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MAPS, GUIDES ETC - The Darkthrop Prophecy

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Official Strategy Guide in PDF format (Katherine) thorough, including tables


Official Strategy Guide in BFG’s format (Katherine) thorough, including tables


TDP checklist (LizzyBug)


MAPS (annotated)


The following maps were annotated by Katherine. Please do not copy and provide them on other forums.


Note ... goodie cave locations are not marked on any of these maps. Don't wear yourself out looking for them ;)



World Map




- Blueleaf Forest

- (no map for Harakauna, sorry)



Eastern Isle

- Veldarah

- Veldarah Palace

- Shadwood Academy

- Almirk Jungle



Western Isle

- Riven Forest

- Sedona

- Sedona Castle

- Thieves' Caves

- Clearwater



Northern Isle

- Dire Woods

- Thornkeep

- Thornkeep Well

- Aveyond

- Marauder's Cave



Mystic Isle

- Mt Orion

- Mt Orion Caves

- Mysten Far

- Dreamland



Underfall Area

- Ashera's Tomb

- Underfall

- Ghed'ahre

- Wyrm Forest East



Demon Realm

- Demon Plains

- Demon Caves

- Sheian Lyr

- Shadow Aveyond




- Thais

- Thais Castle




If you see any errors with the maps, please post them in this thread. We likely won't change them, but at least they'll all be in one place for anyone looking.

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lol - Tiniponi prepared the maps for the last 3 games. She's away at the moment, so when Amanda gave the okay for maps to be posted, I just grabbed what was in the strategy guide and posted them.


When Tini returns, if she wants to and doesn't have lots of other things to do, she's more than welcome to grab those maps and do her markings, and to completely reorganize the way I've posted these.

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it doesn't take long :)


I'm going to lock this topic up. Please use new threads for game-related questions (if you can't find an existing one using search).


If you find further map errors, go ahead and create a new thread. Mods can merge it into this one, or repost the comment here. It's unlikely though, that maps will be adjusted.

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