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REGRET: A GON fanfic (Oneshot)

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Aveyond 4: Gates of the Night Fan Fiction

Author: erunochii (Eru)

Genre: Angst

Rating: General

Pairing: Edward / ??




The sun shone brightly on the kingdom of Thais. Green plains stretched to the horizon, giving the impression that it went on endlessly. A girl of 16, notable for her short night black hair and tattered clothes, stood on one of the towers of the kingdom’s palace. Her gray eyes swept across the walled kingdom, her eyes taking in the details of festive-colored flags that hung from one establishment to the other. Lampposts were decorated with garlands of flowers, and the whole kingdom buzzed with the sounds of celebration.


The streets were impossibly crowded—a sea of people of every social status and age crammed, pushed and cheered as the royals emerged on the platform that was made specifically for the event. The girl observed from afar as the marital ceremony began. Edward, the Crown Prince, looked up to where she hid with a mixed expression of dread and something she couldn’t quite name. Her lips were curved upward into an amused smile at the sight of her friend, the Crown Prince and the foreign princess from the Orc Kingdom standing beside each other as future spouses. Despite this outward display of emotion, she frowned on the inside. She stepped back when his eyes met hers, her heart beating erratically at the pleading look in his eyes.


It was too late, she reminded herself. There was no turning back since the day she had refused his proposal.


She hated nobles!


What more if it were the prince of a powerful kingdom?


But Edward was different.


He didn’t want to be a noble.


A warm southern breeze blew the hair from her face, her vest rustled as it brushed against the fabric of her white top. She remembered the sad look in his eyes whenever he told her that he felt like he was sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment within the confines of the castle. “Oh Edward…” she sighed wistfully.





A/N: Sorry for the abrupt ending. It was supposed to be longer but I couldn't push myself any longer. ^^;; I started writing this the first few weeks when GON was released. O_o;;

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@UntoldReveries: Thanks! I would've made it sadder (with some teenage angst and stuff) but I don't think it would fit Mel's character.


@connielj001: for some weird reason I love reminding people through my writings that life doesn't usually end with fairytale happy endings. ^^;;


@sana96: that's what will happen if she keeps on playing hard to get. XDD I'm not that much of a MelxEdward fan since I'm still not over LarsxRhen. *_* thanks a lot! :D

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Very sweet, and sad. In a sweet way. I prefer writing more depressing,crazy, maniacal, teary crap, but this is really quite good. Though it needs more sadness...the feel of it if bland. But it's better than mine.

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