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Happily Ever After (RxL)

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so this is another rxl thing i wrote. sorry if pirate john souds weird, i have no idea how to do pirate talk.


and there'll be another part coming out soon...


right...so, hope you enjoy it!




Rhen Pendragon sat on a chair facing the large window, wearing a long beautiful dress with many layers of lace and ruffles on the bottom, although the top was very plain and simple. Ten years of being queen had finally taught her to appreciate dresses, although she still only wore those that she approved of, the simpler ones without any ridiculous clips or pins or whatever else they put onto dresses these days.


Rhen sighed, taking in the beautiful scene of the entire mainland from her window. It looked nothing like it had when she had first come to this place.


It had been ten years. Ten years since she had finished her quest and became queen for the sake of her country and the people.


Ten years ago, the mainland was rubbish. The trees were all bare and dead, the road was made of dirt, and everything had a gloomy, dark look about it.


Well, Rhen wasn’t going to leave it like that.


Ten years had not come down to nothing. She had cleared away anything dead and planted new trees and flowers.


She changed the paths completely, adding rivers and bridges.


She had built back the larger cities that used to be there, she had helped to move in smaller towns, built a farm, and when the business people had complained about traffic and such, she turned the Dark Caves into a trade route.


She had changed the name of the place from Blasted Lands (who in the world would give that name to a bright, lovely forest?!) to Brightwood Forest.


She had turned the empty grounds of the mainland into a flourishing, beautiful land with lots of money and good trade.


She had installed magic mirrors in every city and town, to replace the Mule Express, since there were no mules on this continent.


Now, the mainland was greater and better than ever before. It was busy and full, a good place to live in, and there were many habitants and their families.


Little by little, she had earned the citizens’ respect. They had learned to accept a queen who doesn’t go crazy over jewelry and pearls, a queen who can fight and defend herself, a queen who is a skilled sword singer, who does not need bodyguards.


The citizens accepted that. They had learned to not expect balls and fancy parties, or long ridiculously fancy dresses, or a crown with a million diamonds. The citizens had learned to know her as who she really was, not who the chancellor had always wanted her to be.


And it was all with help, of course, from Dameon.


This brought her back to her present problem.


Dameon left.


Three days ago, when she was coming back from sword practice, Dameon had been there at the door with a large travelling bag, looking grave but determined.


Rhen had rushed up to him.


“Hello, Dameon! Did any letters arrive from Candar while I was away?” she asked.


“I—what? Oh, um, yes, a letter did arrive from Candar. Did you, uh—did you order a love potion from them?”


“Yeah, I did. So what did they say?”


“Oh, they said that the love potion will arrive sometime next moth, apparently they don’t have any right now. But why on earth did you want a love potion all of a sudden?”


“Oh, Te’ijal wants one.”


“Why does she—you know what? Nevermind, I don’t want to know.”


Rhen had laughed. “Me neither. So what are you doing here? And what’s with the bag?”


Dameon took a deep breath.


“Rhen, I’m leaving,” he said plainly.


“What?!” Rhen had demanded, not quite believing the way this had sprung up so suddenly and unexpectedly.


“I’m leaving, Rhen. Leaving the mainland. Leaving Thais.”


“…Why?” It was a plea for him to stay.


“Because…it wasn’t worth it. Giving up my immortality, becoming mortal again, giving up the power of the sun. It wasn’t worth it.”


“You mean to say you never really loved me as much as I thought you did.”


“That…Rhen, I am sorry. That is true. I never really truly loved you. I loved you only for Ahriman’s plan, and now he is gone.”


Heartbroken tears had splashed down Rhen’s face.


“Dameon…tell me this isn’t true. Tell me it’s all a dream, Dameon. I can’t live without you. Where would I be, these past ten years, if I didn’t have you?”


“You’d be lost. That is why I stayed with you. But you wouldn’t be lost now, Rhen. You’ve grown, you’ve learned. You know how to properly run a country now.”


“But I love you!” the words blurted themselves out.


“No, Rhen. You…don’t. You don’t love me as much as you love…”


“…As much as I love what?”






“Don’t pretend, Rhen. Think about it.”




“Don’t lie to me, Rhen. Please. Don’t tell me you don’t when we both know the truth.”


