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The Witch and The Warrior

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The pass to the shape school...well,you can get it just one time in the game,after finishing the flying lessons and before starting the night school quest.In a cleaning,to the west,you will find a clown.You need to laugh at all his jokes,and he will give you the pass

Also,for the carrot cake,you can find a carrot in a garden of some old people on Quinn and Brynn's island.Then you just go to the baker in MCT(near the prophecy school) and he will make you a carrot cake :)

griselmay@ what flames?do you mean the ones on the first joint lesson,or how to light those in the night school?

xRabi@ The book is on the ground,in that HQ that you can access only with a ghost agent

You can find a costumer in MCT,near the post office(the house to west)

Someone on Anda's island would care about the firefly,the one who offered 1000 gold for your pet(she is in the south-west,just when you enter the city from the memory stone,head west

ScarletAlice@ Did you see how the orbs were put in the second room?if not,you should place them like:red,blue,green,yellow :D

qush3@ You can find a new student for the water element on Anda's island,in that cave,when you first came,that is to your right,go trough it,and you should see a mermaid(I'm not sure if you can still find the mermaid,since I didn't see her after the first time I went to Anda's island...)

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