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casper667 - Minigame Arcade

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Note: This game is FREE and can be downloaded at http://www.caspergaming.com/


It has 12 minigames, 30 achievements, 6 built in cheat codes, and the ability to name your character. For more detailed info, read on or visit http://www.caspergaming.com/MA1/MAHome.html



The game's story is simple, because it is a minigame game. You are a teenage boy at an arcade with some friends, and you go around mastering each game, unlocking new games, etc.



There are 12 minigames, and a short description of each can be found here:


Flame Roulette - Timing minigame, you are circled by spinning flames and pressing a button stops them. You are trying to stop them on a Blue Flame.


Rock Paper Scissors - Gamble tokens playing a classic rock paper scissor game.


Odd One Out - You are given a short time to look around a map for an object that is different than the rest of its kind, for example one tree may be more green than the rest of the trees.


Fight Simulation - A game where you fight an opponent and can either punch, kick, or block.


Match Making - A game with 16 chests, and 8 different items in each. You need to match the items in one chest to another chest.


Tagger - A game where you chase down a mysterious man, more obstacles appear the more times you catch him.


Boulder Crossing - A game with boulders falling down a mountainside which you must dodge. They get faster and more numerous as time goes on.


Avalanche - A game where you must outski an avalanche. Obstacles in your way include: trees, snowmen, snowballs.


aMAZEing - A game where you must go around a maze collecting treasures. The more treasures you collect the more enemies appear.


Haunted Forest - A game with many ghouls in a forest with you. You can get powerups like speed increase and temporary invincibility. Ghouls get faster over time.


Medieval Chicken - You are a chicken and you must cross the road. There are various obstacles in your way.


For more info, you can visit the section of casper gaming dedicated to Minigame Arcade by going to http://www.caspergaming.com/MA1/MAHome.html



Game Developers:

ALL minigames are evented. The only scripts used are for achievements and the message system. If you want to know how I made one of these Minigames, feel free to ask! :)

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Hey guys, this game is now on Mediafire incase you don't trust my website :(


Also, if you have already played my game, I am interested to know: what is your favorite minigame? :)


Report bugs you find here please. There shouldn't be any, as this is a final release, but if you do manage to find one, here is the place ;)


Suggestions on how to improve these minigames? Or have a completely new minigame you'd like to see? Leave your idea in a comment and I will take it into consideration when I make Minigame Arcade 2.

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My favorite was probably Boulder Crossing - I played that one over and over again. I love the Fighting Sim too.


Also, IS it possible to actually beat Tricky Situations? I kept getting killed over and over and over.


Another question - one of the achievements is "discover the secret of Odd One Out." Well I've played Odd One Out over and over and over and I haven't discovered the "secret."

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It is possible to win on Tricky Situations, usually Easy comes down to luck, medium you get items to use, and hard you also get items to use. There are certain strategies for Medium/Hard levels, if you are still having trouble let me know and I'll post some.


Odd One Out's secret is in the house, search bookcases/drawers and you should find it no problem within the time limit.

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