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Clash of the Elements

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Clash of the Elements

Main Characters:

Luka Margatroid (Element: Earth)

Dawnmist (Element: Water)

Kitty (Element: Air)

Ryo (Element: Fire)

Faeryall Earewen Isilmarith (Element: Solar Light)

Moony (Element: Lunar Light)

Sana (Element: Darkness)

Okay, the element thing is part of the game. I filled out attack cards, and if you don’t see the one you want just give me one you want and I will add it to your “Special Attack Cards” category. It can be any element, but it can’t be the same as someone else’s. I have faith that you all have more creativity than me. If you want to have a different name, just ask. If you want to be in the temporary party, just ask. You can also be a minor character or a boss. Sorry if you don’t have an element you want, I kind of did this in a rush >.<

Character Profiles:

Luka Margatroid (Based on watershine1234)

Element: Earth

Strength: High Accuracy Rate

Weakness: Energy depletes quickly

Attack Cards:

Mental Strike – Sends a wave of agonizing pain to the enemy.

Charge- Quick series of repeated scratches.

Claw- Uses her “claws” to attack an enemy.

Possession: She possesses an enemy to fight more enemies. Use cautiously, this “attack” doesn’t always go as planned.

Elemental Attack: Sorry, but you will have to play to find out :P

Dawnmist (based on matriamat)

Element: Water

Strength: Highest Damage

Weakness: Takes longer than normal to heal.

Slash-claw-bite-attack: A series of repeated slashes, claws, and bites.

Summon: Summons minions to fight. Can only be used once per battle. (You can choose between cat demons, ghosts, and wolves)

Hypnosis: Stuns the target for 1 round.

Illusion: Creates false images, distracting the enemies so the party can strike.

Elemental Attack: You still have to play to find out :P

Kitty (based on kitkat)

Element: Air

Strength: Healing Ability

Weakness: Mana depletes quickly

Attack Cards:

Spiral- A miniture tornado.

Nitrus Oxide- Knocks target unconscious for 3 rounds.

Nitrogen- Kills target immeadiately. (Can only be used once per battle)

Air song- Special Attack.

Elemental Attack: Play and find out >u>


Element: Fire

Strength: Highest Mana

Weakness: Low Health

Attack Cards:

Flame- Summons Flames.

Spark- A jolt of flames. Stuns the target for 2 rounds.

Super Spark- More powerful jolt of flames.

Fireball – A great big ball of fire.

Elemental Attack: Shh, it’s a secret! D:

Faeryall Earewen Isilmarith (based on Valkyriet)

Element: Solar Light

Strength: High Energy

Weakness: Low chain attack bonus

Attack cards:

Solar Flames- Flames from the sun.

Solar Beam- Sun Lazer.

Solar Flare- A ball of sun.

Sun song: Special Attack.

Elemental Attack: You’ll never know unless you play! Mweheheoa!

Moony (based on MoonPrincess)

Strength: Quick Healing Rate

Weakness: Lowest Attack Damage

Attack Cards:

Moon Beam- Moon Lazer.

Lunar Flare- A ball of lunar energy.

Moon Song- Special Attack.

Moon Spark- Jolt of lunar energy.

Elemental Attack- Still not going to tell you... >u>

Sana (based on sana97)

Strength: High Health

Weakness: Doesn’t have a lot of cards.

Attack Cards:

Demonic Spike- Pain waves.

Curse: Drains health from target during the course of 3 rounds.

Hell Song- Special Attack.

Elemental Attack: It’s a secret.


Okay, other than that, I am still figuring out bosses...

Sorry my attacks aren’t exciting, I plan to animate them to make up for it though.


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I am... Boss Sargoneous.


Attacks and special abilities:

1) Stone claps!!! Two huge stone hands appear and clap on the enemy!

2) Power nap!!! Naps to gain MP.

3) Healing nap!!! Naps to gain HP.

4) Song of doom!!! Sings a song of horrible tunes that damage and stun the enemy!

5) Unlogic mind!!! A special mental attack that destroyes the enemy's ability to do logical thinking, and make them attack randomely!!!


I am the guardian of the entrance to the pie store!!! Or something else more important...

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