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RPG Maker XP Sprites (Offer)

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Click here to download a "Sprite Pack" (Mediafire download, Zip folder)


*These graphics were made with RMXP RTP and/or a character maker.


The following upload includes:

1 ) A slight recolor of the "Dancer" graphic from RPG Maker XP

2 ) 3 "Noblewoman" graphics

3 ) 11 "Little Girl" graphics (10 are recolors of one, another is a recolor of a different one)

4 ) 2 "Male Elf" graphics

5 ) 1 "Male Villager" graphic

6 ) 1 "Robed Man" graphic

7 ) 1 "Female Elf" graphic

8 ) 2 "Female Villager" graphics


...Yeah. Indra needed some NPC sprites, so I dug around my game files and found graphics that I wasn't using as important characters and put them together for this "sprite pack".


Hope this comes in handy for NPCs, etc. ^^ Since this one is mainly girl graphics, I may try to whip up another sprite package with more guy graphics. (In the distant future)

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I made some of them myself, and then some on a character maker.


No credit is needed- I don't remember the character maker, but I do remember they never required credit, and I never really require credit.

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I was wondering if you could explain to me how to you made these sprites. I cant seem to figure out how to change the existing ones hair colors without changing their skin colors and to change their outfits. If its easy for you can you explain mostly how to change the hair colors and if you could post the sprites of Iya from Aveyond 2 on here with a white dress and black hair or just of her in her princess outfit if that is easier 

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