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I need you (Daeva one-shot.)

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I need you (Daeva One-shot!)


This is my first fanfic ever, you guys are going to kill me for it, but go ahead, and I blame it totally on D_Agas and her awesome pic!


I don’t want to offend anyone with this in anyway, and I hope not to be breaking any rule, but I don’t see Amaranthia as a discriminative place so I hope there’s nothing wrong with me posting this.


Warning: This is Shounen-ai, yaoi, boys love, gay love, do not read if you dislike this or in any way feel offended by it, it is not my intention to offend anyone in anyway.


Note: I’m using D_Agas physical description for the daevas (probably maybe some of the personality too). Also D_Agas edited this for me thanks D_A.


This is D_A speaking. I'm here because I'm beta-ing for NightMelody. This is the “inspiring” pic in question and I have to apologize beforehand for what you are about to see if you click the link. I myself can't believe that I actually drew yaoi.



I need you


In the middle of a dead wasteland in a realm no one knew a creature stood alone. His red wavy hair by his back was floating in the wind. He had his eyes closed and seemed to be in deep thought. His skin was chalk-white and he had horns on his head. This human like creature was a demon, more exactly, a Daeva, one of Ahriman’s Daevas.


They had received their orders; orders that they are meant to take and obey without questions. Orders that he, as a demon and furthermore, as Daeva had to accomplish. He just didn’t understand why did they have different orders? Why did he have to go hunt for a puny human druid while he had to go guard the Dreamer’s Tear.


“'Release your darkness upon the foreign lands, children! Show this paltry world the power of the daevas!'” the Daeva said, mimicking Ahriman’s words. “Humph, why did he give us different tasks? Yes I do know Agas is very gifted, but wouldn’t it be better if he helped on capturing the druids and getting rid of that group of humans? Go understand Ahriman. Is he suspicious about us? No, no one knows about us.”


“Talking to yourself again, Saurva?” A cheerful voice said from behind him. He turned and spotted another Daeva carrying an armful of armor pieces.


“Heh. I would be talking to you, but you took so long getting my armor I thought you were actually building a new one!” Saurva replied, eyeing the other for reaction.


“Hey! Are you calling me slow?!” Agas asked, annoyed.


“Yes I am, Agas.” Saurva answered with a chuckle.


“Why you! A guy does something nice and you even talk bad about it! Next time you go fetch your own bloody armor!”


Saurva laughed. He enjoyed teasing Agas so much, watching a scowl forming on his boyish face. Agas was a few millenniums younger than Saurva, one of the demons who looked so very much like a human, that he would have been mistaken for one if not for the silvery horns on his head. He was a beautiful youth with shoulder-length blond hair that always looked ruffled and messy. His purple eyes glimmered with mischief and a touch of insanity.


Agas was weird, and by Daeva standards that's saying a lot. He is very childish for his age and at times he could be so completely random that he was practically confusing. All the other Daevas had quitted on trying to understand or make him stop. That particularly aspect of Agas behavior was what drove Saurva into fighting with him. So many times he had annoyed Saurva to the point he snapped, so many times he had dared Saurva, so many times… It got so bad to the point that their fights became some sort of a strange habit that they did for fun and became a twisted bond between them.


“Don’t give yourself a fit Agas,” Saurva said.


“Are you going to take your armor or are you just going to stare at me all day? I know I’m pretty, but please!” Agas scowled.


Saurva quickly took his armor and Agas helped him put it on.


“You’re going to get the druid of Strength, aren’t you?” Agas asked suddenly serious.


“Yes, I am,” Saurva answered, streapping on one of his gauntlets. “And you’re getting the Dreamer right?”


“No, I had to go after the Dreamer’s Tear because the Dreamer is goodness knows where right now,” he replied, toying with the other gauntlet, “It's goddamn easy; I just have to protect that stupid piece of rock. It’s such a lame task.”


“I know something else you would like to protect,” Saurva commented with a smirk. Agas blushed quickly and threw the gauntlet at Saurva.




“What?” Saurva asked chuckling. “I didn’t say anything.”


“Like I don’t know you,” Agas said crossing his arms.


Saurva looked down and placed the other gauntlet on he was now serious.


“Hey, Sau…” Agas said. Saurva looked at him.


“It’s been a while since last time you called me that.” Saurva mumbled.


“I know…” Agas watched him. “Be careful, I heard the Strength Druid is a very tough human!”


“It’s a human Agas, it’s nothing I can’t handle,” Saurva said.


