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January/February Fanfic Challenge - All You Need Is Love

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Well, I had to wait around for about four hours yesterday, so I started on an Edward/Stella fic. Hopefully it won't be a fail like my T/G attempt...



...That was so OOC, and with a pairing I would hate the idea of, but somehow, I found myself immensely enjoying it. I was not expecting that. Good job!

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Here's my entry. Warning: Crack Alert! Both couples here are total crack! :) Yay!




Rhen walked through Sedona's cool evening air. The sun was setting as she whispered, "I love the sunsets. They're so magical."


"There's no such thing as magic." Galahad said as the couple sat down on a bench overlooking the sea.


Rhen giggled and kissed him on the nose. He gave her a hug as she sighed. This would have been a perfect moment in a perfect dream if it wasn't for those crazy hooligans behind them.


Loud shouts of laughter came from the other side of the hill as Lars and Elini came into view. Rhen shook her head. Would they ever be rid of them?


"Hey! We found some seashells!" The obnoxious couple blurted out.


"Well, there goes all the romantic value of this moment." Rhen said, exasperated. She really hated it when Lars and Elini followed them. Galahad stood and helped her up from the bench. Honestly, if they


"We should go eat something, dear." Galahad whispered to Rhen, hoping that the others wouldn't over hear.


"Let's." Rhen agreed.


It was Valentines Day, and every time Rhen and Galahad tried to be alone, the others found them. The romantic evening that they had planned wasn't going quite so well. Rhen looked over her shoulder, and didn't see them.


"Let's run!" she said, and pulled Galahad along with her. It seemed like they ran for hours, and the only people in the world were them. When they finally stopped running, the stars were high in the sky. It was a beautiful night. They realized where they were- a quaint little restaurant was across the road.


When they entered, they saw the soft candle light glowing from hundreds of tiny candles. Holding hands, they sat down at a table. The waiter came and took their orders, and sprinkled rose petals around the table. Rhen couldn't think of a more perfect setting. A tiny group of people playing string instruments in the corner were beginning to play the first song the couple had ever listened to together.


Rhen got up and said softly, "Let's dance." The couple crossed to the space cleared for dancing and spun in each others arms. All they thought of was each other, as the world and all of its troubles seemed to melt away.


But they didn't. Lars and Elini walked in, and began kissing obnoxiously. Rhen was fuming. Did they ALWAYS have to ruin their special nights? Rhen walked out of the restaurant angrily. Galahad followed quickly behind her, but she ignored him.


"What did I do!?" he shouted after her.


"How did they find us? Did you yell out to them!?" she shouted back, arms crossed over her chest.


"Why would I do that? Maybe you let something slip!" he said, poking her in the arm.


"Hey! It definitely wasn't me!" she fumed defensively.


"Whose idea was it to make a holiday about romance anyway!? It always ends up badly!"


"Doesn't it!?" she yelled. Rhen turned around, so she wouldn't have to look at him.


Galahad turned her around again and kissed her. Suddenly all the pain was gone, and she was kissing him back. Maybe this wasn't such a stupid holiday after all. She took Galahad's hand, and they walked back to the bench together. If they couldn't have a restaurant or a quiet walk on the beach, at least they had each other.

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@yuffie: lol! crack is great crack! Love lars/elini always interrupting special lovey time XD


@nightmelody/ashen_eclipse/elemental/shadowshed: glad you enjoyed the crack ^_^


@shadowshed: I don't think it needs to be short. It's just I can't write long crack stories. I generally don't have the attention span to write something very long :)

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Huh, at least you people's crack make sense. Mine requires an extensive explanation and I don't think you people would appreciate not being told why, say, Rhen has a security patrol duty in Demon Realm or something.

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Yayz, my slightly serious OTP entry :D


The muses were merciful this time



Rhen sliced the zombie's head off with a growl. This was getting ridiculous, how many more were there? The number was beginning to get to her. Damn she should have brought back up. Death by zombie was not a good death and she was NOT going to die today. Perhaps she should use her magic now?


