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Wonder. (RPG Engine) Now with Rhen inside!

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I am working on an "RPG Maker" engine.

You will be able to create your own adventures, much like in RPG Maker.

The features include a unique semi-Real time combat system and multiplayer.

Currently I am working torward a first free game\adventure to use this engine.


Since it is going to be multiplayer, there is going to be a unique Peace\Warn system between players.

It will make it possible to make pacts between players, but also betrayls and cunningness.


I would like to hear what you think. :)


Here is a YouTube video presenting the WIP of the game(Featuring me and spence):

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Don't worry about spence. If she will hit you, the guilt will quickly kill her. :P


This will be released on the PC, with a chance to get a client on mac. There might be ports to other platforms, but that's way ahead of time.

Unlike my previous game, this game will have much lower requerments to run.

Currently the client runs pretty ok on my netbook(A netbook is a very small laptop, mostly ment for internet browsing). And that's before any optimisations.

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