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The Wedding (L/R)

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Title: The Wedding

Author: Kiko Ayumi

Rating: Everyone

Warnings: Major sap.


Lars's POV




Music floods my ears.


It is the sweet sound of bells and the timeless Wedding March filling the room, signifying a single moment in time.


For me, this moment in time is incredibly important.


So... so important, as everyone stands from their pews and turns around to feast their eyes upon a beautiful sight.




And a beautiful sight she is.






I can't take my eyes off her, nor would I ever want to.


White... a gown of pure snow drapes over her figure and trails behind her, whispering against the rich red and gold trimmed rug beneath her hidden feet.


A veil hangs over her face, leaving the audience in wonder and awe.


Yellow roses make up the bouquet she holds in her hands, and I can't help but smile at the nontraditional choice.


It suits her so well.




She's within my reach now.


She's right in front of me.


It takes everything I have not to reach out and take her into my arms.


Hold her and never let go.


But as the music ceases, I refrain, and let the sacred ceremony continue.




The priest is talking.


Somewhere in my fog-filled mind, I register the fact, but I don't hear the words.


I'm too focused on those eyes.


Those ocean blue eyes that are shadowed by the veil.


My hands itch to pull it up so I can see her face properly.


To see that addicting smile.


It's like a drug.


I want to hear her voice tell me to calm down; stop being so nervous.


Heaven above knows I'd listen to anything she says.






Finally the veil has been lifted.


I'm struck speechless.


Those blue eyes are twinkling with delight, with passion, with love.


That smile.


That soft, promising smile that I wanted to see is right there, painted over with a thin layer of gloss and oh so tempting.


Her skin shines with a healthy and slightly pink glow.


She positively radiates happiness.


I love seeing her this way.


I love her.


I love her more than anything I've ever known.


More than anything I ever will know.


“I do.”


The promise lingers in the air, wrapping around me like a warm blanket.




The rest of the reception goes by in a blur of colors, cheers, and joyous tears.


It is not until the guests are about to leave that she hugs me.


Within a millisecond, I wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly.


Her body is warm, her hair wondrously soft against my chin.


She fits so perfectly here.


So perfectly.


“Thank you, Lars.”


She whispers words of praise, her breath making my ear tingle.


It gives me shivers.


She backs out of my arms, smiling that contagious smile.


I follow her out of the reception hall.


The guests are lined up on the street, turning excitedly at our approach.


A carriage awaits on the road, elegant, cursive writing baring 'Just Married' on the back.




She steps into the carriage carefully, holding up her skirts.


I stand aside with the other guests.


She's pulled into an embrace.


An embrace not of my own, nor ever will be.


It is Dameon who will forever stand beside her.


The carriage begins its journey, and the crowd around me becomes wild.


But there is only a dull silence in my ears, as I watch the carriage drive further away.


Silence, all but that annoying, terrifying




And when the carriage pulls out of sight, my heart finally breaks.




Oh gosh, oh gosh, please don't kill me, 'kay?

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That was lovely.

I saw what was coming but felt the suspense nonetheless- the slight overload of purple description etc fit perfectly with Lars's delusional state of mine.


However, your choice of "Blue orbs" to describe Rhen's eyes confused me. Orbs seems a strange word to use. (It brings to mind an eye in which, nightmarishly, the whites of the eye are blue) Why not just say "blue eyes"? (Or re-write the sentence so you could use the word "gaze"? As it is right now just sticking that in would be impossible)


Sorry. It's a pet peeve of mine...

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@shadowshed - Aw, =bandages you up= :)


@Blurble - I'm glad the suspense was there ^_^ I've changed 'orbs' to 'eyes.' I agree 'orbs' does sound a little weird. Sometimes I try to over-complicate things when I want them to be good, and usually the simple stuff is all I really need.


@sana96 - Thank you for taking it well XD I'm afraid I'll get some tomatoes thrown at me one of these days for going against my main pairing >>

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*bites lips* Uh . . . *closes eyes* Ugh . . . *Starts crying like mad. Not happy crying, sad crying* You had me SOOO thinking that it was Lars and Rhen! I wish it were . . .


But still, amazingly good!

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@sandstorm1998 - I don't think I enjoyed the ending either. Blame other angsty fanfics that put this idea in my head ._.


@Night's_Demon - I wish so too ;~;


@connielj001 - So true.



Hm, just wondering here, do you guys prefer when someone does a one-shot or do you prefer multi-chapter stories? I've noticed when someone does a one-shot, people beg for a continuation, but I've also seen a multi-chapter story start losing readers because they eventually become disinterested.

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Ya know, I think that it's good to do about three or four before you end, so it's not too long, not too short. But keep each chapter fairly short.


Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to opinions . . .


How about I just say a few chapters. I'll go with that.

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It's about the story, nya...

I think it's better be just goes with the story itself,

if it just for one-shot, why not?

You could continue this if you want to,..

This already good to me

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@shadowshed - I am most definitely keeping this as a one-shot. I don't like the concept of cheating/divorce, and I already made myself deal with it in Rush XD No more of that for me!

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since i like the pairing, even when i re-read them again, it still hurt.

Me too prefer this just be a one shot, so the story could keep the angst, and somehow stab throughtly into my heart. Which is really awesome!

And i pity Dameon that being cheated oftenly by other.

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*sob* that was heart breaking *sob* but touching too and I agree with Kiko let it be just the way it is even thou I don't like it, no cheating him and all that.

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