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My Nonsense Aveyond 1 Story (update September 21)

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I just like writing random short fanfics. Some are complete nonsense and some actually make sense and might be good.


Okay, here comes story one.




Rhen: Oh, la la la! Oh! Who is this lady? *takes lady to father*


Father: Oh! Hi Talia! You are going to die soon if Rhen doesn't go and get the herbalist.


Rhen: Okay daddy! *goes and gets herbalist* Here she is daddy!


Father: Okay! Goodnight!


Rhen: But it is 12:00 pm!


Father: Bedtime!


Rhen: *makes pouty face and goes to bed*


Peter: Wake up Rhen! Let's go chase sheep!


Rhen: 'kay! *runs to cave and meets weird dude*


Dude: Hello! Where is the village?


Rhen: That way! *points with finger that has extremely sparkly awesome ring*


Dude: I'm a slavetrader! Hop in my bag and give me that ring!


Rhen: Okay! *hops into the bag* Oh! And here is my most prized possession! You can have my ring! Please give me a harsh master!


Slavetrader: Okay! Turns around and hands her to Lars.


Lars: BLAAAAAAHH! Do my laundry Peta!


Rhen: Okay!


Peta the puppy: *bites Rhen's leg then dissapears*




That was stupid. Really stupid and random. :P

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Oh, and here's something that I forgot to say in the first post. I might continue stories and I might not.


Okay, so, I'm continueing story one . . . so it's Story One Part Two.


So here it goes.




Rhen: Here is your laundry, Tars!


Lars: You mean Lars! My name is Lars, Peta!


Rhen: No, I'm not mistaken! I was talking to the Tars, Lars!


Lars: :S


Rhen: *drops clothes in a puddle of tar* There you go, Tar!


Lars: Where are my clothes?


Rhen: But your mother told me to give them to the Tars!


Lars: She said Lars!


Rona: *appears mysteriously* I said give it to Mars! The Roman god of war!


Peta the Puppy: Woof! (translation: She said Cars!)


Rhen: O.o


Lars: D:


Rona: :x


Peta the Puppy: *thinks* Foolish humans! If only they knew the wrath of puppies! Mwahahahaha!




And I think I'm changing the title of this whole darn story because I really feel like continueing this nonsense!

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That last part, well, that was a random side story of how many mistakes everyone made. Kind of really weird . . . I'll update soon, but I don't feel like being random quite yet . . .


I'll update tomorrow. There made up my mind!

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Sorry! I lied. I realized the below and needed to update! So, I am updating today instead of tomorrow! But I will update tomorrow.


I realized that I left out the part about the daevas and Ahriman and all that, so I'm going to include it in this part.




Part 3 The Daevas and the Evil Dude


Somewhere not where Rhen is in an evil lair . . .


Agas: Uh . . . hey Evil Master whatsyourname!

Evil Master Whatsisname: You are late for this scene!

Agas: Sorry, it's the writer's fault! She's the one who forgot to write this part and made me late!n

EMW: Whatever, Agas. Now where is Mindy?

Agas: Mindy?

EMW: You know, that ice girl?

Agas: Oh, you mean Indra!

EMW: No, I mean Mindy!

Mindy: Hello Ahriman! What can I do for you two . . . erm . . . lovely gentleman?

Ahriman: Ice Girl Mindy, get Ice Girl Indra!

Mindy: *shrugs and goes to get Indra. Indra appears mysteriously and kicks Mindy off of the screen*

Indra: Oh, Great Ahriman Dude! What do you need of me?

Dameon: O.o

Ahriman: Does this belong to the priestess? *holds up shirt covered in Tar*

Indra: That belongs to Tars!

Peta the Puppy: Grrrr! *thinks* That belongs to Lars the Mars Tars' Cars! *dissapears mysteriously*

Indra: Wait! I have just had a vision!

Dameon: Speak, mysteriously attractive daeva girl!

Indra: :help:

Ahriman: Speak!

Indra: *speaks very quickly* well in my vision I saw this puppy who was all like "woof woof! Kill this random girl named Rhen cuz she is the chosen one and she is very deadly (not to mention, awesome very easily confused)! If you kill her we shall die and if we die she shall rise in awesomness! So, daevas, you must lure her to your side! Oh, and while you at it could you make me some fried eggs? I'm running low on peaches . . ."

Ahriman: So? What does your vision mean?

Indra: We should lure the girl named Rhen to our side! Summon the daevas, Ahriman!

Ahriman: Mindy! Come!

Mindy: *walks back on to the screen* I know! I have to summon the other daevas! *leaves than comes back with all the other daeva dudes. Other daevas kick Mindy off the screen (once again)*

Ahriman: Release you powers to the human world, blah blah blah! Bye bye!

*daevas leave*

Ahriman: Now, I have an important job for you, Dameon!

