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Fantasia: Grand Finale (GXB, VN+RPG battles)

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I know that I enjoy making the series, but I think that this is going to be the last... in the series.

Not the last otome game I make, though. I will reconsider if someone wants this to continue.


Right after her 17th birthday, Lenarche's mother passed away because of illness. She learns that actually

she is not her real daughter! Then she joins the Organization in order to find her true parents, but the truth she finds

is even bigger than that!


After Thanos' defeat, another problem occurs. Something is not right, the world's balance becomes unstable.

Food and resources begins to become rare, and every country is fighting to obtain every resources left. However, the

Vanguardion Guild, having many resources, supported by all the citizens, and with the help of Raven's inventions,

managed to survive, and becomes a huge organization that rules over the whole Fantasia.

The organization controls every kingdom, and it's so powerful that no one can go against it.

However, it also functions as a guild, which accepts requests from people. Everything sounds all right,

but is that the truth? No one knows what's coming to the world of Fantasia, and it's up to Lenarche to find the truth!


Important places:

Vandalgion, the Capital of Fantasia

It was known as the capital of Seldrus, but Seldrus kingdom has moved away. The town is completely controlled by

the organization, and it's the most prosperous town, however, it has a lot of criminals as well.

Rurethia forest

Used to be the southern woods, but it's name was changed after the blue orb journey.


Sacred Lake of Selenia

It used to be a mana spring, but the world's unstability has changed this place into a lake.

Ganimede Village

It used to be the Elven village, but most of the elves have moved to the capital. Only those who are not interested in politics and want to have a peaceful, simple life live here.

Union Pacifist Organization

Is usually referred by "the Organization". It controls the politics of Fantasia and also manages the resources.

The organization is divided into two, the guild part and the ruler part. The ruler part are managed by council members

from all kingdoms. The guild part accepts jobs to get income.

Port city Grandia

The realm

The realm is now empty, because all demons now live amongst the others. However, some demons become criminals.

The rest joins the organization and even live at Ganimede village. But is it really empty?


The races:

- Halves (Now half population is almost 35%)

- Nomads

- Navandels

- Elves

- Humans

- Demons

- Immortal (but then again, no sign of Oswald and his family anymore, where are they?)


The rank system at the guild:


There are five kinds of divisions avaible in the guild system, each division has their own rank:


Spellcaster rank -- The spellcasters are expert in magics, they focus in learning magic only

S Grand Mage

A Mages

B Sorcerer -- Forte

C Wizard -- Shea

D Hrizah


Fighter rank -- Those who fight using weapon or bare hands, or those whose harmonic flows are weak from birth

S Imperator

A Hero -- Avalon. Albel

B Veteran -- Nero

C Senior

D Junior


Diviners -- Those whose special power are superb, or specially talented. Even normal halves can't just enter this rank.

S Divinus -- Zephyr

A Dominus

B Peritus

C Mediocris -- Alviss

D Novus -- Lenarche


Researchers -- Those who doesn't fight, but do researches for the sake of missions of resource management. Raven used to be here.

S Genius

A Pro

B Adept

C Apprentice

D Unskilled -- Ignitio


- Each division can only have one S rank members (The leader), division leaders belong to the Quatro Leaders,

a group of S rank members.

- The higher the rank, the better bedrooms (and facilities) given and also more difficult missions avaible for them.

- Higher ranks can recruit lower ranks in missions, new members can't decline in their first week

- Lower ranks can make a request for higher ranks for missions

- Guild members can contact one another by using the message sphere system

- Lower rank can go on high-ranked mission if accompanied by a member whose rank is equal to the mission rank

- Rank can raise by:

* Finishing certain missions (urgent mission) x times based on the current rank.

* Taking the rank exams (Which is very hard to do!)

* Promotion by a quatro leader

* Defeating a member of higher rank at least three times (in the arena. Different persons) -- not for researchers




Your main character:

Lenarche Seleniarius




Your obtainable boys:

Zephyr Vanguardion







Nero Vanguardion




Forte Xaverius




Alviss Tribe




Avalon Tribe




Ignitio Restalia




Albel Zanarkand




What's new in the third installment? Let's see....


1. RPG battles baby! Ho~yay! With building stats and such! But building stats will not just by battles or boring repetitive training~ Missions and the boys you go after will help. Special thanks to ALEEMA! for coding the battle~

2. Dating sim elements, in this case, we will have to work hard for each guy. But not by doing repetitive things, booring! Let's do it VN style, shall we?

3. Affection icon. Basically, shows icon in the dialouge box to tell how much the character likes you already

4. Go on missions. Choose the missions you'd like to go to, and who you will bring with you. One mission WILL VARIES depending on who you bring, enemies will surely varies too.

5. BRANCHING STORYLINE. Wait, there is nothing new~! New! As there will be a huge war in the end, and you must pick sides!

