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Build B Question

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av1 had a lot of problems like you could get on the mount orion boat before the pomagrant was even placed. dont mention ap! that game had a lot more problems then the games combined (even though i nevered experianced them)! av2 im not sure because i never heard a complaint. av3 i never experianced a bug though unlucky people did. so some builds remain unchanged or changed a little but not enought to change quests.

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:) Mel can't even GET to Ghed'ahre in TDP.


There is nothing about the shops in Ghed'ahre that depends on the players. If you are in Ghed'ahre and you can't enter a shop, there's no change that you can do with your party that will make a difference.


The shop on the right, just before you leave the city, USED to sell armor in previous games. That's now changed to the trick or treat shop. Herb, the owner of the trick or treat shop, USED to have a coffin shop above the inn.


There is no armor or weapon shop in Ghed'ahre in TDP. This is not a bug. It's intentional.

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