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New Gypsy's Tale Build C Available - July 12, 2010

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Hi everyone, we've made some important changes to Gypsy's Tale and uploaded a new version. If you purchased the game from us, please install the newest version. If you've already unlocked your game, you won't need to do this again.




The new version fixes the following problems:


-No full-screen mode for monitors with no 800x600 support

-Reported issues like inventory objects disappearing

-Not able to collect ingredients for recipe if click outside of recipe book to close

-Can’t unlock tower gate if use gem flower from gnome first

-Can’t get collar from bird in certain situations

-Can’t enter orchard (key disappears) in some situations

-Random crashes in some areas.

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Please I need Gypsy's Tale brings to Windows Phone, IOS, Android smartphones/tablets, and add other version of Gypsy's Tale, let me know!  smile!   Please shared this message spread of this behalf action!   

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