Agas glared at his partner in annoyance. He hated Saurva's over-confidence. “Still, I have seen humans getting rid of stronger demons!”


“Agas, I’m a Daeva. Do…” He went silent as he looked at Agas. He walked over to the younger Daeva and stroked his head. “Don’t worry, kid, I’ll be fine.”


“It’s not the druid that worries me, it’s that so called Chosen one!” Agas blurted out.


“Agas, the chosen one, whoever he is, probably doesn’t know about us.” Saurva said as nonchalantly as he could, but inside he was worried. He knew eventually they would have to fight the Chosen One, and when that time comes, they would have to fight alone. That he was sure about.


“Ahriman is a big blockhead!” Agas shouted. “Making us go on our own to different places and sit around waiting like morons until that human decides to appear! It’s stupid! If we all stuck together, no human could stand a chance against us!”


“But we have to do what Ahriman tells us, regardless of his intelligence!” Saurva said, ruffling Agas’ hair.


“Let me go with you! The two of us together have more chances then alone!”


“And what about the Dreamer’s Tear?”


“Screw the Tear! It’s just a useless rock. I’ll just crush it and go with you!” Agas grunted, crushing a rock under his boot to emphasize his point. “Why do we even have to obey Ahriman? He’s a moron! Even Aesma is smarter than him and Aesma’s a stupid beast with a brain with the size of a peanut! I mean, if the seven of us got together, we could kick Ahriman’s butt into the void realm!”


“Shush!” Saurva said placing his thumb over Agas lips. “Remember, Ahriman has eyes and ears everywhere, he won’t be too pleased if he ears you say that. It would only work if only some of us weren’t such butt kissers! Ahriman has strong allies and you know that.”


“We should get rid of him.” Agas grumbled.


“Yes we should, but we can’t right now, so till then, we don’t have any other choice but to do what he tells us.”


Agas sighed. “Sau…”




“Please don’t get yourself killed! I need you, I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”


“I won’t…”


“You promise?”


Saurva nodded and pulled Agas to him hugging him gently. Agas laid his head on Saurva’s shoulder; he was going to miss him every second he was away!


Saurva turned to Agas and gently cupped his face. “Don’t get yourself killed either.”


“The only thing that will kill me in there is boredom!” the other daeva replied with a pout.


Saurva can't help but laugh at the expression on Agas face. He was pouting! Imagine what would Ahriman say if he saw his strongest Daeva making a face like a five year old.


“You really are cute, Agas,” he grinned, ruffling the boy's hair once more before pulling him into a kiss.




“I am so bored,” Saurva complained, scorching random patterns into the grass in front of him, “Why didn’t that stupid girl just kill me instead of keeping me here? Is she trying to kill me with boredom?”


They had been defeated by a group that the chosen one, a girl named Rhen, had gathered. As a result they were entrapped by a summoner by the name of Elini in this void dimension. On the bright side of things, the void is not exactly a large blank space. They inhabit a floating piece of land, composed of multiple hills and mountains, a prairie and a river. Time has no effect on this realm, so all the other Daevas had found something to entertain themselves. Nanghaithya had found a random pile of books sitting under a tree to read, while Indra and Tawrich decided to build a house using what limited materials they could find on the land. Zarich was off to do only god knows what, and Saurva was left lazing around annoyed and bored with nothing to do. He wished he could have something or someone to fight with, just so he’d have something to do.


He flopped down to the ground, laying on his back with both arms stretched beside him.


“Hey, you useless summoner, summon me already! I’m dying here!” he yelled, raising his head to the “sky”. He doubted the summoner could actually hear him, but it was worth the try.


“Shut up Saurva! You’re getting on my nerves,” the skeleton demon shouted at him. “I know you’re bored, we all are. We’re stuck in this place with no time doing nothing but stand or sit around.”


“I’m doing something.” Nanghaithya commented, pointing to the giant pile of books beside him. He was sitting on some sort of a chair, formed out of even more books.


“Gimme those books!” Tawrich grunted as he jumped over Nanghaithya and began digging through the books .


Saurva watched the two fighting over books and sighed. How he missed Agas. The young daeva always managed to come up with something to amuse them both. He wondered how Agas was doing out there. Has he met the Chosen One yet? Did he succeed in obliterating her and her friends?


“Saurva,” Indra greeted, snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Hi… Indra…” he replied awkwardly. He really was in no mood to talk to anyone right now.


“Would you help me find Zarich? I haven't seen him for the longest time.”


