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You get the coal when you wake the girl. She tells you her story, then gives you coal as your reward. Did you wake her? Do you not have the coal in your inventory?


Also, when you get the coal, you don't put it in the gazebo. He should have told you that you need to put something of value in the gazebo, then mention that you have the coal (coal has little value, but it can be turned into something else very valuable)


Did your game close or crash when she told you her story?

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hmm ... during testing I often had a crash as she was telling the true story, so she never ended up giving me the coal. But when I reloaded the game and spoke to her, she continued on as if that had all happened as it should have - so I didn't have the coal and she wouldn't give it to me. I had to restart at that point.


But if you actually got a message saying she gave you the coal ...

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