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Aveyond High (D_A+Blurble Crack Collab)

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Hello and Welcome to Aveyond High, a collaboration between Blurble and Daeva_agas. An AU set in a modern highschool in a universe more similar to ours than to Aveyond's, consider it an "illustrated story".


Also, it is crack. Very crack. Think romantic-comedy reverse-harem is-that-Ahriman-hitting-on-Rhen-dear-lord-my-EYES crack. (Not to spoil anything...)


Sit back and enjoy (or, um, run away screaming in terror. both work)



(regular=text, italicized=picture)


Title Page



A Looming Man in Black



Some random sketches:

(may contain spoilers, hi.)



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YAY I'M HERE!!! Here's the story's wannabe manga cover (bigger version can be seen in the Collegium):




I'm here to illustrate the story (and probably give Blurble crazy ideas). Think picture storybooks. Or novels that has illustration inserts in them. Because it's more fun that way, right?


I plan the accompanying illustrations to look like they're manga page scans, not just individual images. I've seen old school novels that has comic page inserts instead of plain whole-page illustrations and that's what I would probably be doing.

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erm. it's more like you can come back to it later and post updates that are relevant to other things throughout the thread (as the thread grows).


I don't believe in having people have to click through the thread to find stuff that we could just link to in the first two posts, basically.


but this thread needs story in it pronto. (wanna post your pictures, too?)

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Prologue, or rather In Which Our Protagonist Experiences Flashback/Exposition:


School had ended two weeks before before, but it had already been preceded by summer, which had hung like a tantalizing vapor over the last few weeks of junior year and now clung pleasantly to these first glorious days of vacation.


Rhen Laurent wandered barefoot through her backyard, looking for pretty flowers to make into a bouquet to bring her mother. Well, ostensibly that was what she was doing but mostly she was simply enjoying the day. Clearwater was always gorgeous during the summer, drowning in greenery. Rhen had lived in it all her life, and although it was admittedly a rather boring place it was also...


Well, home.


"Oh! A marionbell!" she exclaimed, catching glimpse of that unmistakable shade of blue in an otherwise unremarkable clump of gorse on the other side of the road.


Marionbells were vivid blue, gorgeous and rather rare wildflowers, and they also happened to be Mother's favorite.


Rhen crossed the street quickly and considered the quandary the thorny gorse-bush presented. Finally she shrugged and simply stuck her hand in, wincing at the pinpricks of pain. She withdrew, but with the prize in hand-




She crashed into a... rather suspicious looking man and fell, flowers tumbling.


The man was dressed in what looked to be a wool suit, despite the summer weather, and she couldn't see his eyes beneath his large reflective sunglasses.


"Er," she said, stumbling back up. "I'm so sorry..."


She trailed off. She felt as if the man was staring at her, but she couldn't really tell, thanks to the sunglasses.


She tried to shake off the uneasy feeling and smiled weakly, before gathering up her flowers and walking away.


To her horror, the man followed her.


She sped up.


So did he.


Terrified, she broke into a run, racing for the safety of her house, not daring to look back. She slammed the door behind her and locked it quickly, fingers fumbling, heart racing, and only then did she peak out the window to the street. The man was nowhere to be found.


"Rhen?" Mother called from the kitchen. "Is something wrong?"


"Uh... no, nothing, Mother," Rhen called back. She took another look at the street. Empty.


Had she simply imagined that he was following her? That must have been it.




Later that night she found herself in her room, trying to concentrate on a book.


She had read the same page three times without understanding a word of it when she finally gave up, with a groan.


She'd been trying to forget the incident earlier that day, but she'd been so creeped out. She couldn't.


She sighed.


Clearly she was in no mood for reading. She'd go downstairs, drink something, have some cookies... maybe take a shower, go to sleep early. By tomorrow she'd have gotten over the shock, she'd be able to laugh about it with Danny.


She headed down the hallway into her room towards the light of the kitchen and stopped, frozen in shock.


The man from earlier was standing there, his back to her.


She nearly screamed, so certain she was that he must be a kidnapper or burglar or worse coming into her house, when she noticed that Father and Mother were standing there also.


But she couldn't breathe a sigh of relief, either. There was something weird going on. Mother looked like she was about to cry, and Father looked... angry? Resigned? She couldn't tell.


They were talking in low urgent adult voices.


"You don't have a right-" Father was saying.


"Actually," the stranger said, "you'll find that most any court would acknowledge the legal precedent in this sort of case-"


Rhen slid up against the wall, trying to hear better.


"You can't force us, this is absurd-"


"So you're prepared to engage in a long legal brawl with the Pendragon family, one that might take years to settle? I take it you have the resources to pursue such a venture?" he flicked a glance around the small room, disdainfully.


"Mother?" The whisper slipped out of Rhen's mouth before she realized it, a tiny whimper of confusion.


But the three adults in the room heard it. Father startled and Mother turned pale.




There was no use hiding now. She walked forward, uncertain.


"W-what's going on?" She asked.


"It's... complicated," Mother began, but was cut off by Father, who had turned triumphantly towards the man in black.


"That's another thing!" Father said, triumphant. "What if she doesn't want to go with you? You can't just kidnap her against her will!"


