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Bottles for pixies

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i went to Harakauna where i saw 3 empty bottles in the item store, but when i click in front of them nothing happens! why is that what can i do?

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lol those must be potion bottles or something. The locations of the empty bottles are:


(from the walkthrough)

*Blueleaf Forest – on the way to the Great Tree, go up some steps with one Snapdragon at the top. Off to the right is a chest with a bottle.

*Circus – up the steps on the west side, walk around to the south.

*Crystal Cavern – on the way to the Giant Beanstalk Forest.

*Ashera’s Tomb – behind the door to Underfall

*Mana Caves in Acropolis


The first time you need only 3 bottles but the next time, you'll need all 5.



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