“I…where are you going to go, then?” she asked, wildly searching for an excuse to take the topic away from Lars.


“Back to the Oracle. I will become Sun Priest again. And I will tell my mother that I am sorry.”




“I am sorry, Rhen. I think I will be for the best. Good luck.”


And then he swept past Rhen, down the stairs, out of the palace, out of Thais and away from the woman whose heart he had just broken.


So Rhen is now alone, the sole ruler of Thais. And she knew it couldn’t continue. She needed a king, a strong king who knows how to be a noble, who can hold the balls and parties that Dameon had helped her with.


She needed someone who knew how to run a country. True, Rhen could do it, and she was loved by her citizens, but she couldn’t step into the position that Dameon just left.


So she thought of what Dameon had told her.


“Lars…” she whispered.


That idea was simply laughable.


And it was impossible, it was utter madness, what in the world was Dameon thinking—




The idiot brat, that stuck-up noble, the spoiled, green-haired, revolting, stupid, insane—


But he had changed, hadn’t he?


She used to hate him so much. So much, that she hadn’t noticed him change until he had apologized for being mean to her. And even after that, she had disagreed with him and fought with him just for habit’s sake.




Well, yes, he had grown up and become more of a man. He apologized, hadn’t he? And he had refused to join the nobles only guild, which had made Rhen really proud. And he had said that the villagers of Dirkon needed a goose that could lay golden eggs more than they did, even when Rhen herself had wanted to keep the goose.


…He had grown selfless and…and…less snobbish. In fact, he was downright un-snobbish now.




Well, he could work. He knew how to be a noble…yes, he certainly knew how to be a noble, and hold balls and parties and everything else she could think of. He had a talent for figuring out what to do, and she could imagine them working things out together.


…After a million arguments, that is true.


She giggled, then chucked…


And she laughed, for the first time in three days. She laughed, because at that moment a picture of Lars and his familiar smirk flew into her mind. She laughed for all the times they had argued and fought, for the time she had pushed him into a swamp in New Witchwood, and the time he had pushed her out of the paddleboat into the freezing ocean water.


And she just kept on laughing, harder and harder, for no real reason at all, simply because she had not laughed like this for so long, because Dameon had never been able to make her feel like this.


She laughed, without stopping, because she had finally realized who she was meant to be with.


When she finally stopped her crazy, hysterical laughing, she went to her study and wrote a letter to Pirate John, asking him if he could stop by Thais sometime with the dragon or the skudder (she had also added a port at the mainland) to pick her up.




So two days later, Rhen is on the skudder that she had sailed so much in ten years previously.


“Aye, Queen Pendragon! Where’ll ye be sailin’ ter today?” Pirate John cried.


“Don’t call me “queen”, John. That’s embarrassing for me,” Rhen said.


“Arr, ye haven’t changed one bit! Always not wantin’ ter be queen, eh? I be glad fer it…I like you this way better,” Pirate John growled.


“Oh, well, thanks, I guess.”


“Though, I think ye would be better without tha’ dress.”


Rhen blushed. “Well, I suppose so, too. But still, I’m queen now, so what would you expect?”


So Pirate John’s crew sailed the boat while Pirate John and Rhen had a long chat about life and everything that has happened for ten years. Rhen told Pirate John about the difficulties of being queen and ruling a country, and about Dameon’s leaving, and Pirate John in turn told Rhen about his sails and all the treasure he found, and that he and Elini now had baby twins.


Then the ship docked at the Eastern Isle, and Rhen got off after saying her goodbyes to Pirate John, who promised her that when he came to pick her up, he’d take the dragon.


Rhen gathered her dress around her and picked her way through the crowded, busy harbor. She noticed with a pang the paddleboat that they had bought ten years ago, and admired the way Lars had managed to keep it looking so new.


She walked into the forest, swiping at the spiders with ease. She noticed how the many of the trees had been cut down. She noticed a new signpost, much shinier, and by the look of it, a new city had settled here.


She made her way to Veldarah, thinking that Lars might be there, seeing as he had said that he had ideas about going back to Shadowood Academy.


Her brain did not have to figure out the way, her feet simply carried her to the place she wanted to go, for this was a path that she had taken so many times in the past that she would never really forget it.


