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If you just Smile... ((Eventual RxL)) -UPDATED Sept 28-

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If you just Smile...


"This is odd..." A young Uthar Pendragon scanned through a pile of Thais history books, checking and re-checking his facts. But no matter how many times the read them, he could find little information in the books about Dameon Maruva after the first year of his reign as king. In fact, there was little mention of the man at all until his death.


Uthar knew Thais was ruled by whomever was the heir, be it man or woman, but he found the lack of information on the king-consort odd. More than odd-- it was if the historians were hiding something. He was determined to find out what.




"You must choose."


Choose? Now? Rhen gulped. She didn't want to choose yet, she hadn't had time enough to think about it! There was one option that she really wanted, and as she thought of it, her eyes swept over to the man standing near her.


She forced herself to look at the Oracle. Wetting her lips, she took a deep breath, knowing the choice she should make but wishing, desperately, that she was making a different one.


"I'll be Queen."




Uthar was a curious boy. So when the history that he loved so much presented him with a mystery, he was more than interested. Running from the library, he set off to find his brother. He needed to find the answer.


"Nicolas!" he cried, bursting into his brothers room. "I have need of you!"


The younger, tow-headed boy looked up from his toys. "Why don't you want to play when I want to? Only when you do?"


Uthar wasn't about to let that distract him now. "Do you want to play now?" he asked, watching his brother carefully.


Nicolas nodded slowly.


Uthar grinned. "Then I have a great game!"




When she said she'd return as queen, she hadn't realized that marriage would be part of the deal. She almost had turned right around and ran at the thought. Rhen wasn't ready to marry anyone, let alone some stuck-up foreign prince she hadn't even met. So when Consort had brought it up, she had quickly said she 'wanted to marry him.' Of course the only one with her at the time was Dameon.


Had she not been so nerve-racked at the time, she might have seen asking Dameon to return to Thais with her would be seen as romantic. So when the Consort had asked, and she had said 'him,' what else was the former Sun Druid to assume? She had liked him at one point, after all.


And then her said he wanted to marry her! Rhen hadn't realized he liked her so much. But how could she be sure that the man she had fallen for was the same man now? He had joined them under false pretences and betrayed them.


She paced around her room in her wedding dress, thinking back on the conversation at the Sun Temple. At that moment, talking to the Oracle, had she just stopped and thought for just a moment, Rhen might have realized inviting Dameon was not the best idea.


"But I didn't think!" she said to herself. "And now, not only am I becoming queen, I'm getting married. And it's not like I could have said 'Dameon, that isn't what I meant, I'm sorry'..." She took a deep breath. "Argh, of course I could have! But I didn't and now I'm stuck like this, and I'm becoming queen, and there is just absolutely no way I am ever going to be able to pull this off and--"


Her ranting was cut off by a swift knocking on the door. Slowly, Rhen came back to senses. She smoothed her hands over her silky ballgown, a confection of frothy lace and satin in white and lavender that somehow reminded her of a cake. She walked across her chamber, trying very hard not to trip in the delicate dancing slippers she wore, wishing she could be wearing her steal-toed boots instead.


She opened the door, fully expecting a maid telling her it was time to go to the ceremony.


The 'peaceful' look she had arranged on her face shattered when she saw who was standing at the door.


"Miss me?" Lars smirked.


Author's note

Alright. So. This is my first foray into Aveyond fanfiction. I am going to try to keep it as close to cannon as possible, but with a Rhen/Lars paring that is painfully hard. *coughs*

This part was only quickly edited, as I am in need of a beta. So I am sure that I missed something. *sigh*

Also does anyone know how long Rhen reigned and the 'years'?

Annnd... Expect sporadic updates. I'm terrible at them.

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"She smoothed her hands over her silky ballgown, a confection of frothy lace and satin in white and lavender that somehow reminded her of a cake"


I adore this line.

I mean, the "somehow reminded her of a cake" seemed superfluous after using the term "confection" but the image is priceless.

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"This game isn't any fun," Nicolas whined. The two boys were in the process of wandering up and down the halls of the palace. "What are we doing, anyway?"


"Oh, hush," said Uthar, busily scanning the maps in his hands. If his hunch was right (and they usually were) something wouldn't add up. He knew there had been changes to the palace since Rhen Pendragon's time, so her was hoping...