Dameon: What?

Ahriman: Go get Rhen and persuade her to come on our side, blah blah blah! Oh, and remember to get her to marry you! And do not have any interaction whatsoever, half bald priest!

Dameon: Okay, Daddy!

Ahriman: *kicks Dameon off the screen*




Somewhere wherever the heck Rhen is at Mistress Rona's house . . .


Lars: Peta!

Rhen: Dude! I just noticed something!

Lars: What?

Rhen: You have a face while talking though I know that you are currently an NPC and you have not joined my party yet!

Lars: Oh that is correct! I have not joined you yet so you are not free yet. But . . . I have a face! Whoowoo! I've got a face! Booyah!

Rhen: He's got a face! Whoowoo! He got one now! Booyah!

*both of them do the boogie and sing about Lars' face*




The End of that part!

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Ahriman: Go get Rhen and persuade her to come on our side, blah blah blah! Oh, and remember to get her to marry you! And do not have any interaction whatsoever, half bald priest!


It's the absolute truth

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LOL, I like the...


Rhen: He's got a face! Whoowoo! He got one now! Booyah!

*both of them do the boogie and sing about Lars' face*

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Glad that everyone likes it!


I will just need a little help right now if ya don't mind. I just forgot which order you fight the daevas in and which druid each daeva has the soul of . . . so if anyone could give me that information that would be great!


Okay on with part 4


(oh, and I'm starting to call Peta the Puppy PTP just in case you are wondering)




Part 4 Killing Clothes and Getting Spiders (oh wait! It goes the other way. My bad)


Rhen: *wakes up* Oh! No time to spill- no, wait- kill the spiders in the attic! *thinks* wait where are the stairs to the attic? Oh yeah! I am on them!

Random Spider: Hello Rhen!

Rhen: Hello spider! I am here to kill you, so if you would not fight back and just let me kill you that would be great!

RS: Why should I?

Rhen: Because I've got a mean mistress and puppy dog eyes! *shows puppy dog eyes*

Peta the Puppy: Those aren't puppy dog eyes! *shows her eyes*

RS: Okay! *drops dead randomly*

Rhen: Dude did that puppy just talk? But that is okay because it is perfectly normal!

PTP: *dissapears*

Rhen: Oh spiders! One of your friend just dropped dead for me so could you all pretty please do the same?

Other Spiders: Okay *both drop dead randomly*

Rhen: Yippee! Now I shall talk to Mistress Whatsername!

Mistress Rona: Hi Rhen! Have you killed the spiderss?

Rhen: What spiders?

Lars: :lol:

MR: Shut up good-for-nothing son of mine!

Lars: :o

Rhen: Oh the spiders they are dead.

MR: Go get Lars' clothes from that lady that makes those clothes!

Rhen: Are they a quest completion item?

Lars: Yes they are! If you do not get them for me this game will never get anywhere!

Rhen: Okay! *goes and gets clothes*

Rhen: Here you go you currently NPC that has a face!

Lars: Oh, those are mine!

Rhen: Okay! *falls asleep randomly* Zzzzzzzzz . . .




:( :( :( Not as funny as I wanted it to be . . . But anyways it was a random update and I really don't feel like writing right now but I promised an update . . .


But still I hope that you like it!

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My daeva-sensors are ringing!!! I sense the need of daeva-info!!!! XDDDD If you need daeva info, you could've always come right to me :D


Daeva fantard rant commence in 3.... 2.... 1....


WHO IS MINDY???? WHY IS SHE TAKING OVER AGAS' DAEVA SUMMONING ROLES???? Agas was the one who re-opened the Demon Portal (don't ask how, he just does) and brought over the daevas. Indra comes only BECAUSE all the other daevas are already there too, so there's no need to re-summon the daevas. So, here's what happened: Dameon reports that the slave trader caught the wrongs person, Dameon offers to send assassins to kill Talia but Ahriman says no, Agas comes in and says that the daevas are on the way, Ahriman asks for Indra, Indra comes into the room, and yadda yadda yadda... I hope I don't sound mean. Daeva-fantard D_A does not like daevas' screentime interjected by random imported character from somewhere else.


Okay, technically the "order" is up to you, because I went up against Agas before Indra once (which results in me dying 5 times in a row), but here's the "normal" order. and I'm gonna rant about what they look like AND where they are as well, just because (even though since this is crack you don't need them).


