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Best Orb in Aveyond 1

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Here's a list by Aeternus that may help:


- Flood Orb, from the necromancer’s shop in Veldarah. Strengthens water/ice attacks, such as Tsunami and Absolute Zero. Weaks fire attacks.


- Gnome Orb, from Thornkeep. Strengthens earth attacks, like Annhilate, Earthquake, and Mudslide, as well as other Annhilator attacks, such as Thermal Storm and Bomb. Weakens lightning attacks.


- Star Orb, from Aveyond (ask for a map from Lamb Chop the bini in Teamcup Town). Currently, we still have no idea what it does!


- Cracked Orb, from the junk shop in Sedona. Strengthens lightning attacks, such as Lightning Storm and Thunderstorm. Weakens earth-based attacks.


- Dragon Orb, from the museum curator in Veldt. Strengthens fire attacks, such as Bomb, Thermal Storm, and Annhilator Guild attacks in general. Weakens water/ice attacks.


- Charmed Orb, from Mysten Far (need the Climbing Guide). Generally strengthens Time Master Guild spells, such as Charm, Gate Exura, Fast Forward, and Time Storm. Currently, we’re not sure what it specifically weakens.


- Blood Orb, from Ahriman’s Castle. Generally strengthens Necromancer Guild attacks, such as Burn, Sacrifice, and Death.

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I wanted to add to the Best Orb in Aveyond 1 topic, but it's locked. :(


Regarding the Star Orb:

I did some experiments a couple years back, and found that this orb dramatically enhances the Firefly spell, which can be bought in a shop in Sedona. According to my data, when Firefly is cast through the Star Orb, it does 2x as much damage as when cast through an empty orb staff. (It enhances some other spells as well, but none so dramatically as Firefly. I wish I could find where I wrote all the others down.)



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hi i was experimenting with the orbs and i found out the star orb not only incresses healing skills but also time master skills.but the gnomo orb just weakens anillator skills and make them do 10-17 damage. i hope this helps some (the original topic had some invalid info and was locked).




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In my observation here's the benefits of orbs


Gnome Orb - Earth Spells

Flood Orb - Water/Ice Spells

Cracked Orb - Explosion Spells

Star Orb - Healing/Thunder/Lightning Spells

Dragon Orb - Poison/Fire Spells

Enchanced Orb - Time Mage Spells

Blood Orb - Darkness Spells


I believe there's still playing Aveyond 1 and finding for answers about the Magic Orbs, And those who are disagrees with me that Lightning/Thunder Spells is in Star Orb, Feel free to test it and see which of the orbs have solid damage from Thunder/Lightning Spells and you can see it by the looks, If you observe Lightning Storm with Cracked Orb you will see thin and normal lightning graphics but if you use Lightning Storm with Star Orb the graphic became thick lightning and have a damage up to 2000 max unlike Cracked Orb deals 1300 max, If you're disagree feel free to test it :)

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