Headbutting another walking corpse, she turned around and kicked one in the face. Great, now she needed to clean rotting brain off her boots. Seething, Rhen slammed her blade into another zombie that tried to get a bite out of her leg.


Suddenly a zombie's head went sailing in front of her. She didn't do it.


"You're an idiot."


Another limb went flying. Rhen quickly pulled the blade out of the fallen zombie and looked at the speaker.


Teijal, forgoing her crossbow, was getting down and dirty with the zombies.


"What in the Goddess's name were you thinking of doing this without me?!" The vampire snarled in anger as she punched straight through a zombie's chest. Bulldozing through a dozen revived corpses, Teijal reached Rhen's side. "If you ever do something this stupid again, I will sic Galahad on you."


"Teijal, now is really not the time to be making threats!" Rhen shouted as she elbowed a zombie.


"Oh, this is the perfect time." A leg went flying.


"You have been avoiding me for the past few weeks." A torso got smushed.


"And than I had to learn about it from the sun brat?"


Teijal growled and backhanded a zombie.


Rhen got cut off from replying as the ground shook and all the zombies stopped attacking.


A grimy skeleton rose from the ground. It had a strange necklace on. It's eye sockets glowing. "Oh-s"


The skeleton shot energy beams at the women who quickly jumped out of the way. Its voice was like the sound of insects scurrying in their burrows. "It's mine! You won't take it!"


Lifting its hands up, it shot more beams at the women who ran like harpies were chasing them. The beams barely missed them as they dove behind a large headstone. Breathing heavily, Rhen peeked out from behind the large rock. The skeleton was approaching them.


"Okay, I'll be the distraction and you-"


"No blackbird, we're doing this my way."


Recklessly the vampire ran out into the open, attracting the skeleton's attention. It shot beams at her, its back to Rhen.


Rhen aimed her sword at the skeleton. Summoning all her powers, the Swordsinger shot bolts of dark energy at the skeleton making it scream. "No!"


It crumbled into dust, the necklace falling to the ground. The zombies, no longer having magic feeding them, collapsed.


Rhen dropped onto the ground in a tired heap. Well, that was fun. Teijal made her way over to the human, frowning. "So, what was this all about?"


"Just let me get my breath first okay?"


The human got up and walked over to the necklace. It had a small red stone attached. Picking it up, Rhen held it out to Teijal.


"This stone was suppose to be a gift. I...underestimated the time it took to get it."


Teijal narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"


"It protects its wearer from the sun's rays so they don't get burned. I thought it would make a good gift for today and.." Rhen shrugged sheepishly.


The vampire grabbed the human to her pulling her into a tight hug. "I thought we agreed no gifts..."


The Swordsinger loosely wrapped her arms around the other woman. "Uh huh, and what about that armor you're hiding at Elini's place?"


Teijal chuckled. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Besides, I'm a vampire. I don't care about your human holidays. And whose idea was it to make a holiday about romance anyway? Rhen?"




"Please don't do something like this again without me."


"Don't worry. I don't plan to fight any more crazy skeletons with magical items anytime soon."


The vampire smirked and loosened her hold. Dipping her head, she pressed her lips against Rhen in a soft kiss. Feeling the human respond, she pulled her closer for a firmer kiss.


"Hey, Teijal! Rhen! You guys still ali- do you guys ever come up for air?"


Elini and Pirate John burst onto the scene. Elini whistled when she saw all the dead bodies around them. "Damn, you girls were busy."


John sheathed his blade and watched with a large grin on his face. Elini sighed and pulled the Pirate by the ear away from the still kissing couple. "Come along husband number three. This isn't the time to be a peeping pirate. We've places to go, things to do, and you need to get me some chocolate."


Rhen broke the kiss and took a step back, holding the necklace out in front of her. "Be mine?"


Teijal smirked as she placed a hand on top of Rhen's outstretched one. "Always."

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Most of the pairings anybody even goes with here are crack. You don't see too many fanfics of RhenxDameon or of others. Crack is beautiful and it's usually romantic anyways, so it's easiest. :)

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I think that one of the only "confirmed canon" (aka, Pirate John/Elini or Rye/Emma, etc., COULD be canon, but we've no mentions to prove it so it's not what I'd call confirmed canon) most people ship is T/G, lol.


