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Ridgaellan Prep- A curious RP

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You are awoken at exactly midnight to the tapping of little feet. Looking around, you see no one. Next to you, you see an envelop embedded with grey and purple ribbon. Dazed, you open it.


Dear sir or madam,

after much scrutiny, you have been chosen to attend Ridgaellan Prep. If you do not know the reason now, you will soon. This is not a choice. One way or another, you will end up at Ridgaellan Prep. We applaud you on your excellent abilities and look forward to meeting you come Day One.



Darthus Formitus; Dean of Ridgaellan Prep


Attached is a picture of green grassy hills blooming with cherry blossoms and a small town. The sign outside the town reads, "Rigaellan Prep".

The school is a town? Exhausted, you fall back asleep, deciding to deal with it in the morning..

Welcome to Ridgaellan Prep, a curious RP! In this RP you will somehow end up at Ridgaellan Prep, a "school" that ends up being a town. Each person will have some place to stay that is tune with their abilities. Teachers turn out to be townspeople, as do students! However, there are shops and an inn and beautiful landscape surrounding the area! But where is it? How is it a school? Where are YOU? Who made it? Come find out in this curious RP..

Takes place around the same time-frame as Aveyond- While there are inns and magic, there is no televisions, etc. This should go without saying. No guns. :P

You can choose your ability or why you have been chosen to attend. Magic, physical combat and mental attacks are allowed. It is okay if you do not know why you have arrived yet.

Depending on age, make yourself fit. This means if you are 100 you are oddly 16 when you enter Ridgaellan, or you are a teacher, or you have been there for years, etc. Try to be between 13-21 though.(:

You CAN be any species/race!


If you are interested in joining, please send me a PM with your deets. (:


Here is a sample:

Username: Scimitras

Character: Demitri Parsefield

Race: Human (or so he thinks)

Class: None

Strengths: Basically a monkey- Able to climb anything and jump anywhere with great speed. Quick evasiveness.

Weaknesses: No outstanding abilities. Unique as a human and weak as a race.

Enjoys: Climbing Trees, playing around, girls

Dislikes: Nothing

Features: Caucasian, piercing green eyes, short black hair, a few freckles across the nose, baggy white-brown shirt, brown shorts, no shoes, oddly handsome for a human, somewhat short


Backstory: Demitri lived in a normal town in a normal human area, where he started growing amazing monkey-like abilities at the age of four. Since then he has been able to jump and climb on almost anything. He has a very goofy personality an is quite a flirt- he was quite popular at his school and liked by all the girls (and he liked all of them :P). He has an oddly alluring look about him but he has never noticed it and no one has ever mentioned it t him. Raised by his parents who always supported him though he rarely saw them as he rarely came home. He was lying in a hammock in a tall tree when he received the letter.

Add your character NOW folks! :D

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Username: ljspence

Character: Erith Heartsong

Race: Siren

Class: Unknown to her at this time

Strengths: Powerful singer and swimmer able to dive to great depths, able to use voice to control others (emotional lures, hypnotic suggestions), sonic shielding and attacks, able to play most instruments

Weaknesses: no great physical strength or ability with traditional weapons

Enjoys: singing, music, water creatures

Dislikes: arguments

Features: Slim build, athletic and willowy, long dark hair, olive toned skin, slightly slanted blue eyes with nictitating membranes which come down when swimming, wears short skirts, tight tops and long boots


Backstory: Erith lived happily in her coastal village while she was young. She was the lead vocalist and guitar player for a popular girl band “Bleeding Hearts”. Although popular, she is something of a loner and private. She was brought up by her grandmother, a very powerful Siren, since her parents died when she was quite young. No one speaks about the reason except when they believe Erith cannot hear them. After a particularly successful gig, there was an incident just outside of the inn where group had been playing. A particularly drunk man, attempted to attack Erith. In a panic, she used her voice to incapacitate him. He has not yet recovered. The next morning Erith received her letter and is full of fear that she will be put away as a menace to society.

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Username: watershine1234

Character: Luka Margatroid

Race: Unknown

Comes from: Prismriver Palace

Received the note at: Tigerlily Valley

Ability: High level Magic

Class: Magician

Strengths: Logical, Cannot die

Weaknesses: Wears out quickly.

