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Gypsy's Tale Beta-Tacular! (Newsletter)

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OK, you asked for it!!!


A Gypsy's Poem

by Rage


We’re waiting for “A Gypsy’s Tale”

We hope Amanda will not fail.

She first said May, and now it’s June,

The best we’ll hope to get is “soon.”

If you’re anything at all like me,

You’re sitting, waiting, patiently,

For the magic moment when

We’re allowed to travel to Hamlet Brenn.

A mystery, an evil power,

And secrets trapped within a tower.

Humans, fairies, serfs and vassals:

(I only pray there’s no ORC CASTLE!)

Hopefully soon we can all start to grin

When we finally get to meet Reylin!



Now....about that release date....

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Some testers are crashing right at the start of the game and can't play at all. The majority of testers have been going along just fine the whole time.


We gotta figure out why a few players can't get it running.

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