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DarkGaia - One Night

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Dark Gaia Studios presents... A brand new free adventure game!






One Night is a survival horror game created by Dark Gaia Studios with RPG Maker VX. It was first released on January 2nd, 2009, and since then has garnered favorable reviews. It also holds the very dubious honor of being the first ever action survival horror game developed with RPG Maker VX.


(It was preceded by Ravenwood Horror in being the first ever horror themed game however)




The Complex... At one point, it was obviously some sort of bustling, busy epicentre of human activity, the nerve center of all sorts of scientific endevours and the military stronghold of an entire armed force. This can be evidenced by the sheer complexity of the place...

Buildings sprawling over each other, subterranian levels, airfields, hangars, vast underground laboratories...

But then again, if it ever was those things, it surely isn't now. Something happened there long ago, and now The Complex is abandoned, crumbling, and eerily silent, it's inhabitants seemingly vanished into nothing in the blink of an eye.

It seems like The Complex is just... no longer there. It's never been heard from since that day when... whatever went wrong went wrong, and nobody who has set out looking for it has ever returned. No maps seem to mark it's location anymore, and not even GPS surveilance can sight anything in the endless expanse of forest it once called it's home.

Some have even gone so far as saying the place doesn't exist.

There's some sort of secret behind that place... And what happened there. The Complex holds many such surprises, and a treasure trove of mysteries too. But it also holds a strangling atmosphere of terror, and a horrific fate which has changed it into a world of dread and danger.


You have just opened your eyes from a long period of unconsciousness, finding yourself sprawled on the cracked stone floor of one of The Complex's many abandoned rooms. Remembering only your name, you must now set out into the darkness that has infested this place, and discover who you are, why you are there, and what terrible catastrophy turned the once bustling Complex into what you are about to experience.


Game Features


- Scary atmosphere and locations, with eerie audio and dark lighting effects to set a frightening mood.

- Relentless enemies which will hunt you endlessly, and which you cannot defeat!

- Mysterious story filled with puzzles and secrets to discover.














You can download this game from the page here:




Mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VLHS8K9X

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Wow I love this game! There are 3 of them aren't there? I'v played 3 and I love them all. This is a great game. I know it is because it's rare for me to get scared but I played this game at night with the lights of and it really got me jumpy. A must play trust me.

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Loved your effects; the timing where you put them. I do not usually fall victim to those kind of scare-tactics but when you are focused on the game you can't help but jump. Hahaha! add to that the fact that i was playing with the lights out and sometime past midnight. Good choice of music too. :D

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I started playing this game yesterday night. XD I was of course spooked out at first. You did a great job at making it creepy! I'm kinda stuck right now, in the underground. You know I need the locker code DX I solved the others, this is the only one I can't solve, yet. D= So a little help please, like just give me the passwords? :D

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I figured out what the sentence meant but I still don't get the passwords.

(Highlight to read)

"The three words that make up the password are green, not read."

So I tried using make, green, red as the passwords but that wasn't it. Then what is it? D:

EDIT!: Figured it out~ All three were suppose to be in cap XD

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Spooky but exciting!


At first it was really creepy especially when I played it, for the first time, I was alone in my house and it was really silent in my parent's room (where the computer is).

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