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Chronicles of Daestra: Demon (Screenshots Here!)

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Chronicles of Daestra: Demon



Long, long ago, the world of Confundo was a place of absolute violence and hate. The war between the Stars and the Demons raged on, and on, and on. A prophecy of sorts ended the war, by creating a new race of people: the Thren'Nai.


Fast forward two thousand years.


Laeni is a royal guard for the kingdom of Daestra, a magnificent human city. One day, the king decided to ship her off to Sentai on reports of suspicious creatures lurking on the island. She is suddenly recalled, and returns to find the once proud city in ruin. She teams up with a soldier, and runs home. A demon is killing her younger sister, Xia. Laeni watches her sister die, and releases a powerful blast of energy, killing the demon. The demon mutters something about, "Thren'Nai." Laeni vows to avenge her sister's death. The duo go to the palace, and the king gives them the final mission: Restore the Elements... It's the last hope. Only a Thren'Nai can save this world from destruction.


Laeni is confused, but she does what she's told. Will she complete her destiny and save the world, or will she let it fall into ruin?



Laeni Fortis:

A generally cheery 21 year old woman who wields a whip. Her spirits are dampened after the death of her sister. She's fiercely loyal, and is more than slightly impulsive. She's a Thren'Nai, but doesn't know it at first.


Oregano Aroma:

A 22 year old lancer. He's a soldier in the Daestran Army. He's always bright and cheery, a fun loving and happy boy. He can be rather dim witted at times, which is always a draw back. A Thren'Nai, but doesn't know.


Dasai Lux:

A 15 year old priestess trainee. She's annoyingly happy, and is often subject to Laeni's anger. Always has a simile or an analogy for everything. An elf.


Cora Atra:

An elemental witch. She's 27, and has a very dark sense of humour. She gave up her life as a teacher to become an adventurer. She likes to play practical jokes on people. A Thren'Nai.



A 92 year old death mage. He's always pestering Laeni by calling her "Sonny." He's very knowledgeable about the Thren'Nai, despite his being a human. He's often the victim of common ruffians and small children everywhere.



Talon is 128, but seems to be 16. He's a young cat eared demon who only wants to restore balance. He's very kind and soft spoken, which both helps and hurts him when it comes to thievery.


Kimu Aequus:

Kimu is an elf, but is haughty and snobby. She's also 92, like Draeith. She's an optional character, and is a source of discomfort for Dasai. A really good summoner.


Kaede Faeles:

Kaede is a Matran, meaning that she's a cat person. She's a princess, but decided to give up her life to go gallivanting all over the world. She 's really silly, and is always playing practical jokes with Cora. She can be really, really silly at times. An optional character.


Special Features:

- optional characters

- a HUGE world

- many different races and cultures

- silly jokes, humour

- buy your own home (mansion!) + farm

- characters that realize things that aren't normally realized (the character who doesn't want to walk through the mud, people who realize that their plans are REALLY bad)

- marry off characters to NPCs

- side quests galore!




- me (yuffie)

- Famitsu sprite gen

- Enterbrain (RMVX)


Other Stuff:

- website will be set up soon to add screenshots

- I don't have a demo yet

- I need NPCs!

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My story is... uhh... not quite finished, but I have the names of some of my characters, and some classes for them.

Laeni- whip master, Oregano- lancer, Dasai- priestess, Cora- elementress, Talon- thief, Draeith- Death Mage, and finally, Ris'Tii- warrior princess. There may also be an archer.

Yeah... I decided to put in Cora for her Elemental skills (ice, fire) and Draeith (old dude) for his status/non elemental magic.


Do you guys think that I should have the Elementress and the Death Mage, or just one offensive magician? Please comment!


Merged Post.


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Hmm.... Elementress sounds good and ideal, also, Death mage sounds good for a dark type person.

Offensive magician only is kind of original and boring.. not to be offensive, deffensive or aggressive :S


Try not to double post, and the story you have yet sounds good. :)

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Sorry about that.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll keep both of them.

The archer's name is Terran.

The beginning of the game starts off as Laeni being on an island with the town of Sentai.

An old guy tells her that the king has recalled her, but won't say why.

After old dude teleports her to the road, she sets off to Daestra. When she gets nearer, she sees demons and meets Oregano, who is fighting them.

She rushes home to find Xia being killed by a demon. She then unleashes an extremely powerful attack, killing the demon. Xia dies, and Laeni swears to avenge her death by killing the demon lord responsible for this.

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I'm bumping this topic because I've resumed work on my game. The first post has been drastically changed! Aisling said that I could bump this topic, so I am.

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Yes, I did. I use the names of my RPG characters for then names of my Role Play characters. Sometimes they have the same personality, sometimes they don't!


Just so you know, I just put new content on the website. It's about religion in Confundo. To view it, click my siggie, go to the menu item on the left that says 'COD' and click. Click on 'Religion' in the left menu.

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@Funfun: Not exactly. It's more like the farms in the AV series. You go, you can purchase animals, and you get the animals. You can get eggs and milk and such from them. You won't have to feed your animals or anything. There may be other features, but I haven't decided yet.


@C4AT: Great! Coming up next will be pics of Omega, and more about the religious festivals. I'll probably add more pics and screenies soon.

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Yes. Nova is a COD:E party member. She's the leader, actually.


Here's the breakdown of party members:

COD: D- Laeni, Oregano, Dasai, Draeith, Talon, Cora, Kimu, Kaede


COD:E- Nova, Omega, Jeffy, Jimobily, Kulina, Fache




Here's the screenies!





If you want to see all of the screenies in their original sizes, then go to this link:

Tacky Productions Screenies for COD: D

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