Enjoys: Reading, Playing games, Music

Dislikes: Bossy people.

Features: Shiny red hair to her waist, amber eyes. Always wears a medieval-style green dress with a white veil.

Age: Over 1000 years old, but has the appearance of a teenager.

Backstory: In the past, Luka was a hated princess. She was kidnapped by a strange person, and she was asleep for at least 500 years. She then woke up in a house that was unfamiliar to her. She knows almost NOTHING of her past. She is raised as a normal teenage girl.

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Username: Tei


Character: Elya Ravenwing


Race: Elf


Class: Sorcerer/Bard with specialization in Necromancy


Strengths: She can talk to dragons. Very, very fluently. Draconic came naturally to her. She has a little dragon named Squee who's her familiar.


Weaknesses: She's not the most physically fit, but she is an elf, so she has some advantage over humans by way of agility. She has a major complex about failing, she'll cry.


Enjoys: Playing her fife, playing with Squee, obsessing over cute Asian boys.


Dislikes: mean people, being wrong, failing


Features: Waist-length brown hair, blue-green-grey-brown eyes, caucasian. See the halloween costume contest, page 2 for a picture of me dressed as Elya XD


Age: Um...that's complicated. She looks in her teens (17ish), but since she's an Elf...that's debatable.


Backstory: Oh Gods, this could be long ^^;


Elya discovered when she was twelve years old that she could speak to dragons. She'd been able to speak to the little lizards around her house well before that, but her talents really began to appear when she was twelve. She lived in a small farming town called Leifsair, and attended both Krisvyre Academy and Spectral Hall. She is now in service to Kiliara, the Goddess of Death, along with her quasi-half-brother Kevice, as assassin.




there's another profile of her in the Verite and Spectral Hall RPs.

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Username: shadowshed

Character: Eirika Colm

Race: human?

Class: umm, archer?

Strength: using Bow and arrows. She also has very some -small- amounts of magic power, so she rather to practice her combat skill alone, but she still could use plain spells. She also quick and tactical, since she has small body. Sometimes can throw arrows without using the bow itself and she's able to make herself some arrows.

Weaknesses: she's small and skinny, so usually she's easy to blow. Also, her eyes were bit inaccurate and sometimes miss the aim.

Enjoys: read books, eat icecream, sleeping, practicing/learning anything she interested to.

Dislikes: when she's troubled and can't find any strategy to move toward. Though she usually ignores her foods and chooses to drink a plain water.


- has blue-colored hair, down to shoulder length, green eyes

- wears leather clothes and a blue robe(just some fabrics that tied to around the neck and fall, up till her feet). She doesn't use heels.

Age: 14

Backstory: a daughter from anywhere, who left at orphanage when she still young. A mere innocent girl met someone who tended to adopt her and bought her into her new house. Not a rich family, but she loved her new life. One day she found a beast that scratched her face to the left eye, and injured. She's saved by a hunter who'd later taught her using bows. She kept learning and got to an academy of archery, and graduated early(cuz she hated attending school -noisy students that making fun of her scratched face-, otherwise she studied frantically to graduate and ignore them).

As journey keep flowing, years later she's able to help her parents to collect foods -deers, animals- from the forest. Until one day, she's asleep under a tree in the forest while wandering for both foods and training, she woke and found a strange letter and read it through moon's light.



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Username: iPink


Character: Jadus


Race: Deity


Class: Sorceress, Pirate, Supreme Undersecretary to the River God, and High Mistress of the Oceans, Seas, and Salt Lakes


Strengths: Has mastery over the ocean. Like, really, really powerful. However, away from the sea, she has some power over water. The full moon greatly strengthens her and she gains power in the night. Oh, and she can't drown. She can't really breathe underwater, but she has unbelievable lung capacity and if she stays underwater too long then she'll simply wash up or float up. She just can't drown. ^^ Oh, and she's technically immortal, but she can be killed and injured and is pretty much like a normal person except she's ageless. :P And she's mighty handy with a rapier, using her skills as a sorceress to imbue her weapon with great blasts of magic; she can do the same with any weapon, and often uses an orb staff dual with her rapier. She also discovered a unique stone magic that she called jade.


