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azureXtwilight - Fantasia Requiem of The Abyss

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Game developer: azureXtwilight


The new Demon Lord continues his desire for destruction, and only you can stop him. But it won't be a smooth journey though...

You may be betrayed...

You will see your friends die before your eyes...

You may lose those who are important to you...

And the worst case is, you can lose your life as well...

But if you can emerge from the pond of tears and blood...

The end will be worth the sacrifice...


Play as Valen as you go through a journey to save world of Fantasia.

Will you find love from your companions? Will you finish what your parents has started? Or will you fail and see your friends slaughtered one by one? Everything is in your hands now...










All versions (win, mac, linux)



Have fun!

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OMG!!! YES! YES! YES! And wow the day that I'm actually free from work. now I really have luck lol



PS: Sorry that I wasn't able to do Raven and help you more but with all these vacations started the work at the clinic became more and more difficult.

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I'm on Raven's path..come on you knew that I'd try this one first :D


Anyway when I try to play the card game in the tavern the game closes and I get something that's called traceback.txt. I saved it and uploaded it on megaupload so you can check and see what the problem is.




So far I haven't run into other problems if I don't count the spelling mistakes and typos. Personally they don't bother me so much.

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YAY! Thanks Azure! :) Now I have all the good and best endings! XD Cain is so freaking awesome <3 <3 I love him! He is the best! :D :loving: :loving: :loving:

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31/33..It's ironic but I can't get Raven's Bad ending 2 (I seriously thought that maybe I can get it through the path of another guy, I know that there were endings like that in the previous game, where you get Gil's ending on Leon's path and vice versa, but at the end I didn't get it), and Raven's good ending no matter how hard I try -_-' I've tried both gears and many combinations but I always finish with the best ending *highlight for spoilers* even if Cain dies or he's alive in the end, I always get the best ending. For example on Cyrus's path you get a good ending if Shea died but that's not the thing on Raven's path, cause like I said you get the best one (at least on my PC lol) even when Cain is dead, which I found it weird since you have a huge difference in those two endings (we are talking about human's...well demon's life here) *end of highlight*


Now my opinion about the game according those 31 endings. You can see from the moon that Cain is the canon pairing for Valen, even if azure said that there'll be no true ending lol. His best ending is like a true ending of the game cause *highlight for spoilers*Thanos is reasonable, he goes away in Oswald's body alone and no one is dead (except Shea), even Volg is alive, and they all lived happily ever after. Also in this ending Valen didn't spend her opportunity to make an immortal, because Thanos made Cain immortal, so she can have an immortal child..sound like a perfect true ending to me^^ *end of highlight* Cain path was really amusing, I mean come on..we all know how demons are amusing in Fantasia game, we all met Oswald lol Cain has been in love in Valen since the first time he met her years ago and that love doesn't fade away. Even on other paths there's a jealousy in his words because she has set her heart on another guy. You can actually feel the romance and spark between them from the very start of the game ^^ They even got their first kiss sooner :D So yeah compared with the others he does have the best path.


Like I thought my favorite guy is Raven. Raven definitely had the most hilarious moments and I'm still cracking about some of them. And he's so awesome with that gun in his hand ♥♥ HE HAS THE LOOKS, HE HAS THE BRAIN AND HE'S TOTALLY CRAZY AND FUNNY ♥♥♥ MY TYPE OF MAN ♥


About Volg, well he was definitely a guy that I didn't like from the first time I've played the demo, even if many people just adored him. I've changed my mind though. His and Cyrus's story is very touching, like Leon's and Gil's was in the 1st game, but it's very different too. The CG on his good ending is still cracking me up :D


I really enjoyed Cyrus's path. It was fun, touching and surprisingly enjoyable to play =) and wow he's so hot when he's taller lol XD I loved the thing that he and Shea became so good friends.


Nazim is so manly without that half-mask/eye-patch thing on his eye. That scar looks so hot on him ♥ I liked his path as well and his character. His good ending was one of my fav endings in the game, maybe 'cause I've always loved stories with that kind of wilderness compared to just lame become a princess at the end stories.


Klavios was definitely my least fav, he's just too girly and lame -_-' Kinda like Ian was in the 1st game. Yes he has also a touching story but compared to the other it just doesn't stand too much.


some favorite thingies according to me :D


* fav guy - Raven

* fav character - Ciel

* saddest path - Volg

* saddest ending - Volg normal ending(where his brother dies)

* Funniest CG - Volg normal ending (when Oswald is chasing Volg lol)

* Best kiss CG - hmm I love both Raven's and Volg's CG's on this one..but I guess I'll go with Volg's kiss CG, cause it just look so perfect ♥

* fav path - well this is just too difficult cause I'm stuck between Raven, Volg and Cain. I'll definitely not chose Cain cause he's just like the canon pairing so I think I'll go with Raven, cause he's like the funniest person and he's actually the guy that said "let's go to date" (or something like that, and of course it was ruined by Ciel lol) plus I think that Cain and Oswald like Raven the most as well^^

* funniest Oswald appearing in Valen's dream - Volg's path "You'll come back with three puppies at home" or something like that XD

* fav ending - well I won't count the true ending (that's the name for Cain's best ending) so I'll go with Volg's best ending ♥

* fav CG - Cain's best ending, only because there's Cheryl all happy saying "that's my daughter" that was so funny XD


Hmm don't know what else should I put lol but If I figure it out I'll add more thing to the list XD


few more notes:


- I like Nazim's sister she's one hell of a girl :D

- Leon is so damn hot ♥

- Faye is ok, but she really bothers me on Cyrus's path, she's so spoiled..well I guess jealousy plays huge part in it lol

- Shea is one adorable demon ^^ I hope we'll meet him in the grand finale ;)

- Thanos - I definitely want to see more of him, he really deserves a happy ending in the next game ;)

- Cheryl and Oswald in Valen's memories were so freaking' hilarious that I thought that I'll wet my panties every time I watched/read that scene XD


well that's all for now, I'll keep trying to get my best guy's bad 2 and normal endings ♥

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can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I can't seem to get cain's best ending...I've got his 2 worst and bad endings and normal endings and demon ending but not his best XD

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This is strange... I was a proofreader, right? But there are so many typos and grammatical errors in the games which I've corrected in the script but are still appearing in the game.

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