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Getting Goodies to work on Vista: 2 Methods Guide

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Tried this on two vista machines. Soon as the parents let me use their XP, I'll work on that next.



Extract the save file from the goodie folder. The save looks like Save01.lsd which mean it'll replace your first save.

You can use a variety of programs like 7zip,Alzip, winrar,winzip, to extract.


First method-Drop it in the main AP folder


Default settings installs it in


C:\Program Files (x86)\Ahriman's Prophecy


Here's what inside the folder looks like: Click


Just drop the save file in so it looks like this:



Second method - Plop it directly into the save folder after its been created.


1. Create a dummy save file with the game.

Play it until you can save (which is right after the tutorial) then save and exit.


2. Locate the save folder. It should have a Savexx.lsd file with the xx representing the save file number.


The default location is:

C:\Users\*UserNameHere*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Ahriman's Prophecy


You can use the search function, but you need to do an advanced search and it takes time.


1. Set the location to "HP(C:)"

2. Click the box that saids: "Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow)"

3. search for Save01.lsd

4. right click on one of the file and click "open file location"

5. Make sure the file either looks like or follows either method's path/picture.

6. Stuff the goodie save file in there.


If you can't locate the Appdata folder and/or the search function doesn't work, make sure your computer is set to see hidden folders. The instructions to do this is here.


Than try looking for appdata and/or doing the search again.


How to load goodie

1. load up the game

2. click return to quest

3. click File 1 if you haven't changed the number.

4. play

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okay but AP works very smooth on windows 7. lets say little to no bugs with windows 7. not braging. but thanks for the tip.



the first one doesnt work because that folder doesnt exsit. (vista)



i used the goodie instructions that amanda posted and found the saves. so i copied th original like all ways then i put in the new one. i hope it works. besids the graphics are kinda ugh. but i dont mind the strange graphics.




Merged posts.


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AP working on windows 7 with no problems is nothing more than luck. *shrugs*


Also, most of the time, AP works relatively well. However, when it decides to get buggy, it can make your life miserable (ie switch 864, any strange assortment of bugs I've fixed over the years)


Save file: that's good. it should work. Graphics are actually quite standard for an rpg2k3 game. Nothing strange about them.

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ok. and about those goodie if one causes a problem i will let you know.



no bugs so far, which is good. also can you teach me some tricks you do to fix the games (AP)?


Merged posts. Please use the edit button to add extra information and not double post.


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princessbinas wrote:

well now things are little more clear. so i think its better to have 7 than vista for some reason.


I have 7 and Vista but Vista has some features which make it a lot better

Ever try sharing files from XP to 7. It's impossible unless you get lucky.

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