Weaknesses: When the moon is dark or on a cloudy night she loses much of her power. Also, she is weak when far from the ocean for too long. Like, she has to go to the beach every once in a while or she'll become fatigued. Plus she is slight, if agile, and without her brother she becomes volatile. Her skills with the rapier are limited when she is not using sorcery, and she tires very quickly under the effects of non-ocean magic. Also, many of the gods hold grudges against her for various misdeeds. Her especial enemies are the Boar Goddess Suson, the Forest God Silvai, and Kiliara, the Goddess of Death, whom she has escaped far too many times. ^^ She is not on speaking terms with her brother after he became angry with her for her rash use of her powers. The jade beach at their parents' house was the last straw.


Enjoys: long walks on the beach, ocean animals, dancing, arguments, fashion-forward friends


Dislikes: peace-lovers, people who pollute the ocean, lustful sailors, and people who don't like adventures


Features: Strangely changing umber red hair that seems a different shade, cut, and style every day, green eyes that seem different every day, lightly tanned Caucasian. She wears thigh-boots, a ploofy blouse with a red leather vest over it, and tight leggings (under her boots. The boots are very, very piratey). She also has a variety of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and other accessories. She wears a silver brooch with a multitude of jades on her right boot. She's left-handed, and keeps her jade-encrusted rapier in her left boot.


Age: 17 (She's much older, but she looks and, for all intents and purposes, is 17.)


Backstory: Jadus was born from the sea alongside her brother Evelon. She and her brother were raised by a fisherman's family until they were physically adults. A year after Jadus and Evelon left, the fisherman's region became suddenly prosperous in fish and the sand on the beach turned to jade. Jadus and Evelon soon parted ways and Jadus became a pirate, slowly working her way up to first mate. From this position she controlled the ship, despite actual ranks. Her charm and alluring appearance allowed her to take what she wanted, giving nothing in return. She was known to board enemy ships and simply take their cargo, leaving their captain dazed and often with him giving her crew the booty. However, she eventually tired of losing her friends so easily as she aged and retired from human company. She built herself a temple of jade high in the mountains near the sea. Here she granted a select few immortality to work as priestesses for her. She later met the River God and befriended him, learning many of his secrets and advancing her own skills as a sorceress and water mage. However, she was still, in truth, a teenager, having never grown up enough to be in the company of the gods. As she was swimming at her secret beach, accessed by a hidden trail from the Jade Temple, she received the note.


lol Sorry about the length. I'm very passionate about this character and she often gets away from me. ^^

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change in plans. I've used Elya for the last two--or was it three?--RPs i've been involved in. time for someone new! i've never tried to channel this character before, so this could be interesting.


Username: Tei


Character: Taran Kepi


Race: some variety of divinity, but he is most certainly killable. See backstory.


Class: ...difficult to describe. magic-weilder who is quite capable of handling melee weapons.


Strengths: lightning, thunder and weather. lightning and thunder magic doesn't affect him or affects him only mildly (ie, he'd laugh from the tickling if you hit him with a lightning bolt before promptly returning it at several times its original power). Also handles his kris very, very well.


Weaknesses: his left leg was badly broken in an assassination attempt (see backstory) and it still bothers him from time to time. also a little paranoid.


Enjoys: storms, sitting on clouds, using lightning to make music. don't ask me how he can do that--he won't tell me.


Dislikes: lots of things. he tends to be grumpy. he dislikes people for the most part.


Features: Asian-esque, brown hair with a black streak through it on the left side, yellow-gold eyes, black lightning bolt tattoo on each of his forearms, purple lighting bolt on each cheek. Pointy ears. Tall and slender.


Age: we'll call him 18. Somewhere in his 200s, but we'll call him 18.