She came to the wild chickens, smiling as she recalled one time when she had fought with all her might against these chickens.


She saw the Mule Express, and reflected on how much she had missed it. She used to love sitting in it, feeling it bounce and turn, this way and that, laughing when the carriage reached bumps, and chatting with her friends.


Suddenly, she was overcome with a strong desire to ride in it again; after all, she wasn’t going to have any chances back at Thais.


Shaking her head, she stepped into the busy town of Veldarah.




wow, it's still so long, even though i already divided it in half.


anyways, comment plz?

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I like it! :)


Pirate John does sound a bit strange though... (I think he talked fairly normal in the game...) Eh, it isn't that bothersome.


I'm looking forward to more. :D

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Yeah me too! :D Is their gonna be some Dameon bashing some where? It's just been a long time since Dameon bashing! XD Good Job! you're going great! ;) :goodjob:

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Well this is definitely a treat! I've always thought of ways Rhen would leave Dameon, not the other way around! And wow, 10 years is pretty long. Wonder if Lars and Rhen have been in contact during all that time.


Good start. Looking forward to them meeting again :)

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so, this is the second and final part. enjoy :)


and sana, no, there will not be dameon bashing. although

i like the idea...



The green-haired lady was there, as always.


“Oh, hello…I think I remember you…you haven’t passed by in a while,” she greeted her.


Rhen laughed. “No, I haven’t passed by in ten years.”


The lady gasped. “Oh, I remember now! You were the one who was chosen, yes, you defeated Ahriman and became queen—” and then she bowed, making Rhen blush.


“No, seriously, don’t…I don’t like it when people do that…”


The lady smiled. “Well, I do suppose it does tend to get tiring.”


Rhen laughed. “You have no idea.”


“Well, I guess I should let you get on with your business, then. I hope you come and visit more often, if you have the time.”


Rhen said goodbye to her, and made her way across the city, pausing many times to greet and talk to the ones who remembered her from so long ago. It took forever to get to the Academy, but at last she was there.




Lars was waiting for her at the doors of the Academy.


Rhen walked up to him slowly and cautiously.






They stared at each other for a long time, until at last Lars broke the silence. “I was beginning to wonder when you would remember that I lived in this city,” he said.


“What, you knew I was coming?”


“News spreads fast here, you know.”


“Well, there were a lot of people wanting to talk to me.”


“Yes, I guess so, now that you’re queen. Goodness, Rhen, are you wearing a dress?”




Lars blinked a couple times. “Well, I do suppose you were going to see sense sooner or later. Although a dress looks odd on you.”




“I suppose, you’ll want to come in?”


“Don’t treat me like an unwanted guest!”


“…Why not?”


Rhen shoved Lars over, laughing. Lars quickly got up and laughed, too. But then he got serious again.


“Why are you here?”


Rhen looked down Lars looked concerned.




“Dameon…he left.”


“Where did he go?”


“Back to…being a sun priest. He said…he said I wasn’t worth it. He said I wasn’t worth giving up his immortality for.”


“Rhen…oh gosh, I am so sorry…”


Rhen looked up, looking completely surprised.


“Who are you and what did you do with Lars?!”


Lars coughed. “What, cant I be a man once in a while?”


Rhen rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. But Lars, the point is…I don’t think I love him all that much, either.”


“…So what are you going to do about it?”


“Well. Well, for starters, I’ll need a new king. Someone I can work with, who I can love, who can arrange balls and parties and other stuff for me since I can’t, someone who can give speeches, who understands me, who Thais would approve of.”




“I’m looking at you, Lars.”




“Please, Lars, is it really—”


“Rhen, you are being insane—”


“I am not, really—”


“This is ridiculous—”


Please, Lars!”


“Rhen, when you say someone you can love, and that’s me…”


“I love you, Lars. More than I love Dameon.”


“…And how much do you love Dameon?”


“Lars, you know what I mean. I want you to come with me. I want you to be the king of Thais. I want you to be with me. I know I’d be happy.”


“…Rhen, I don’t think—”


“Why not?!”


“I—I don’t know…”


“Look, Lars. You are someone I can work with, you are someone I can love, I’m pretty sure you’d be good at arranging parties and giving speeches, I know you understand me, and I know Thais would approve of you, as long as they know I love you. So why not?!”