And your right. Crack pairings = pairings. It does tend to lean to be romantic. Somehow... lol.

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This is my submission!

Not a crackfic, but doesn't really make sense either. Not good with sense...


Sorry for any timeline and/or plot errors. It’s been a while since I played Aveyond, so I’m not really clear on who was in the party at that time…


I hope this stays put with all the rules. Does going to lunch count as 'somthing special'?


Rhen woke slowly. She remembered that she had lost her concentration, wandered away from the group, and got sorely beaten by the trolls outside of Sedona. She would have had it, if it weren’t for Lars finding her and helping to kill the monsters. She had collapsed soon after, and the next thing she knew, she was waking in the inn of Sedona.


She guessed that somebody had carried her all the way to Sedona. She would have to thank them, as well as Lars. She hated to thank the spoilt rich boy, but lately he had been getting better. He had stopped calling her ‘Peta’, and she had actually had a civil conversation with him. Granted, it centred on the weather, and lasted all of two minutes, but it was still something.


Her whole body ached. She groaned as she slowly sat up from the bed. I am never going to fight on my own again.


She was just making her agonizing way through her room door— couldn’t they have healed me?—when the pain disappeared. She gaped at the green-haired sorcerer who was leaning smugly in the hallway.


“What’d you do?” she asked in an accusing voice. The lack of pain was nice, yes, but she couldn’t feel much else either. She wouldn’t even be sure her hand was attached if she couldn’t see it.


“It’s a modified version of the chicken spell” he informed her, uncrossing his arms and surveying her. “How are you feeling?”


“Well, I’m not feeling much at all right now” she said. “How long—?”


He cut her off. “Only for the next hour” he assured her. “By then the pain will have faded naturally”


He grimaced. “I would have healed you earlier, but I used up all my mana killing the trolls. By the time we got to Sedona it was too late for healing to do much. I even went to bring Talia to see if she could do anything”


“Who carried me back to town?” Rhen asked, slightly shocked that he went all the way to Aveyond to bring Talia for her.


“I did” he said, his old smirk creeping on his face. “And Dharzon, you weigh a ton”


She scowled at him. “Thanks” she said grudgingly, after a moment.


“Yeah. Do me a favour? Next time, call for help before you’re dead on your feet” he said, then, without waiting for an answer, turned away and walked back to the main room of the inn.


She stared after him angrily for a moment or two, and then sighed. He was right, and she was wrong. She had been stupid, and now she had to go apologize.


She groaned and followed him.


“Wait! Wait” she yelled at him. He stopped at turned around, one eyebrow raised. “Look, I’m sorry. I was stupid and you were right—“


He cut her off. “Good. Glad you can admit it”. He was smirking.


She stared at him, then stomped back to her room, slamming the door on her way.


:evil: :evil: :evil:


“There’s only one bed” Rhen announced, calling the attention of the others in the room. They had just bought the Sedonian mansion, and she was still wearing the ridiculously uncomfortable ball gown. “I call the bed for tonight” She said, glaring at Lars in case he objected. No one said anything. They were all afraid of the purple-haired Swordsinger.


She smiled at them, then went to the bedroom. The first thing she did was to take off her scratchy ball gown and shoes. She let out a sigh of relief as she massaged her feet. She was never going to wear high heels again.


She donned her Swordsinger outfit, which was much more practical and comfortable. She had just done that when she heard a knock at the door.


She opened the door to find Lars. “Look, you try walking around in high heels for an hour—”


He cut her off. “I wasn’t going to ask about the bedroom.”


She shifted on her feet, surprised. “Then what is it?”


He ran a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry…Rhen. I was a spoilt rich kid, and I treated you like dirt.”


She gaped at him. Sure, he had been nicer to him, and he had stopped calling her Peta, but apologising? Lars? And he had called her by her name!


“Uh…” she stuttered, once she was aware he was waiting for a response. “Thanks… Lars” she faltered.


He rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous way. “Uh, yeah, I just… So um… Yeah” he stuttered, trailing off lamely.