Backstory: Taran was the younger of two sons, but by far his father's favorite. His older brother, Perun, wanted their father's power and tried to assassinate Taran by forcing him to fall from Skyes. Taran was saved by a girl named Esen, and the two of them sought revenge on Perun. Perun assassinated their father and claimed the title God of Storms, killed Esen, and nearly Taran. Kiliara, the Goddess of Death, told Taran she could only save Esen if he traded something equally as valuable. So Taran fought Perun again. (Don't ask how that's equally valuable--i'm too lazy to explain it here). And won. Thus, Taran became God of Storms and Esen was saved and became Goddess of Wind, a well as his wife.


Taran was sitting on a cloud, watching a storm when the letter arrived.

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Here iz mine! :3

And yes, i make new characters for almost every RP.

and yes, i like RPing as female characters, don't ask why, i can't explain. :/


Username: matriamat

Character: None (but is called Miza)

Race: Unknown.

Class: Unknown, but shows signs of Psychic Magic.

Strengths: Have amazing hearing, smell and sight, can spot anything before anyone else.

Weaknesses: Knows nothing about her past. Easily distracted.

Enjoys: Forests, Plains, Freedom, Hunting, Speaking, and Admiring Boys(and is sometimes admired herself).

Dislikes: Dogs, Eagles, Smelly Stuff, and Loud Noises.

Features: Have got a slim body, red hair, and yellow-ish green eyes. Wears homemade clother made out of old cloth and nature materials, Usually green or orange.

Age: Seems around 14-15

Backstory: Miza woke up in a forest, knowing nothing about her past. She was searching for shelter when she found an old wooden house. After a month she found her way to a village where she lived for some time as a regular human, growing to think that is what she is. On a small walk in the forest, she found the letter.

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What's the difference between the two? Your character is fine, as long as you understand your character ends up at this strange school-town and is basically held there against their will.. But having an ocean nearby is not a problem at all. Makes things interesting. :)

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Jadus is female and Evelon is male, and you said you wanted more male characters. lol. The two are kind of opposites. Jadus is the dangerous, destructive force of the ocean, while Evelon is the lonely, dark, sorrowful side. Besides that they have somewhat different fighting styles and skills, but they are two parts that are the embodiment of the ocean.

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Username: Mongoose

Character: Jared

Race: Human

Class: Sorcerer/Pirate

Strengths: Has above average intelligence, and values logical reasoning above strength. Comming from a line of powerful mages, he has the ability to use time magic, and can do simple things with magic such as magical blasts, simple spells, etc.

Weaknesses: He lacks in physical strength and relys mostly on magic instead of actual weapons. Only has limited control over his abilities at this time. He has trouble using his abilities that deal with altering time. He is also lazy to a certain extent.

Enjoys: Tea, reading, birds, adventures and learning new things.

Dislikes: Loud things, and being out smarted.

Features: Has short black hair, blue eyes, average height, skinny, and usually wears a black robe with a golden clock symbol on the back.

Age: 17

Backstory: For most of his life Jared grew up with his uncle in a local tea shop on the mainland. He discovered his magical abilities when he was little, and since then has been training himself to become a powerful mage. Once Jared turned 16, he joined a group of pirates in hopes that he would be able to increase his magical abilities on various pirating adventures. Even though Jared knew how most of his abilities worked, he soon learned that there was lot more to his magic than thought at first and he soon found out that there was more that he could learn.


Then One day when he was on shore in a local inn, he found the letter from the Dean of Ridgaellan Prep.

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@iPink: rid-gay-len (like lend without the d).

@shadowshed: Absolutely! Villians will be part of the lessons. ;)


Okay so I really dont want to wait until diamondmist adds her character because registrations are flowing in and I've already had to turn several people down.. I will just add it myself:


Username: diamondmist

Character: Xen Chii

Race: Elf

Class: Shapeshifter

Strengths: Can shape-shift into anything. Anything. Even into inanimate or non-living objects. However, shape-shifting does not only include changing into some other thing - she can extend her limbs (or any part of her body) over frighteningly long distances; "change" her gender or overall appearance; imitate another person's form; change her size; turn into an element...the possibilities are endless.

Weaknesses: Weak against close range.

Enjoys: Fighting, sleeping, scaring people, her cat, boys.

Dislikes: Talking too much, questions.