"You do not have legal custody of the girl," the stranger said, calmly.


Father flinched.


The stranger continued, "Any court in the land would accept Devin Pendragon's claim to her. She was given away without his consent and he still retains guardianship over her, so long as she is a minor. Keep that in mind if you do plan on trying for a court- there is very little chance you would win. And regardless, until the case would be settled the girl would stay with her de facto guardian. Not you."


He paused, before adopting a more conciliatory tone. "It's only another year. Then she'll be a legal adult and can stay where she wishes. You have to understand, Mr. Pendragon has been searching for her ever since he found out she hadn't died as he'd thought. He needs his daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Laurent, he has a right to his daughter."


"What's going on?" Rhen repeated, louder this time. "Mother? Father?" She was fighting back panic that rose like bile in her throat.


"We wanted to tell y-" Mother began.


Father turned angrily on the man in black. "See? See what you're doing? Is this what your... master wanted?" He spat the word 'master' like a curse. "Couldn't you at least have let us tell it to her, gently, in our own way-"


"Father, what are you talking about?" Rhen said, again. She felt like no one could hear her.


"Yes, do tell her," said the stranger. "She has a right to know."


Father looked like he was about to continue arguing, but mother put a hand on his shoulder.


"Rhen, love," she said. "We were going to tell you this one day. But we didn't want you to think it made any difference to us, we didn't want it to worry you. The truth is..."


"The truth is you're adopted," cut in the stranger, impatiently.


Rhen blinked. "I- what?"


"You are not the daughter of Sophie and Tailor Laurent, needless to say you have never been."


"Now don't you dare-" Mother bristled. She broke off and turned to Rhen. "Whatever this... man says, you have always been our daughter. Just not by blood."


"You might as well tell her, while you're at it, whose daughter she is, by blood." The man took a step towards Rhen, and instinctively she took a step back. "You are the daughter of Alicia and Devin Pendragon, Rhen."


Rhen stared at him for a second, and then began to laugh.


Haha. This was funny. Because she was totally the daughter of some snobby rich family. This man must think she was one of those girls who dreamed of being a princess, that's why he'd even thought she'd fall for this.


But he'd done a good job, she had to admit. Her parents looked all worked up. It was really quite funny, she could barely breathe from laughter...


And they were all staring at her.


"I get it, guys," she managed to say between giggles, "very funny, haha, I wasn't really expecting a birthday prank just yet but that was beautiful."


"...This isn't a prank, Rhen," mother said.


It was the expression that convinced Rhen. Now that she thought about it, Mother had never been that good an actress. And she looked... very sad. And old, almost, or weary or broken.


"I-it isn't?" Rhen whispered, but already knew the answer.


Funny, her stomach had vanished, leaving a sort of void in its place. She tried to swallow against a suddenly dry throat.


The stranger looked... Smug, surprised, she couldn't tell behind the damn glasses. She suddenly wanted to rip them off.


Instead she stood there, helplessly, and her parents- not her parents, maybe her parents- her parents stood there, too.


But it was Tailor who broke the silence.


"Seventeen years ago someone brought you to us. She didn't explain why, she just said you needed a place to stay. She never came back." He paused, breathed heavily.


We had no children of our own. We were more than happy to take you in. The first year we worried and wondered, the second year as well, but by the time you were toddling all over the backyard we felt sure that you were ours, that she had gone..."


"But you could have told me," Rhen said.


"We planned to! We just... kept pushing it off. But we were going to tell you. We didn't expect to have the past intrude on us like this, so suddenly." He shot the man a dirty look.


"Rhen," mother said, pleaded almost. "You don't have to go with him. We can fight to keep you. You're our daughter, nothing will change that."


Did it have to be a fight?


Rhen thought back to the conversation she had overheard. Mother might say she could stay with them, but this sunglasses-man clearly thought otherwise.


"I'm a Pendragon?" She asked, carefully.


The man nodded.


"May I ask what your name is?"


His eyebrows rose over the darkened shades.


"Wilton," he said.


"Wilton, what would happen if I chose to stay here?" She asked.


"I'm afraid that's not possible. Your... adopted parents might be arrested, in fact. They'd be guilty of conscious kidnapping. Really they could have been tried for not reporting you to the authorities as a baby, to see if you matched any reports of disappeared babies, but Master Pendragon is willing to overlook that if you come now. But if you don't..."


At the word "kidnapping" Mother paled and covered her mouth, before recovering her composure- but not before Rhen had already noticed.


This was serious, then.


"Can I have another week, to pack?" Rhen asked, slowly. She felt her heartbeat, thumping painfully in her chest, but she was doing her best not to care.


"You don't really need to pack very much," Wilton said.


"But- still..." Rhen said.


"Alright," he said, with a sigh. "I get it. You need to tie things up. Well. As long as you're coming- sensible girl, I see- as long as you're coming, it should be fine. I'll tell the master, and be back in a week to pick you up."


He gave her the slightest tip of his head before turning to leave-


"Are you sure, Rhen?" Father said.


"It's fine," she assured him. "It's a chance to see something new and exciting, isn't it? And I'll come visit, every chance I get."


