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Running HG on a non administrator account, XP

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Hey, my nieces love Grimm's hatchery, but my sister has found that it will only play as an administrator on her Windows XP. I remember this issue from when this first came out.


So, i was wondering, is there a way to allow my nieces access to Grimm's Hatchery without giving them access to an administrator's account?


I know the possibility of using the Click-Run As, but that would be teaching them how to get around their mom's security. I also know there is a way in windows 7 to run the program as an administrator each time. but is there anything like this for Windows XP.


Thanks for the help,


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How about this "cheaters" answer... install GH into a directory NOT under "Program Files". The problem being that GH tries to write to its working directory and later versions (XP SP2 and greater) prevent this.

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