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Failed to initialize DirectX Audio ??

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I've been playing Aveyond: Darkthrop Prophesy for a while. Now every time I click on the game it says:

"Failed to initialize DirectX Audio"


what do i do?

I want to finish this game not have to redo it all!



concerned costumer! =/

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I did that but it didn't work.


then i found this at yahoo.




Have you attempted to troubleshoot your DirectX installation using the Direct X Troubleshooter? If not, do this:


Open a Run dialog box, and enter, dxdiag and hit OK or Enter.


This opens the Direct X Troubleshooter. If you are using Vista, the Run box is not on the Start menu by default. If you want to place the Run dialog box on the Start menu right click the Start Orb, and select Properties. On the Properties dialog box, click the Start Menu tab if it is not selected, then click Customize button. On the Advanced tab scroll down the list and place a check mark in front of Run dialog box and then click Ok, and then OK again. The Run dialog box is now displayed on your Start Menu.


However, you can locate the Direct X Troubleshooter by typing dxdiag in the Start menu Search box, then click on that in the programs list. If you need to, right click and select Elevate and enter any password if required.


When the Direct X Troubleshooter opens, you can click on the Sound or Audio tab, and perform any of the tests it has on that page, or you can run through each page in order by clicking Next Page at the bottom of each one, beginning with the System tab.


Make sure you place a check mark in the box on the bottom of the System tab in front of Check for WHQL digital signatures, as this runs a check to ensure all are digitally signed and compatible with your OS.


Good luck and have a nice day.






and it worked!

i suggest that if anything like that happens to someone they do this! lol


thanks for trying to help me, Mopiece =]

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