1) Nanghaithya

- Appearance: Grey-purple hair, black cloak, red eyes, orange bandanna, blue robes

- Location: On top of Mount Orion, Land's End, Eastern Isle

- Druid: Vohu Manah, druid of music

2) Zarich

- Appearance: Grey skin, red eyes, dark green hood/shawl, gold headband, blue-grey robes, wooden staff with a red orb on it, belt, golden patterns on robe

- Location: Crypt maze, in a secret room in one of the graves in Ghed'ahre, Halloween Hills, Eastern Isle

- Druid: Rashnu, druid of darkness

3) Tawrich

- Appearance: Grey-blue skeleton with purple turban and tan cloak, carries sword and shield

Location: Blackbone caves, Highlands, western Isle

- Druid: Armaiti, Druid of Agriculture

4) Indra

- Appearance: Blue hair, blue skin, grey eyes, white-blue robes, long straight hair

- Location: Ice caverns, the one behind the locked door in the Snow Queen's castle, Northern Isle

- Druid: Daena, druid of wisdom

5) Saurva

- Appearance: Red-orange hair, green eyes, white skin (just look at my set, it's for the most part accurate except for the scales and scars) tan cloak, almost like Tawrich's but a lighter shade, red and green robes, brown pants, and grey boots (or that's actually his feet)

- Location: Lampland, inside the genie's lamp, which you can find in the Demon Caves, Southerm Isle

- Druid: Come on, do you still need to ask? Eithera, druid of Strength

6) Agas

- Appearance: Do NOT believe my set. Full-plate dark blue armour with helmet that has spikes/horns and you can see nothing else, dark grey (nearly black) gloves, normal human skintone, grey-purple eyes.

- Location: Tear Shrine/Dream Castle, Dreamland, Mysten Far

- Druid: Not a druid, the Dreamer's Tear

7) Aesma

- Appearance: Has four horns, is grey and blue-grey (colours alternate in random places, think a dog with patterned fur), has a pair of small wings, one grey one blue-grey, and looks like a bad mix between a rabid dog, an alligator, and a mutant goat.

- Location: Dark Caverns, Blasted Lands, Thais

- Druid: Vata, druid of time

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I have no idea who Mindy is . . . I was just typing and I guess something came out wrong . . . I just kept it because I was just like "What?" And I thought that it was weird . . .


But thanks for your help and I am just putting stuff in a random order because it is nonsense. I just write useless garbage randomly . . .


So thanks and I don't need anymore then this!

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@Lydia: So it still makes you laugh . . . and I did not show you the story, you read it over my shoulder as I wrote! But I'm glad that you like it . . .


And I do not care if this story is not anything like the real story! I just like writing nonsense :P


Part 5 Uh . . . The Chapter with no Name!


Rhen: Oh lalalala! I'm skipping through the streets and doing . . . wait . . . what am I doing?

Lars: Looking for me to get me to come home then I will be mean to you and get that weird bracelet off of you and call you Peta . . . right?

Rhen: Oh yeah! Hi Lars your mommy wants you at home now!

Lars: Okay now I will be mean to you! Blah blah blah, you are a dumb slave, blah blah blah! Oh, and, uh here we go! *takes of bracelet* There we go it is gone and I hereby name you Peta for no reason.

Peta: I know why you named her that! Because I am awesome and so is Rhen so we are the awsome dudes or whatever!

Rhen: Yes I am awesome! *goes back home*

Rona: Where is Lars?

Rhen: Oh he is coming!

Rona: Go to bed!

Rhen: But it is 12:00 pm!

Rona: Just go to bed and I will shut up!

Rhen: *pouty face* Fine!

Rona: *shuts up*



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I got around and started reading this. It's brain-twisting random!! That makes it funny! Keep it up!


@d_A: Your first post is so omgoshlong!

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@wolfie-girl: Well, the author asked for daeva info. I can go on and on forever whenever i talk about daevas. That is SHORT, because I was giving all pertinent information as efficiently as possible. If I had gone all-out it would probably be twice as long.

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I know that I've said this like a million times, but I'm really glad that everyone likes it.


And . . . UPDATE!!!




Part 6 Peaches


Rona: Oh nooooo!!! Where is Lars? Is he supposed to be here?

Rhen: Umm . . . whatyawant?

Rona: Justice, peaches and for you to get my sonny!!!

Rhen: Peaches? *thinks* Oh noes I eated thems!

Rona: It is my sonny's good day! He needs to go to school!

Rhen: Peaches? :S

Rona: Go and gets my sonny!

Rhen: Since when did you use improper grammar?

Rona: Since when have you talks back to me?

Rhen: Peaches . . . peaches? Peaches! PEACHES!!!

Rona: LOLwhut?

Rhen: Rona I eats the peaches!!!! Rona I eated thems!!!

Rona: *breakdown* Peaches! They were from my dead great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother's pantry!!! Oh noes!!

Rhen: They were that old?

Rona: YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! They was so precious!!! GHAAAAAAAA!!!!

Rhen: There goes my lunch! *lunch comes out . . . and all that . . . stuff*

Rona: How dare you eated thems?

Rhen: I dunno!





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