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I've got a few questions

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1. Does the Aveyond World change it's geography every few hundred years?


The reason I'm asking that is because it seems like every time I played it I'm in a different location.


2. Will I ever get my stuff back?



3. Are the goodie caves restocked?

Since my Money is gone and all my items are gone and all my equipment is gone did you guys restock the goodie cave?


By restock I meant can I use it again after ToL and GoL.

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1. Yeah, the land has changed a bit between every Aveyond game. (You don't want the scenery looking exactly the same in every game. :))


2. Nope, Lydia's mean.


3. The Lost Orb has a whole new set of goodie caves. The ones from LoT and GoN won't be there in TLO. Just do some fighting in Brightwood Forest, find some chests at the ferry dock, and you'll have a good start with money and items.

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1. Yes, they do. But in AV3 series not exactly have really changes, but it's more like adding new places to explore, like in GoN doesn't have peliad, but TLO does. And in TLO still can explore the same map/world as GoN, plus that peliad and that new places

2. No, you'll not get your stuff back

3. I never using goodie, so i don't know anything

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