Uthar stopped, looking at his map. There was a wall in front of him, yet on the map, there was none. He smiled.


"Nicolas, we've reached the fun part." He pointed out a small space in the wall. "Do you think you could make that space bigger?"




"Lars?" Rhen gasped. Quickly, she stuck her head out the door looking around. Finding the coast clear, she yanked the man into her rooms and slammed the door.


She couldn't believe it- one of her best friends (because that's what they were by now, surely?) was standing there, right when she needed a friend the most. Rhen couldn't help it- she threw her arms around him in joy...


And promptly burst into tears.




Uthar looked around in awe. He was standing in the old master chambers! It looked like it hadn't been touched since Rhen's time.


"How odd- it almost looks like a shrine..." he commented to himself, his brother long since returned to his toys.


He moved to the writing desk. There lay an open book, it's pages covered in a thick coat of dust, much like the rest of the rooms. Gently he blew off the dust to find that the pages were wonderfully preserved.


A quick scan of the pages revealed that it was a diary.




Lars was uncomfortable, to say the least. Of course, he was positively spectacular, and the thought of women throwing themselves at him was not strange. (Though the number of women who had actually done so stood at the grand total of one... and she was, at present, sobbing.)




She continued crying. He was at a loss- he had no idea how to calm a woman in hysterics. He settled on gingerly patting her back with a quiet 'there, there.'


She pulled away from him then, and he procured a handkerchief from the depths of his robes to offer her. She took it with a sniff, and promptly blew her nose in it.


Lars grimaced, glad he had more handkerchiefs. Clearing his throat, commenting, "You may keep that one."


She nodded, wiping at her eyes. Her beautiful, purple eyes that matched her wonderful, lavender hair-- Lars shook his head mentally. 'Very bad thoughts, Lars.' he told himself.


He cleared his throat again. When she looked at him, he asked, "So, is this how you treat all your guests? By snotting upon them?'


She shook her head and gave a wet little laugh. "Um, no, actually."


"Lovely. I get special treatment then." He looked at his robe, damp with her tears. His heart wrenched. He forced himself to continue, "I think I might have done well without it."


"Lars Tenobor not wanting special treatment?" She cocked a brow. "I'm shocked."


"Yes, well, most would rather do without that form of treatment." He crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall.


Rhen sat down in a chair. She seemed to struggle for a moment, but ultimately was successful against the voluminous masses of fabric that made up her skirt. Lars much preferred her sword singer outfit, and was nearly positive she did too, though he doubted her reasoning would be the same as his.


Brushing a strand of hair out of her face, she commented, "Well, as much as I hate to admit it, had any one else of our traveling companions showed up, I would have greeted them the same way."


"Even Pirate John?"


She nodded. "Even... Mad Marge."


He pulled a face, and she laughed again.


Soon though, too soon, they lapsed into an awkward silence.


AN Thank you Blurble, sandstorm1998, UntoldReveries for commenting. It means a lot to me! :D

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"Of course, he was positively spectacular, and the thought of women throwing themselves at him was not strange. (Though the number of women who had actually done so stood at the grand total of one... and she was, at present, sobbing.)"


Ahahahaha- oh, Lars.


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Amazing. Epicly. Well, this is the most stick-to-the-storyline L/R EVAR. Well, the addition of Uthar and Nick made it even more imaginable. I can picture it. You made my midnight.

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She was quite embarrassed. The thought that she was reduced to a sniveling mess in a matter of moments made her cringe in horror. Rhen had never thought she was that kind of girl. She didn't think she was the kind of girl that needed rescuing, like the girls in the romance scrolls her former dorm-mates had fawned over.


Of course, the girls in those scrolls only threw themselves at the man they loved, which made the situation even more awkward, and Rhen even more embarrassed. Which was absurd, because she didn't love Lars. She liked him, surely, and thought their journey together meant a lot. And, yes, she did find him a bit cute when he wasn't being an insufferable jerk.


But Love?


Now that was just ridiculous.




She started fidgeting. At first she tapped her toes, then she started ringing her hands. But when she started to pick out threads from her dress, Lars knew he had to step in.


He stepped briskly over to her. Grabbing her hands, he knelt down; they were face-to-face now, and for some strange, obscure reason, his heart started beating faster.


Lars ignored it- it had been happening a lot lately around Rhen.


“What is wrong with you?”


She shook her head, muttering. “Nothing's wrong.”