“Honestly Indra… I am not in the mood,” Saurva answered, standing up and dusting himself, “Go look for him yourself. This land isn't that big. He can't be that hard to find.”


“Good grief, what is with you?” she shouted, exasperated, “You complain that you were bored. Now that I bring you something to do, you get mad at me. Since when are you this grumpy? I swear, Agas is starting to rub off on you. Maybe you should stop hanging around with him.”


“Don't you dare talk about him that way!” Saurva growled, stomping away. He needed to be alone right now.


He found a secluded area near the mountains, a small cave hidden from sight by a couple of dead trees (probably killed by Zarich). He walked in and made sure the place was empty, no pesky Daevas around to annoy him, perfect! He sat back against the wall , closing his eyes and let himself drift into slumber.


“Lazing around, are we?” a voice asked, jolting him from his sleep, “What, old age finally catching up on you?”


Opening his eyes, Saurva looked around, trying to identify who had spoke. However, there was no one in sight.


Maybe it's just my imagination, he thought. As he closed his eyes again and leaned back against the wall, a rock flew out of nowhere and hit his nose. Saurva jumped up angrily.


“Ok, which one of you four blockheads is doing this?” Saurva hollered, flames blazing in his hands. He heard a chuckle coming from somewhere, and it sounded like a male.


“Zarich, if that’s you, I’m going to beat your smoky butt back to the human realm!”


The voice laughed harder, and it made him angrier. He followed the voice to a tree and looked behind it, no one there. He growled in frustration. Where did he go? He heard someone come up behind him, but before he could turn around he felt arms wrap around his waist and embraced him.


“Hey Sau…”


Saurva closes his eyes in recognition. He was so glad to finally hear that voice again.


“Agas…” he mumbled, leaning back into the embrace.


“Did you miss me?” the young Daeva purred into his ears.


He was about to say “yes” when something suddenly occurred to him.


“You dumbass! Why did you let yourself get caught?!” Saurva yelled, pushing Agas away.


“We finally get to see each other after so long and you yell at me?” Agas wailed dramatically, placing a hand on his chest, “You break my heart.”


“Stop that,” Saurva scolded, punching the blonde lightly on the shoulder.


Agas looked offended, then dropped to his knees and started crying into his hands. Saurva rolled his eyes. He knew Agas was pretending and he smiled despite himself. He sat down beside the sobbing Daeva and wraped an arm around his shoulders, then ruffled his hair affectionately.


“You were our last hope to get out of here, you know,” the redhead sighed.


“What about Aesma?” Agas asked.


“You really think Aesma could win against the Chosen One when you couldn’t?” Saurva asked pointedly.


“Good point,” Agas mumbled, “I fought my best, but it wasn’t enough. Besides, I didn’t want to break our promise.”


“To live…” Saurva whispered, looking down.


Agas laid his head against Saurva’s shoulder. “Yes, to live. Like I said before, I need you Saurva, I can’t be without you. I will follow you everywhere, even if that means ending up trapped in a void realm with you.”


“And four other idiots…” Saurva added, smiling softly, “Five, when Aesma arrives.”


Agas grinned. “Yes, even that!”


“You’re an odd one Agas. Do you realize that we’re not just trapped here? We're the summoner’s pet! I've known you long enough to know that you could have escaped. You could have just run away and be free, yet you let yourself be captured.”


“I choose you!” Agas said indignantly. “No matter what, I will always choose you.”


“Agas…” Saurva mumbled closing his eyes. “I wanted you to live, not to be entrapped in here. Even though being again with you means more than all the freedom in the world, I wanted you to be free.”


Agas lifted his head and looked at the older Daeva. He really hates it when Saurva tortures himself even when it wasn't his fault. He rose and sat down on Saurva's lap and grasped his face with both hands, touching their foreheads together.


“Look at me,” Agas whispered, running his fingers over the white scales on his lover's face. “We’ll be free one day, and we'll make sure Ahriman pays for this.”


Saurva's eyes fluttered open slowly, the green eyes meeting his own steady gaze.


“What if the Chosen One has defeated Ahriman before we escape?” Saurva asked incredulously.


“Then we'll beat up the Chosen One and her friends. We'll take Nanghaithya and Aesma, and all the others too. They won't stand a chance against us.”


“Well, be sure not to mess up or get in anyone's way, Agas,” Saurva said, a smirk slowly creeping on his face.


“I don’t mess things up!” Agas began to protest, but faltered when he saw Saurva raise an eyebrow, “Well, not much… sometimes…”


The blonde huffed in defeat, pouting. “You're so mean!”