Lars coughed again. “Look, when you say you love me…where the heck did that come from?!”


“…Dameon pointed it out and I realized that it was true.”


Dameon pointed it out.”


“Well, yes.”


“Rhen, this is crazy. Did he…did he hit you with a love potion or something?”


“No! Lars, why is it so hard for you to believe?!”


“Maybe because it’s absolutely absurd?”


“It’s not! Don’t you...do you…love me…?”


Her heart hammered as she waited for the response.


“…Alright, Rhen. I do. That’s why I apologized. That’s why I stayed with you for the whole stupid quest. That’s why I didn’t turn my back when we were fighting Ahriman. That’s why I hated Dameon so much, because he always seemed to be on your other side.”


“…Well, Dameon isn’t here anymore, and I’m not going to let him come back.”


“But don’t you love him?”


“No. When he left, I figured that I would be better without him.”




“Please, Lars. Come with me.”


Lars sighed. “I’d be giving up a whole lot for you, Rhen. My rank as High Sorceror, Shadowood Academy, my mansion, and my whole living style altogether. I’d have to turn my life around completely.”


“…I would do that for you. I would give up everything to come live with you, if only Thais didn’t need me.”


“…I know. And that’s why I’d do the same for you. I’ll…I’ll come.”


Rhen’s heart skipped a beat with joy.


“Even though it’s crazy, idiotic, wild, and—and simply ridiculous.”


“Thank you, Lars. Thank you so much.”


Lars frowned. “You’ve certainly changed. Ten years ago, you’d be skipping around with joy.”


“Well, I’ve become more composed.”


“And ten years ago, you would’ve thrown mud at me.”


Rhen grinned evilly, and before Lars could figure out what was going on, she chucked a fat blob of mud at him.


“Hey, what—!”




Another blob of mud hit Rhen.


“Oi! I’m the queen of Thias here! You can’t throw mud at me!”


“Yeah, well, to me you’ll always be immature little Peta!”










“Eww. I’m all covered in mud now, thanks to you,” Rhen declared


“Hey, same here! Come on, we’d better get in.”



Many heads turned their way as the High Sorcerer and the queen of Thais walked through the halls, laughing. They reached Master Harald’s Office.


“May I—may I help you two…?”


“Yeah, you can,” Lars said. “I’m quitting.”


Master Harald looked shocked.


“Lars, what kind of immature joke is this?! You’re the High Sorcerer!”


“Well, now I’m the king of Thais.”


Master Harald looked at Rhen.


“Ah, yes. I do suppose this is the queen of Thais.”


“Don’t bow,” Rhen said hurriedly, and Lars chortled.


“If you say so—”


“Don’t call me Your Majesty.”


“Um, ok?”


“So,” Lars began. “Ahem. I am officially resigning, and I leave my post to the apprentice that I have been training these past six years. How’s that sound?”


“Absolutely horrific. Tell me it’s a joke.”


“Nope, it isn’t.”


"I refuse to accept it."


“Come on, what do I have to do?”


“This is simply too sudden. I really don’t know what to say. You two come in, covered with mud, and then you tell me you’re quitting and going to Thais to be king.”



“Come on, Master Harald. Please?”


“Well, if you truly, really, certainly insist, I will accept you resignation. Swear it’s not a joke?”


“I swear this isn’t a joke.”


“Then I-I'm still not really adjusted to this...bizzare turn of events but I wish you two luck in Thais. Hopefully, Shadowood Academy will manage without you, Lars.”


“Thank you, Master Harald,” Rhen and Lars said together, and they left Veldarah and found Pirate John, who had the dragon with him. They got on, flew off the Eastern Isle, and back to Thais.




There, they lived a long and happy life together, and many, many years later, they left Thais to their daughter and her husband, and returned to Veldarah to live a quiet life in their old age.

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Heh heh.... I daresay, the whole thing with Master Harald is a bit too... "cracky" in my opinion. Resigning from a job is a very serious business and they wouldn't be joking around like that.


Other than that, it's great! Although I think Lars would have used some kind of spell to clean them up first. The Queen and the High Sorcerer walking around covered in mud is very embarassing.


Here's a wedding Lars/Rhen as a token of appreciation:


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