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azureXtwilight - Fantasia Requiem of The Abyss

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Here is a walkthrough by eternaledensnoah


Worst Endings:


1.Killed by the hands of a murderer:

While in Klavios or Nazim’s path don’t treat them but let Ciel treat them. After the investigation you’ll get this ending…


2.Innocent Assassin:

So simple. Just try to cast a spell or attack when Shea attacks you at the beginning of Chapter 4.


Bad Endings:


3. Cain’s 1 : Overlimit:

Don’t get the painting kit, at the fight with Thanos pick “Do as he says.”


4.Cain’s 2: Deep guilt:

Don’t get the painting kit, at the fight with Thanos pick “I’ll fight!”


5. Volg’s 1: Burden:

Pick “I’ll help you!” when fighting Shea at the island.


6. Volg’s 2: Unexpected End:

Don’t get the Curse Removal Book, pick “Let him die” when he’s going to die because of the curse.


7. Raven’s 1: Premature End:

Don’t buy any gear, then you’ll automatically get this ending.


8. Raven’s 2: ?????:

Note: This ending is inaccessible…


9.Cyrus’ 1: I… forget:

Pick “Jump on them!” When fighting the hellraiser.


10. Cyrus’ 2: Unexpected Explosion:

Don’t buy Curse Removal book and you’ll aoutomatically get this ending.


11. Cyrus’ 3: Mistake:

Buy Curse Removal Book, pick “Don’t cast it!”At the end when fighing Thanos.


12. Nazim’s 1: Giving Up:

Pick treating to Nazim when he burns, and when murderer asks you pick “Give in!”


13. Nazim’s 2: Killing 2 Birds With One Stone:

Pick “Protect her!” When Shea attacks your ship.


14. Klavios’ 1: Murderer!:

Pick treating to Klavios when he is stabbed, and when the murderer comes pick “Give in!”


15. Klavios’ 2: Wrong Judgement:

Pick “Attack the hellraiser!” When the hellraiser attacks you on the island.


Normal Endings:


16. Cain’s 1: A beter world for us:

Get the painting kit, and pick “Do as he says.” When fighing Thanos at the end.


17. Cain’s 2: Father’s Legacy:

Pick “Use it!” When fighing Shea in the ship.


18. Volg’s: Sacrifice:

Pick “Sacrifice myself for him.” When Volg is about to die.


19. Raven’s: A New Era:

Buy the Machima Gear, Pick “Klavios?” when who to choose to test the rune gun and you’ll get this ending in the end.



20. Nazim’s: Peace Establishment:

Pick: “Stop charging!” At the battle with Thanos.


Good Endings:


21.Cain’s: Till Death Do Us Part:

Get the paining kit and pick “I’ll fight too!” At the battle with Thanos.


22.Volg’s: A hero’s Journey:

Pick “You have to.” When you try to convince Cyrus.


23. Raven’s: For Duty:

Get Cain or Volg to test the Rune gun, Buy the Ultima Gear, then pick “It’s not stupid” when you talk about novels.



24. Cyrus’:For the name of the Sea Nymph:

But the Curse Removal Book, then pick “I do!” when Shea asks if you agree with him.


25. Nazim’s:Unison:

Pick “What do you want?” after the battle with Thanos.


26.Klavios’: A destined journey:

Pick: “Hmm….” When in starry night event.


Best Endings:


27. Cain’s: Light at Requiem’s End:

There are a lot of things to do I’ll number them:

1.Get “Till Death Do Us Part” ending.

2.Go to the Northern District at Grandia

3.Buy the Curse Removal Book, The man will give you a painting kit for free too.

4. At the fight with Thanos pick: “I’ll fight too!”

Now pick the following:

5.”What about you?”

6.”Do you know the reason why everyone wants you to dissappear?”

7.”You have my father… And you have Fantasia…”


28.Volg’s: The Birth of A Hero


Buy the Curse Removal book, then when talking to Cyrus pick:

1.”He should’ve killed me when we were in the same room!”

After a while:

2.”If he dies, the curse in Shea will---!”

3.”Isn’t it obvious?”

4.”You don’t have to.”


29. Raven’s: A Researcher’s Soul:

Buy the Ultima Gear, make Cain or Volg test the rune gun then pick “It’s stupid!” When you talk about novels.


30.Cyrus’: With Everyone:

To get this buy the Curse Removal Book, and pick “No!” When Shea ask sif you agree with him in the end.


31.Nazim’s: Desert Queen:

Pick “Return to the desert!” In the end.


32.Klavios’ Queen of Hearts.

Pick “Of course!” in the starry night event.


Demon Ending:


33.Cain’s: An Unwanted Eternity:

Buy the “Demons,The Lost Origin” book, then pick “I hate him!” when Shea asks you if you want to become a demon.


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That's because the walktrough apparently has holes :P


To get the Raven's good ending you need to chose every family option (don't agree with his novel choice, say that he's lucky that he has a mom like that, and be on his dad's side when you talk about the future) and chose the it's not stupid thing. Also both gears work for Raven's endings so I think that should be written as well. I'm too lazy to read it all right now, I just focused on the part Ivana mentioned but I'll check it and say what's on my mind.

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I'm sorry. I did all I remember. Since I finished the game 2 weeks ago (or something like that) I had to load from those saves to make that. I'm sorry... Funny I saved in exact 80 slots. (I saved in 81st slot while doing walkthrough.)

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Don't worry =) It's a lot helpful you know :) and wow I've played the game so many times and still don't remember a lot of things =) so it's great that you made something like this, with playing again and again it can become more perfect ;)

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I have a question.

Any idea where can I get the BGMs?

It's too awesome that I want it in my phone so that I can try playing the song named "Vermilion Carousel" on my guitar, but if downloading the BGMs are not possible then it's okay. Also, I want to know what's the name of the song in the intro.

Sorry, I know that I'm very demanding. :P

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Oh. Raven's path was sweet but I'm just in love with Cain! XD And his path was soooo sweet! Esp. that painting! XD And his best ending rocks! ^^ I liked Nazim's too. Klavios' was similar and it was good! And Volg & Cyrus are like the perfect pair of brothers! XD Enjoyed their paths too. But really overall Cain was the best! XD

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Thanks a ton! But is it okay if I ask for more? I wanna know what's the name of the song in the intro, I couldn't find it in the Xtra. Please please please give me the link if it's available for download kay?? :D:D


Edit: Ah by the way, that link didn't work for me :(

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