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Rhen- Sword of Shadows, found in the Sun Shrine

Lars: Depends on what type of magic he uses, as the orbs increase damage for a certain type of spell and decease for all others. The Harpy Staff is the best general staff, though.

Dameon: Harpy Staff

Te'ijal: Crossbow/ Skull Rapier (they both do the same damage)

Pirate John: Elven Rapier

Elini: Morning Star

Galahad: Ogre Axe



Dark Armor (Rhen, Mad Marge, Te'ijal, Elini, Pirate John, and Galahad)

Cloak of Death (Lars and Dameon

Winged Helmet

Blessed Shield

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morning star is not elini's strongest weapon gargoyle whip is unless its a goodie only weapon then im wrong.


also you can get zurvana armour from a red chest in the dark caves which is 50 better but you get only one.

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They're ultimate equipments guys.Haven't you played any FF games yet?A RPG game has just a set of ultimate equipments,not more.More would mean cheating.Or,you could get more,only if there are bonus dungeons or any other stuff like this.

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I have just starte in Ahriman's Lair and have:


Lars - 87, sword of shadows, blessed shield, winged helmet, zurvan armor, and winged boots


Rhen- 87, charmed orb, studded shield, winged helmet, cloak of death, dragon boots


Elini - 85, morning star, blessed shield, winged helmet, blessed armor, and dragon boots


Dameon - 77, harpy staff, jeweled shield, winged helmet, cloak of death, and dragon boots


My question some of my equipment is older than the hills, is there anything I have missed in the way of better equipment to help me get through Ahriman's Lair.



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