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Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

Post Your Picture (remake)

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Ryo!!! it's really niceyy and cuttie one!!! luv yar photo!!! it also awesum :DD


btw everyone:


this is me errr... a day ago ( maybe xD )




Sabaku kyuu~~~~~~~~ XDDDDDDDD


another one ( UGLEH ! )



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Soryy for being such a CAMWHORE. ~ C:


Me and my new Miniature Pincher Valen (yes, her name's Valen) My dad was about to name her Chichay so I spared the puppy the shame and called her Valen instead.



A demonstration on how Valen would follow me around.





I love to play with Valen on my lap. She sleeps there. ^^





Valen's camera shy, so I [d]forced[/d] posed her to these pics~ :D





And finally me and Valen ergh... bonding together~ C:

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@ Avey - Kittie! x3 You look really kyute there!

@ Ryo - Kawaii! XD The green hat looks like a boat from the side. owo

@ kirara - pillow+dark = can't see your face there, sis XD

@ harmonic - Lol, why is it a rare pose? @-@

@ watie - Pwettie!!! >//< I totally feel lie pulling those rosy pink cheeks x3x

@ phoe - Strawberry! You look so cute sis! :D

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@ kiri chan - lol -^^-

@ stardale - Nice!! You look pretty composed ^^ I remember the first time I went horse riding; I puked on my uncle later on in the car, no idea why x,x

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@kirara: Um, you know, I don't want to be nasty and all, but if you really think you're ugly why don't you stop posting pics of yourself then scream ugly at yourself? I mean, those dark photos kind of defeats the purpose of this thread :(

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nah ignore the ugly, at the real i think imma pretty just b'coz of school, in mah school everyone said "GR" ( it means grogi in mah school ) if i called mah self a beauty, but for the dark i dunno why... i see et and it's normal here ( on mah laptop ) o.o

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@luthie you have so beautiful smile sis ♥


@avey OMG!! NEKO!!♥


@Ryo my cute son ♥ mom is proud of you ♥


@Kirara I must agree with agas on this one. personally I don't think you're ugly at all ;)


@harmonic wow, just wow dude ;) (Moony has another harem idea >:-D )


@Kiki finally!! my other self is so sweet ♥ love your hair ;)


@phoenix cute as always I see ;)


@TV is that Velvie?! XD


Ok here are some of my pics :)) The period was full with parties :D so here we go... =)


First there's Moony Claus :D...





... followed by Moondolph the red-horned Reindeer XD...





...and some party-time...











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@ Kipani - awwww, congrats, what a sweet, beautiful looking daughter


@Ryo- eek you look so cute all dressed up, must have been great fun!!


@harmonic - love super chill, looks like good hanging out fun


@watershine - wow you have incredible blue eyes, jealous!


@mooney- I need antlers like those, cute!!

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