Lars was starting to get frustrated. She wasn't acting like herself. “Oh, yes, normally you just go crying at the drop of a hat, don't you?” Sarcasm oozed from his words.


She just looked at him.


“Argh!” He threw his hands up in the air. Here he was, trying to be a good guy, trying to help, but no! She had to be difficult and bottle up and become infuriating again.


“This is why!” Pointing a finger, he continued, “I could never get a reaction out of you! It was always 'Yes, Mistress' or 'Yes, Master' and you rarely showed any emotion. That's why you were Peta!” He yelled, letting his frustration get the better of him.


He stood, chest heaving, staring in anger at the girl in front of him. The fact that she could make him so angry made him even more upset. He was a noble! His mother always told him that only the people raised to his standing should matter to him!


Then his brain caught up with his mouth and errant thoughts. And then he thought about what he had just said... and thought.


He swore. Lars knew better, and he was still acting like a jerk towards Rhen. He hadn't meant to, and yet...


Wishing he knew why her opinion mattered so much to him now, he sighed. Taking her hands again, he whispered, “I'm sorry, Rhen.”




-Rhen's Journal-


I know he didn't mean it. And every time he apologizes, he's sincere. But sometimes I wish he didn't need to apologize so much. Maybe it's because we're too different...


Or maybe we are too much the same...


Regardless, it doesn't matter. I've accepted his apology. Perhaps I should feel important, though-- I am the only one he truly apologizes to.


It's the noble blood, I swear.


:.:.:.: AN-


*coughs* So... Longtime no update, eh? Annnd, OOC-ness, anyone? Blargh. I had this mostly written, all I had to do was type it and edit it and I just... Didn't. Sorry. I'm like that. Anyways.

We might not see Uthar for a while, though we will likely see what he's snooping through what he's reading. The excerpts may be from the point in time that we see Rhen and Lars, or from different points in Rhen's history.


Thanks for the reviews!

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A knock on the chamber door startled them both. Rhen thought her heart was going to go right through her chest.


“My Lady?” a voice on the other side of the door asked. It was her maidservant.


Rhen sprang up, tugging on Lars' hand. She knew there would be talk if she was found with him, unescorted. It had taken only a day as Crown Princess for her to figure that out. “You need to hide!” she hissed at him, glancing about the room. Aha! That will work!


“But-” he started to protest as she dragged him across the room.


“M'lady, I'm coming in.” the voice of warned.


“Just a moment!” Rhen called to the maid.


Lars started to put up a bit of a fight when he saw what Rhen had in mind. But Rhen wasn't a swordsinger for nothing, and overpowered the sorcerer easily. “Keep quiet!” she hissed. And she shoved him into her wardrobe.




Well. This was undignified.


Lars stood surrounded by silks and satins. There was even an atrocity covered with feathers which seemed determined to be eaten. He spit out the feathers as Rhen talked to who he assumed to be her lady-in-waiting.


Very undignified.


He'd have to let Rhen know just what he thought of being shoved into closets, like some common secret beau. No! Not 'beau', as the nature of their relationship wasn't like that. But if she hid him in closets and people found out, Oh Goddess! There would be talk.


Of course Rhen wouldn't know that, as she was not raised with nobility. But he was, and he knew the rules. He'd have to explain to her. It would have been better had the been seen out in the open, though perhaps not in the position they were in. Not that they were in any position! His thoughts were getting muddled. He ought to--


Wait, was that the door?


He didn't hear anything in the room. “Rhen?” he whispered.


He tried to open the door. It didn't budge. He tried again. “Rhen! This isn't funny! Let me out!”


The room was silent. They must have gone down to the wedding. And he was trapped in a closet.


Completely undignified.




I shall never leave him alone while I go and fetch a key again. He is so impatient. I was gone but five moments, and by the time I came back...


The hothead! Goddess knows he tries, but I swear, he makes me pull my hair out. Some days I want to take the broadside of my sword and smack him on the head!


He blew open the door. He BLEW IT UP! When I came back, he was covered in ashes and the door was completely gone. There was a small crater were the threshold used to be.


I should have known better, as this wasn't the first time he's blew up a door...


Still. If he does it again, I will Boot Slappin' Mara him, I swear it.



An update in less then a month? Woohoo!

Though the only reason I wrote this is because I was procrastinating working on '-Juice-' ^_^'

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