Saurva couldn't hold back his laughter and started snickering.


“Don't laugh at me!” Agas scowled, but it only made the other laugh even harder.


“I said DON'T LAUGH AT ME!!”


With that he shoved Saurva down to the ground and silenced his laughter with a kiss.


The two clung to each other needily. Agas threaded his fingers through Saurva's fiery red locks, as Saurva held him tight. They lay sprawled on the grass, pouring two years' worth of loneliness into the heated and urgent kiss.


“I really missed you, you know,” Saurva said as they finally broke apart.


“Then shut up and kiss me some more.”


“This is the only time I'm ever letting you be on top,” Saurva teased before meeting their lips in another kiss.


Hidden by the trees, they were now together again, in that void place where time would never touch them again. They would have to deal with the dire circumstances later, but for now they were together and that was all that mattered.


The end…


And now D_Agas and her characters are free to grab the torches and chase me!


This is D_A again. No, Mel, I won't run after you with torches or pitchforks because I just made everything (especially the fluff) worse. I am... flattered that yet another person is inspired by my drawings and.... *drops down to the floor and starts rolling around on the floor laughing* It's so sappy yet so funny at the same time because of who the characters in question are!!!! Thank you NightMelody for writing this.... wonderful fanfiction that I would not dare write myself *starts rolling on the floor laughing again* Mel, you really ARE something. I had fun editing and reading this, even though I normally can't stand THAT much fluff in a yaoi fanfic :)


I also thank you D_Agas for editing it, you made it even better than what it was originally. And now, the mods are free to chase the two of us enraged with pitch forks and torches XD, for excessive sappyness plus yaoi XD. I also declare temporary insanity! that's the only explanation for me writting something this... sappy! You can now call the men in the white coats to drag me away screaming and kicking.


Have a nice day XD.

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O___________O Reading it here and not on a Word Document feels... DIFFERENT!!! Did I really write what I wrote there? width=50http://s116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/omfgplz.gif[/img] Apparently everything I touch becomes excessively sappy for some reason... I'm such a crazy beta.


Now I'm really tempted to draw a fanart of this fanfic... which is so weird because I'm drawing a fanart of a fanfic that I helped write that's inspired by a fanart that I drew myself. Wait, what? @______@ Such a roundabout notion....


Just... WTH width=50http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/onion_59.gif[/img]

Like Mel said, we both must have been completely out of it when we wrote this. Waugh!!!width=50http://s116.photobucket.com/albums/o21/sha-bo_de_LC/omg--plz.png[/img]

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Ok...This was so weird. Agas and Saurva? LOL This is the first time I've ever heard of that! Well it's nicely written. :goodjob:

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That was so sweet and yet.. XD! Never thought I'd see shounen-ai on Amaranthia, though it's perfectly fine with me :)


I will never look at the daevas the same way again. I thought all these drawings from d_a would make me more prepared, but =shakes head=


Awesome :D

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@ Mel - This has a good flow to it, and your characters are really well written (and drawn, d_a!). I admire people who write fanfics, as I don't have any inspiration in that direction. I think it is a very good story. (sorry, I don't do torches or pitchforks, the heart is a wayward thing!)

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Thanks connie, but D_A had a great role on this fic too. She edited it and made it even better :P and more SAPPY.

I myself have a hard time making fanfics, it's not something that interests me, but after seeing that picture i so had to do it! I just had to! XD


And Sana i so read you! I shall never see Saurva and Agas as straight Daevas again! Not after this! They will forever be my favourite gay couple!

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@Rogue: Aren't you forgetting to ask me about the yaoi? That aside, since when do I like fluff and sap? Since never. But apparently I'm somehow able to pull it off. I blame all the crazy fanfiction that I read over at FFN ;)

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Oh, yeah, and the Yaoi. But you didn't mention it in your previous post, so there's no reason for me to point that out. And if you're blaming the crazy writers at FFN, you should blame yourself for reading them XD

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Well, like I said it's not like I LIKE fluff and sap, but I enjoy encountering them once in a while. I mean, why else would I buy random shoujo comics just for the heck of it? Plus, it's always good to be versatile, though for now I think I'm only capable of pulling off drama, crack, and fluff. I don't really like writing fluff though... Editing and tampering with this shorty took me about half a day and I was only fixing awkward sentences and upping the fluff. I didn't write the whole thing myself. I mean, I usually "get in mood" for the scenes I want to write, like getting into the characters head and try to feel what they feel. It's just so AWKWARD with fluff. Just... GAH.