"Not to mention," Wilton said, calmly, on his way out the door, "The opportunities that this can give you, the doors this will open for you. Surely for that alone, you should come."


"And of course you can visit," he added, more gently, and the door shut behind him with a click.




She almost regretted asking for an entire week.


It was too much. Too much crying, mostly, and the vast majority of it from her parents, because Rhen had gone... oddly numb.


She did not, at any point after that first night, think it was not real. It was very obviously real, in the most absurd, bizarre way.


Dreams did not feel like this. Dreams did not involve awful lunches filled with sudden bursts of sobs from her mother. Not-mother. Whatever.


She was filled with restlessness, that was the thing. It was the restlessness of dread and anticipation and the knowledge that something big and terrifying was headed her way, and she just wanted it to hit her and do whatever damage it planned on doing, so she could get over it and be done with it.


But Mother, Father, they were not restless. Father was awkward and miserable and Mother was clingy and-


And she felt like hot soup had been poured into her head, or alternatively that said hot soup had gone cold and congealed, and her thoughts were little fizzy formless bubbles.


And when the morning came, the morning she was leaving, she realized she had pushed off saying goodbye to any of her friends. And there wasn't time, and...


All her belongings fit inside two bags.


She stripped her bed.


Then she helped carry her bags outside, and hugged, and hugged again, and then...




The goodbye didn't feel real, though.


She only looked back through the rear window once.


She napped fitfully the entire forty-five minute ride.







"We're here," Wilton said, and Rhen blearily opened her eyes, head aching.


"Bqguujgh," she said, very coherently.


Her gaze happened to drift out the window and she promptly snapped fully awake.


"Th-that's the house?!"


It was massive and white and massive and... massive. It stretched beyond the limits of Rhen's vision and when she stepped out of the car she had to crane her head upwards to glimpse the silvery shine of the pointed roof.


She had never seen anything this big in her life, and that included the Clearwater Public School and her one brief excursion to see the Mayor's house.


"It has a long and distinguished history," Wilton commented, as he unloaded her bags from the trunk and shook off her feeble attempt to help. "It has been the Pendragon estate for centuries."


They approached the house by way of a winding pathway that meandered through a large garden. Flowers grew unruly along the path, flowers Rhen had never seen before, flowers she had read of only in books, and- oh!- a huge patch of only marionbells.


"You can pick one, if you want," Wilton commented.


Rhen flushed, feeling as if she'd been too obvious in her delight.


"There's no need," she said, "maybe some other time..."


Yet still she knelt and plucked one- just one, she thought, it couldn't make a difference- and held it carefully as they continued.


As they came closer to the house- mansion, really, house couldn't begin to describe a building of its size- she was able to see that the white stone of the house was carved, covered in decorations, nymphs and knights and suchlike.


She couldn't begin to imagine what lay inside. Gold furniture and marble floors and crystal statues? Her imagination seemed to fail her, when confronted with such excess, such obvious wealth and age and... She could only think of fairytales, of ruby necklaces and emerald chokers. Surely in such a house there would be treasures even beyond that.


The entrance way itself seemed a small hall in its own right, all Grecian pillars, and beyond that...


She swallowed.


Beyond that a great imposing set of double doors made from some dark wood. There was a knocker, made from what appeared to be brass, a snarling gargoyle holding a loop of metal in his mouth, which Wilton briskly used to rap sharply on the wood.


Then, without bothering to wait, he opened the door himself.


Rhen, confused, almost began to ask before stopping herself to follow him, clutching the marionbell.

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@aveyondstars: it was darzon. but laurent it is, for the purpose of the story.


@D_A: well, you do have pedo!ahriman... (and i wrote that before i saw you had already posted the cover)

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Let's just do the pictures in chronological order. I will draw and post pics that are pertinent to the story posted. We're only up to the "creepy Men-in-Black wannabe comes to get Rhen" now so Pedo!Ahriman comes later :D Plus, you DID say it's not creepy/stalker-ish enough.

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She crashed into a... rather suspicious looking man and fell, flowers tumbling.


The man was dressed in what looked to be a wool suit, despite the summer weather, and she couldn't see his eyes beneath his large reflective sunglasses.


"Er," she said, stumbling back up. "I'm so sorry..."


She trailed off. She felt as if the man was staring at her, but she couldn't really tell, thanks to the sunglasses.

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that is beautiful and perfect and beautiful, thank you.


I am hyperventilating from stress and work overload. I should finish the chapter but just the thought of doing anything more than what I need to do right now makes my heartbeat start to speed up. So. I will finish up. It will probably not be today.



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It's okay, Blurb, everyone's busy. I also have a pile of stuff I've been putting off to work on my random stuff, like Harry Potter crossovers and OUD and all my side stories...

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Wow! You two are amazing. I really liked the cover and the comic, you are so very super amazing awesome *tries to think of other words of the same sort* at drawing, daeva_agas.I really reaally reaaaaallllllyyy like them so much. And with Blurble's amazing, super, terrific, extraordinary, lovely, beautiful writing talents,.... I have nothing to say but WOW! Please update this as soon as you can :)

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