)


So, you get trained to be soldiers, and you go attack Southland(The people responsible for the attack), but you don't find your parents there. So, you decide to keep looking, and eventually you learn about an ancient legend about the Pure Ones.


The legend goes that there are 6 pure ones, 3 good and 3 evil. The 3 evil ones, Sol Blocc and Arnen, have escaped from their imprisonment and are trying to take over the world, and unknown to you, your parents are the only ones alive who possess powerful magics to stop them. You go learn more about the legend, and you find out that to enter the Pure One's dimension, you need to collect and activate 8 charms spread throughout the world.


Along the way you meet:

Bennett(The soldier who accompanies you to your home, and later to invade Southland)

Oscar(A young adult who you save, and he in turn goes with you on your journey)

and Saro(A treasure hunter who is after the charms you need to collect)


If you browse through the walkthrough section, you will get a pretty good idea of the storyline. Sorry it's probably not as good as most other games, but it IS my first game and I like to think I did pretty good for coming up with the storyline halfway through making it! :)


I consider myself much better now than I was when I made that game in eventing, scripting, basically everything, so if you don't like this game, don't let it impact how you judge sequels or other game titles I release, because chances are they will be MUCH better basically all around.


BTW: No posts make me mad as long as they contribute to the topic! :)

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