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Guest βeta

@NightMelody - Pretty good story! And I rate it A+ for Saurva and Agas reunion + kissing!

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Now, Elini should summon them both while they're kissing or "doing other things" so every party members see it and they jawdropped. Then suddenly, Elini's personality becomes her twisted personality from my parody and heaven knows what she will do.




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@Beginners: I'm here to be a narcissist and tell you that I was the one who wrote that fluffy reunion part, including the part where Agas over-dramatically pretends to cry. Ask NightMelody and she can confirm that it was true. This IS a fanfic inspired by the art in my sig-avvie set after all. Only I can make the daevas act all serious business and cracky at the same time :evil: Yes, I am such a narcissist, and I'm proud of it.


@TrueShadow: Since NightMelody is for the most part using my daevas as a basis and the summon would probably work like my summons do.... Elini can summon one daeva at a time so it can't happen. Not to mention that NOBODY KNOWS these two are a couple :evil: But to humor you, TrueShadow.... I'll try and do it, in crack-script style. For personal reasons, Mad Marge is not in the party and the daevas look like mine.


*party is fighting Aesma*

Elini: I'm sick of looking at this ugly monster!! He just simply refuses to die!!!! I'm summoning TWO daevas after him just coz.

*summons Agas and Saurva*

*the two are still making out*

Rhen: AAAAAHHHHH MY EYES!!!!!!! MY POOR INNOCENT EYES HAS BEEN TAINTED!!!!! *runs around covering eyes and screaming*

Lars: O_____O Confused. Does not compute. Does not compute. Does not compute at all.

Dameon: *froths in the mouth and promptly fainted*

Te'ijal: Oo, that's hot... why don't we do it too, my sweet cupcake?

Galahad: THE HELL I WOULD!!! It's an abomination, I say, ABOMINATION!!!!

Pirate John: *is completely disturbed* um, hello? we're like totally right here.

Elini: Hey... I don't think I had a blonde pretty boy demon in my summons collection.... Ah, watever. Oi, STOP IT!!! *whips the two and they break apart*

Agas: *still somewhat dazed* Oh hey, we're actually summoned. Didn't know you could do two summons at once.. OUCH! *gets whipped by Elini again*

Elini: Shut up and take down that monster already!!!

Agas: You're a whip-happy one, aren't you? What, you into BDSM at home?

Saurva: *whacks Agas on the head* Not time to talk stupid. Just do what she says and maybe they'll leave us alone...

Agas: Huh, yeah... Hey, you're right about Aesma not standing a chance... They're clever enough to use us against each other.


I give up. I can't think of anything. Sorry TrueShadow, but twisted-Elini don't suit me one bit. Enjoy the bad robot-Lars I put there as a tribute.

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Guest βeta

The summoning ruins the party actually. But I like it! Te'ijal wants to do it too! But Galahad refuses.

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@TrueShadow: Because I've had half in mind to do something along those lines myself, but didn't get around doing it. What I thought up was that the daeva Elini summoned was taking a bath, but it pretty much caused the same effect.

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MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! I shall die now . . .


*lays down and waits do die*


Saurva: Why are you gonna die?

Me: You two . . .

Agas: Us?

Me: Yes . . . now I will never think of the daevas the same way again.

Agas: *shrugs*

Saurva: *rolls eyes*

Me: *suddenly dies*


Yes, I loved the story but . . . now I will never think of the two the same way again . . .


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LOL, I reply to the comments here, even though I wasn't the poster. Well, I'm the co-author of this fanfic so I guess I also have the rights to do the replies...


*pokes Night's Demon's dead body* Are you alive? I'm pretty sure you died because of the parts that I wrote so I have to apologize for that.


You know, being that this stupid pairing has been featured as my sig/avvie set for more than a month now, I would've thought that people would be used to it by now *shrugs* I mean, I got used to it and I was the one who freaked out so much I myself fell down dead after I finished drawing the pics and writing my part of this story.

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I am pleased to know that my writing is apparently good enough to cause such reaction. Well, I assume it was mine, since I'm responsible for a lot of the more... ah, romantic and fluffy scenes and those are the parts that usually freak people out.

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Yes, you have cause me to die. But being dead was not that fun, so I'll stay alive now. But I must admit, I enjoyed every bit of it and it's just so darn wrong that I really needed to die for a while. So I did and now I'm over my reaction.


And I don't dare read it again because I will surely die again if I do.

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