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Patch Please!

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Hello. Yes IK It's has a while.

But i Recently got the A:TLO and i am having a problem.

I made some "Quicksilver" or the potion that makes you walk SO much Faster,(personally i liked the speed crystal's)

and now it wore off and it WON'T leave me alone. i can't go anywhere b.c it keeps popping up. So I can't move or anything. i did manage to save it but stupidly i saved OVER the file b4 i took the potion. -.-


Please help me!!!

<3 nat19992

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There's only one place that offered that version of the game - Big Fish Games, and it was only available for a week, after which they replaced it with the fixed version.


If you got your game from that site, you just need to uninstall it via the Game Manager, go back to that site and redownload/reinstall it via your Purchase History.


If you didn't get your game from BFG, then you're playing an illegal, cracked version, and you need to purchase the game from here or through a legitimate portal. None of the games available legally have this bug (or the other two or three serious bugs that were in that same version of the game).

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