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Viva La Tour Des Secrets (Newsletter)

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The title probably doesn't make sense because I don't speak French. I think viva is a french word though... but I am too lazy to check.


Why the French title you may ask? Because its more romantic? Maybe. Most likely its because we're finally seeing the localized (a fancy way of saying different language) versions of A Gypsy's Tale!


In theory by the end of the year you'll be able to adventure your way through the game in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, and even Engrish! (You may have to read that twice to get the joke).


It's a big step for Amaranth Games to bring a game into a new language, but we believe it is a vital one. So say Hola, Guten Tag, or whatever to any foreign fans who make their way over to our lair.


Localization is tricky work. A small miscommunication can cause a big problem. A famous funny story goes as follows:


JFK gave a speech at Berlin and said "Ich bin ein Berliner" - which translates to "I am a jelly donut." as opposed to the intended phrase, "I am a citizen of Berlin."


In reality, this and most other translation blunders are MYTHS. Technically what JFK said can be translated either way, and nobody would have assumed he was talking about the pastry with the same name. Still, errors like these outline the potential hazard of venturing into a language that you do not speak.


Got a funny translation story? Find us via one of our newly released translated versions and want to say hello? Think that you want to hear Gypsy's Tale narrated by The Swedish Chef?


Words from The Fool:

I'll nip another myth in the bud. The Chevy Nova failed in S. America because its name was misunderstood, No Va meaning "Doesn't Go." Total myth. The words Nova and No Va are pronounced differently, and really the Nova sold just fine in Latin America. These kinds of fascinating myths are almost always false. Always ask yourself: Would any person really act that way? Would a person in Berlin think that the president called himself a jelly donut just because it has a homonym? Would a person really say a car doesn't go, instead of using a more accurate term, like doesn't run or doesn't work? This is one fool telling you to always think before you believe. No fooling.

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Here's one my mom told me.


A German company, that decided to try selling chocolate in the US. They spent millions of dollars working out the recipes, building factories, and other businessy stuff. They decided to call the chocolate by the German name. They looked up the name in an English dictionary, didn't find it, and figured it would be alright. It just so happens that word was an informal one that couldn't be found in the dictionary at the time. The German word for chocolate? Zit.


They went bankrupt.

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"Viva" is Spanish :P, "vive" is French. :P


And, oh yeah JFK's speech is legendary :D


@KK: mmm and here I always thought "Schokolade" was German for chocolate... I know "Zit" is Dutch for "Sit".

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We'll just have to wonder if my mistake was intentionally foolish or not ;)


Viva, vive, it's not like anyone speaks spanish or french in the world!




However, here's a similar and REAL story, which is fun:


The term for when a spellcheck places the wrong word (not translation related) is called a Cupertinoism or cupertino effect.


In the early days of spellcheck the word "Cooperation" is not in the dictionary. It wanted you to spell it co-operation. So the next closest word is a town in California: Cupertino.


You'd think someone would notice, right? Nope: Turns out it took a long time for this to get fixed and to this day you can find records of the term cupertino cropping up all over the place, including documents at the US government and papers written by the UN.


"We're looking forward to cupertino between France and Italy...." ect.

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