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Character Levels Guide (to beat monsters)

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Argoyle's guide:


A lot of people are asking what level they should be at to fight a certain monster or boss, so I'm putting together a list of the levels I was at when I encountered these fights.

Note: These are just the levels that worked for me. Some people might be able to win these fights at lower levels, while some people might need to train even more. This is just a guideline.

If I leave anything out, just mention a fight or boss and I'll add it in.


Elden Snakes - Level 3 (have Devin with you before you fight them)

Leave Elden on the ferry - Level 5

Wild Dog guarding fishing pole - Level 10-12

Thial Mountain Pass - Level 10-15

Rescue Alicia from Lord Zorom - Level 15 (Sleep Spell!!!)

Haunted Village Quest - Level 15+

Candar area - Level 15-20

Snowy North area - Level 15-20

Witchwood Swamp - Level 20-25

Seafall Shrine area - Level 20-25

Underworld - Level 20-25

Ahvren (death relic) - Level 25+

Evil Swamp Witch - Level 25+

Glass Key cave - Level 25-30

Unnamed Cave (passion relic) - Level 25-30 (Need Frederick)

Dwarf Mines - Level 32-35

Stone Golem (earth relic) - Level 35-40

Tar Vedron desert - Level 45+

Fire Cave - Level 55-60 (Have fire and poison protection)

Dragon Lord (fire relic) - Level 60+

Water Relic cave - Level 65+

Succubus (water relic) - Level 65+

Venwood area - Level 65-70

Fairy forest - Level 65-70

Dream World - Level 70-75

Nightmare (dream relic) - Level 70-75

Lord Zorom (again) - Level 70-75

Lord Zorom's castle - Level 70+

Dark Priest - Level 70+

Ahriman - Level 70+


At these levels, you should be able to win the battles quite comfortably.


*To determine what level you should be at to join a particular guild, just be at the level for that particular area where the guild is located.*

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