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Walkthrough of a Gypsy's tale

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This game is created by Amaranth games.



This walkthrough belongs to me and no section may be copied without the exclusive permission of mine.



Click on objects to select them. Keep your mouse button pressed while dragging them



This game is a classic hidden object game with a few unique features. You have to read notes you collect, find objects and use them.


This game requires a lot of effort so if you do not like hidden object games, I would not reccommend it.



You awake in the "Tower Maze Entrance" after being attacked by ghosts.


Wait for the text at the bottom to dissapear. Next, you will be asked for a tutorial.


Firstly, you have to find a bag and a map. The map contains crystals which look like sparkly coins. Once this is done, you will see sparkles near the vines (plants).


Click on the sparkles and a small screen will open. You will see a note on the grass. Click on the note. It will be added to your inventory.



First Scene Photo




When you click the shears, you will be asked to find 4 objects. The objects are

1. Next to the animal

2. On the tree bark. Next to the red flower

3. Above item Number 2

4. Next to the wines


Drag the items to their respected place after clicking the shear.



Drag the shear to the wines. You will see a medallion on the door. Click on it and you now have to find 8 birds. They are at


1. Just above the the wheel, there are 4 birds next to each other


2. The white bird is next to the picture of a green bird on the wheel image.


3. One of the birds is on the tree branch


4. Check where the branch of Number 3 ends, there is another bird in a scene.


5. Check next to the bottom of the bush


6. Collect the Raven Medallion


You will see a key above the door. Click it and you will ge a message that it is too high to reach.


Now go to the forest cottage area.


Scene 2


You see a floating cane. That would be perfect to reach high items. To bring it down, notice that there is a hole in the pedastal. Use the raven medallion on it. The can will come down. Click on it and you will be asked to find 4 symbols.


1. On the roof


2. Potted Plant


3. Small tree


4. Weed


Now use the cane on the key to make it fall. Click on the key in the grass to start a hidden object scene


Collect the three flowers


1. Check above the door. You will find two of the flowers


2. One of them is the flower on the tree bark


Use the key on the door.You will see a puzzle. To complete it, I recommnd

that you fix the outer rays first. Once that is done the rest of the puzzle becomes easy.



Take the Shears from your inventory and use them to cut away the vines covering the wall and fountain. You have to use them three times


Click on the tablet on the uncovered door. It shows you how to repair the fountain. Remeber these steps.



Click on the Fountain and complete the Hidden Object Puzzle.


For the items,


1. Check the door


2. The wines


3. The fountain


4. The right hand ceiling


Next, go the cottage and get the rag. You will have to find 6 peieces of cloth. Check


1. The roof


2. The bench


3. The grass ( 3 here next to each other)


4. The fence

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