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Having no Homeworks on Weekends: Agree or not?

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To be fair, teachers normally give these tasks as a means of measuring the students' knowledge, skills, and abilities, and in many cases, should be beneficial to both teachers and students. If these tasks are difficult, the teacher should be open enough to help the student, while the learner is expected to make ways (not resorting to dishonest acts) to accomplish and learn. And sometimes, we learn from our mistakes.


I'd like to think of it that way, because I got bothered when blackprincess mentioned that teachers always give difficult tasks to students XD (since I teach English, and in certain instances, give challenging tasks). Ideally (or at least in language teaching), teachers begin from the basics before progressing to the more difficult ones. Some tasks, like writing research papers, are generally difficult, so there has to be some form  


It's not good for teachers to be happy when their students are failing, because it reflects their performance as a teacher. And being happy that students can't get their level of thinking = egoism / self-aggrandizement. 


@Richwind: Yeah, essays are taught and done because that's basically what you'll be doing as soon as you go up the academic levels. When you get to college/uni, professors give you a lot of texts to do, ranging from just a page up to as many as 40 pages. My undergraduate thesis went to as long as 94 pages, although that's because of the spacing, margins, and the font size. XD 


And in the workplace, everyone I guess is expected to be capable of writing well~

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I didn't mean any offense. I was just saying abt our teachers. I knw teachers mean us no harm and they want 2 develop us both in knowledge and human beings. Like smetimes whn we r stuck the teachers dnt help us. Its nt like they r botherd. They do it so tht we can learn 2 b independent. Of course in these case I do theis hw XD

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