Features: Asian, leaning towards the Chinese; hip-length black hair with red highlights (usually in a loose ponytail); slim build, tall; light brown eyes; slightly tan skin. Usually wears an elvish, jeweled necklace and bracelet (on her left hand), a dark, but oddly shimmering knee-length blue multi-strapped dress, a blue armband with the Chii coat of arms (two dragons with corresponding Yin-Yang colours entwined) on it, and black sandals.


Backstory: Brought up by her elder sister Xin, Xen's parents died when she was three and a half. Due to this (and the fact the Xin was just twelve at the time) she didn't know the care of a mother or father, even though Xin tried her best to support them. Xen led a decidedly hard life, but eventually, in due time, learned to love it as she had the sympathy of the village citizens. As the Chii family were all very good shape-shifters, Xen began to train by her own by the time she was six. Xin later joined her and they honed their skills everyday, until they were known as the best in the country (that was a bit exaggerated since they were the only ones in the country; all the other relatives lived in other parts of the world). When she was nine, Xin was killed, the murderer unknown. The elvish family of Velya took her in, and there she learned much more about the world (and of course, the Velya boys were so cute).

She was visiting Xen's gravestone when she recieved the letter, flowing on the breeze.


In my next post, the RP will have started, :)

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Demetri awoke, tired and lazy. Thoughts of the previous day ran through his head.. Getting drunk with Alice and Lily, scaring them when the full moon came out.. The kiss and run.. All in good fun.


Demetri stretched and felt his shoulder scratch against something. When he checked, he saw the envelope he had seen the night before had fallen to the bottom of the hammock. The envelope.. Demetri quickly recalled his invitation to Ridgaellan, brushed it aside as a harmless prank, and jumped down from the tall oak to find an apple tree.


Welcome to Ridgaellan Prep-A curious RP! Your first post should be about how you reacted when you got the letter and what action you took against or for it! If you have any questions about gameplay during gameplay, please write in double paranthesis OOB and then your message. For example, ((OOB: Wait so where are we right now?)). Enjoy the RP, and have fun! If you have questions that are NOT related to actual gameplay but the rules or the storyline in general, please send me a PM. Thank you!

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"Where is that letter?" Jared said to himself as he sat up on the bed, and swung his legs off to the side. After finding it hidden between the sheets of the Inn's bed, he re-opened it to read it again. He was surprisingly well rested for having slept in an inn. Sitting on the bed, Jared gave the letter another quick read, "Rigaellan Prep, eh? Sounds boring." Jared then stuffed the letter in his back pocket and headed out the door to return to the rest of the crew he was sailing with. Jared never really took a liking to being a pirate but he did enjoy sailing and the smell of the ocean air. Normally he would have slept on the ship but most of the crew were staying at the local inn because the ship was going under a few repairs. As he headed out of the door of the Inn he spotted the big ship in the distance.

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Jadus emerged from the water, dripping and refreshed. She pulled on the thin robe that one of her priestesses had set on the sand and ran her fingers through her hair. Today the waves were wild and her hair was similarly impossible to tame. She sat down and watched the surf in her small inlet. A particularly vigorous wave splashed her feet and then washed away again, leaving a soaked letter. Jadus regarded it for a moment, then picked it up and slipped her hand across the paper. The water withdrew from the parchment and she opened the letter. The contents surprised her, as did the strange arrival, but she threw back her head and laughed after she had finished. As if anyone could control her!


Jadus shivered as a sudden blast of cold air ran across her skin, unusual against the vague warmth that accompanied Autumn by the sea. She drew her robes more tightly around her and fled the beach up a cleverly concealed passage in the sheer cliff beyond the wash of sand. She didn't notice the slow crackling of ice behind her as the ocean froze over. She did not see how the letter curled within the ice, leaving five words clear at the surface. This is not a choice.

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((OOB: Geez... Third POV, right?))


"Ah!" Eirika jumped out when she saw a group of deers as she walked into the deeper forest, at the plain. She's taking a look to count them, but she miss-counted it(never learn to count something with numbers). "15 huh? Not a big deal," she said without any doubt that she's actualy mistaken. Preparing her bow, she started to aim a deer that stay a bit way from the others. Eirika licked her lips as her shoot wiped the life of the deer. She then continued to shoot all of them one by one quickly. She wouldn't want them notice her, yes?


