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Calling Bird

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A poem for a story that I'm working on. This is the best poem I've written. Ever.



The slow and steady beating,

Of the bird's mighty wings,

Echoing over the valley,

Like a soft, beautiful hymn.


Lift your wings and fly,

It's time you left the ground,

And soared to new heights,

Beyond all you've ever known.


The end is coming near,

A storm is brewing out there.

But the calling bird won't cower in fear,

Because above the darkness,

Light gathers.


Lift your wings and fly,

Feel the air in your face.

Because when you are airborne,

The possibilities are endless.


So close your eyes and slip,

Your wings will grow.

And when they open again things will have changed.

You will have changed.

You are the calling bird.

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