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Possible Bug?

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I realized that I missed quite a few sidequests partway through my first playthrough,so I restarted my game. Now, for some reason, the HP/MP bars at the bottom of the screen show some HP and MP missing (from engaging in battle). But when I go to restore my HP and MP, the menu shows full HP and MP, and won't let me use any healing items. I'm not sure when this started. All I know is, when I went to Tyobi, my HP/MP meters were "synced" so to speak, between the meters in the menu (when using healing items) and in the bar at the bottom of the screen (during normal playing). I noticed that this "desync" started sometime around when I used the level egg I bought from the vendor in Tyobi and did the Rat sidequest as Edward. Does anyone know of this bug/know how to fix it?


**Edit: I quit the game, then turned it on again after posting this. When I reloaded, the bar at the bottom now reads full HP/MP, and is perfectly synced with the menu readings. I can only hope this problem doesn't occur again(seeing as when I saved, I still had some HP/MP missing). Basically, I can use healing items and continue with my game without fear of dying. If I get this problem again, I'll update, but does a mod/admin still want to look at the save files and see what caused it to see if it needs to be prevented for other players?

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