"Everyone must be full today," she hummed quietly then she picked up the corpses. She thought that she's not able to carry that much, she then made a plain wargon created by trunks by her dagger. "I know this will come handy, so I brought it," Eirika said amazingly at herself to be able to predict something like that.




It's already night, and she gave up to go home that time. She would like to read stars if those leaves didn't stand and cover the sky. So then she decided to sleep instead, and left the wagon far beside (cuz the smell...kills her nose).


"Uhm hmhm...," Eirika murmured in her sleep, almost woken by the leaf that fell into her mouth. When she tried to choke, she jumped out noticing something in her mouth.


"Grr.," she's annoyed, threw the leaf. Finally, she noticed the true self of the leaf when she picked it back and tried to tear it. A paper inside of leaf that tied with some ribbons. She sweaddropped to see a new generation of envelope and going read the text.


"PREP!? Hell, didn't you know that I hate school so much more than you!?!" Eirika yelled to the poor paper.

"And how I suppose to pronounce this?! Ri-ddo-g-gale-lle-an... No! Or maybe Rid-do-gal-an... Crap! I even cannot read properly and you said you're impressed by my ability!?! What a liar!" she shouted it all with her might so everyone could aware that the corpses behind would awake. She threw the paper altogether with the corpses and warped herself with her robe, back to sleep again.


((OOB2: well, excuse me, seems like i messed up the personality. She's definitely not like that. I only wanted to add some humor since you guys introducing with sooo serious! But seriously! That's not her personality. Just imagine that she brought the corpses and found the letter. She'd say everything she said, but a way of silent and timid mode. Forget the curse, and just think that she kept murmured. Thanks, lol!))

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((OOB: POV? And don't worry about the personality, ha ha. We'll get to know your character as we meet it.))


Demetri munched happily at his bright red apple, perched against the branch of the tree he had taken it from. Below, he saw Elena as she walked by carrying her basket of flowers. He crouched into pouncing position and quickly shot himself off the tree, landing right in front of her as she walked.

"BOO!" He yelled, flailing his arms.

"AHH!" She screamed back. She dropped her basket and punched him hard in the shoulder. "Don't do that!"

"Ow.. That wasn't very nice." Demetri laughed. "What you got there? Flowers? Any daisies? I like daisies."

"These flowers aren't for you, Dem." She laughed back.

"Haha.. If I can't have a flower, can I have a kiss?"

"I don't think so." She smirked.

Demetri gave his best pouty face as he circled her slowly. "Cmon.. I won't bite." he smiled. Quick as a flash he grabbed the basket and jumped up to the top of the apple tree.

"If I give you a kiss can I get my basket back?" Elena asked, shaking her head.

Demetri grinned. Before she understood what was happening, the basket was back in her hand and she was leaning back in Demetri's arm as he delivered a short kiss.

Demetri laughed. "Thanks, doll. I think I'm going into the trees today- The forest calls! I'll see ya around, sweets."

"If I give you another kiss, will you walk me to my house?"

Demetri grinned his crooked grin and jumped away, fast as ever. Elena sighed and continued down the road.


Time flew by as Demetri tested his limits- marking trees at his highest jump, marking grass at his farthest leap.. Testing his endurance as he ran the usual miles around the forest. However, something was different this time. As he looked behind him, the forest behind him seemed to mirror the forest behind him, and town was nowhere in sight.

"I'm not THAT fast.." Demetri muttered as he sprinted back towards home, using the trees as trampolines as he zig-zagged down the path.

Nothing changed. The closer he got, the farther he was. The trees never parted, the path never thinned.. He noticed this as he kept passing the same tree in the dead center of the pathway. Like he was looping.. But he was only going straight.

Frowning, he continued. After four or five loops, he noticed some markings on the tree.

Demetri slowed to a stop and walked up to the markings indifferently. It was written in perfect calligraphy.

"This is not a choice." It read. "Turn around."

Without thinking, Demetri turned around. Ahead of him were two low hills, covered in cherry blossoms. Suddenly he felt something in his hand.

The picture, and the letter from earlier.

The town matched the picture.

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