6. PET! You will have a pet, and guess what? You can train it and bring it to fight with you~. And... Feed it!

7. New guys~! Suuure thing! We'll have the rebellious Zephyr, the cranky Shea, the cute Ignitio, the gambler Albel, the calm Avalon, the emotional Forte, the easy going Nero, the timid Alviss, anddd the devilish THANOS! *coughs*

8. Stats sheet, well, status sheet, to see how strong you are~

9. MORE MYSTERIES!!! Well, the heroine has no clue about who she really is, Thanos is unavailable from the beginning, what happened to the previous heroes, where is Oswald, Zephyr's face behind the mask, the guild's hidden motive, and soooo on.






Let's see....

If you wanna help. you can help by giving me mission ideas. I mean, I want to collect mission ideas, those who just don't "defeat the x monster" or "deliver y" or "escort z to a".

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Yay first post~!


Anyway, I sent a note to you on dA regarding my theory about Thanos in this game. I think it might be wrong, though. Ah well. >< Thanos is awesome~


But I like the colour schemes here. And Lenarche is pretty! Glad to see that finally we get a long-haired heroine. ;)


Can't wait!


As for missions... Hmm... How about one where you get paid from a rich person to do something for him but you have to turn on him in the end because it turns out that the thing he wants you to do is ebilllll. XD


For example, like he tells you to kill some monster in some place or something. Turns out the monster is good and ladeedadeeda and he just wants it dead because he knows the evil deeds the rich guy has been doing. And then you have to make a choice whether you want to fulfill your mission and get a reward or do what's right.

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This is so cool! :D I'm so excited already! Hehehehe wouldn't it be funny if Oswald's family were in the realm? I mean you mentioned that "where are they?" and for the realm "But is it really empty?" ZOMG why would they go there? And yeah I like our new heroine,Lenarche! <3 And I agree with kirroha finally a long haired one! (Although I don't like long hair.) XD And SHEA! I'm officially a huge fan! <3 <3 <3 I'm excited about the battle system too =D My oh my Zephyr is cute! But Shea rocks!!! =D =D =D and Zephyr and Nero are cousins? Interesting :D Well Good Luck! I can't wait for the game! (I know Sheesh already?!?!?) XD XD XD

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Heh, I thought she can't cook. :D


Does saving your childhood friend from the depths of logic/evil cupcakes/giant mangoes/diabolical prosecutors/creepy yanderes count? :lol:

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Wow, the 2nd game is just recently finished and you're already starting with the 3rd one? I'm impressed x)


I thought you'd want to take a break from the game ._.


Anyways... I like the idea of the affection icon. I'm sure it'll come in handy. ^_^

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@Azure: Hehehe. XD


Hmm, you're already done with the battle scripts and the sprites? That's amazingly efficient. That means you only have writing and CGs left! Fast. :)

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haha great game :P can't wait azure!! I'm starting to like the characters already especially Nero and Zephyr but Shea looks nice as well heh


anyways for the missions how about some sort of kidnapping or loss of money? then you have to fight to find it or something XD I don't know...

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No Roughknight? :(


I love what are you doing, it seems that you get better and better. Love the new ideas :)


As for the guys you know I love those with green hair lol and you know I loved Zephyr from the 1st time you showed me that drawing :) But I have my eyes on Ignitio as well :D

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aww sorry I haven't read all that explanation lol (too lazy) but now I've read them all. wow red hair Roughknight ♥♥♥


So what happened with all our old heroes and heroins :) I thought we'll see them again but I guess they are already dead in the finale =)

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*Squeal!!!* ZOMG! YAY! The intro is now here!!! :D :D :D "The dairy ends there" Ohhh nice ;) So we were reading a diary :D In any case! WOW! I mean the intro already...! When are you expecting to release this Azure? But in any case AWESOME! Thanks for sharing it!!! The first person I'm gonna play with is Shea! I'm his #1 fan!!! :D

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Oh yeah the other thing I'm waiting for...! BATTLES! Woohoo! Well Azure, take you time on finishing the game! I mean if it's the last game of the fantasia series then it should be awesome! Not that the other games aren't but you can see what I mean right? In any case, I'm waiting for that battle system!!! :D And yeah, what about a small demo?

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Ahem, I edited the message system as Jake suggests and added the animations Aleema helped me make :)




Forte's guardian summon, Tania :



Shea's guardian summon, Helios :




And the brink of world war three (kidding):




Sometimes, your friend will invite you to missions, you are not the one who can invite! :)




So assume you managed to get into the guild and had a tie-break with Zephyr at the preliminary test.

Len's relationship with him goes down, because apparently, there is no way for him to accept how a newbie get a tie break with a quatro leader. This is how your first dinner is and how Len turn out to be Zeph "rival":














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Wow girl! When you update, you really update!!!

I like the whole message system! It looks really cool ^_^ And HOORAY for battles! :-D And Forte is smirking so evil-y against Shea! :P Coolies on the other screens! Oh yeah, PET! The cutest thing ever! <3 <3 <3

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Whattttttt?! Why change Albel?? I'd very much prefer his old look :/ He looks more like Klavios. Srsly. I thought that he'd look more like Serenade since dark elves' blood would run deeper... And he doesn't look like the 'gambler' type now imho.

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