He backed away, and if it were a different situation, she would be laughing. But this was just too weird.


She sighed and flopped down on the bed. She had a lot of thinking to do.


So, naturally, she fell asleep.


:evil: :evil: :evil:


She woke to the horrible cacophony of what sounded like birds being tortured. She opened her eyes groggily. Oh. Talia was attempting to sing. She mouthed something at her, but she couldn’t hear it over the awful racket.


Then she opened them wider. The entire room was covered in head to toe with pink. There were paper hearts hanging from the ceiling and painted to the walls. Confetti rained down at her, and she spluttered when she had a mouthful of it fell into her open mouth as she gaped at the scene.


She leapt out of bed and ran into the living room, hoping that it wasn’t the same.


She groaned. It was worse, and what’s more, Talia followed her into the living room.


She looked at her companions. They all seemed to be covering their ears, except for Lars. She walked over to him, and then the ‘music’ stopped.

“Sound barrier” he explained, answering her confused look. Then he grimaced. “It’s Valentine’s Day, so Talia thought she would wake us up with some soothing music.”


Her eyes widened in horror. “Of all the days to stay in one of the biggest cities, it had to be on Valentine’s Day” she groaned.


She saw Elenie walk over to the druid and tap her on the shoulder. She whispered something in her ear, and the music stopped. Well, she thought it stopped, judging by her friends removing their hands from their ears.


:devil: :devil: :devil:


“Can’t we just stay inside?” Rhen pleaded with Talia. They were all sitting around the large kitchen table, dodging the bits of falling confetti. Dameon was determinedly avoiding his mother’s eyes, and Rhen was avoiding his. She liked Dameon, but only as a friend. Especially on today of all days.


“No, of course not!” Talia exclaimed. “It’s Valentine’s Day! There’s festivals and celebrations and all sorts of things to enjoy!”


“That’s what I’m afraid of” she muttered. “Fine” she sighed. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to stock up on supplies.


“Lars,” she said, looking at the sorcerer. “You want to come buy weapons and things with me?”

He looked slightly surprised, but nodded anyway. Not waiting to see what the others were doing, Rhen almost ran out the door, pausing just outside for Lars to catch up.


Surprisingly, there weren’t that many decorations outside. She spotted a flyer that said there would be a festival in two hours. So that explained it. But despite the absence of decorations, there were still plenty of sickeningly happy couples kissing in ‘secluded’ corners. She didn’t mind them normally, but it really couldn’t hurt them to do it somewhere she wouldn’t have to see them.


“What’s the rush?” he asked as they set off at a normal pace.


She grimaced “I didn’t want to give Talia a chance to send me off to ‘enjoy the festivities’”


“But don’t you want to?”


She stared at him. “Do I want to listen to sickening sonnets and cough up confetti? Lars, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard you say”


He frowned. “That’s not what I meant. I meant, isn’t there anyone you would want to spend Valentines with?” he asked.


She blushed slightly, not looking at him. She was preparing an answer when she spotted a familiar face.


“Danny!” she exclaimed, running over to her old friend.


“Rhen!” he said, spotting her.


“What are you doing here?” she asked, ignoring Lars’s questioning glance.


“Looking for you. You went missing…” he said.


“Oh, I… It’s a long story” she started, then stopped.


He smiled at her. “I’ve got time” he offered. “Do you want to have lunch with me?”


Lars butted in. “Actually, we have to go weapons shopping” he said coldly, glaring at him.


Danny looked at Lars for the first time. He looked like he was about to object, then changed his mind “I’m sorry. I guess we can catch up later” he said.


“I’m sure” Lars said, then grabbed Rhen by the wrist and practically dragged her with him to the weapons shop.


She gave one half-hearted wave to Danny before she turned on Lars. “What was that?!” she asked angrily, wrenching herself from his grasp.


“Nothing” he said, equally as angry as her.


“Nothing! You were being rude for no reason!” she accused, her eyes narrowed. “And just as I was beginning to think you may be a decent person, too!”


He opened his mouth to argue, but Rhen cut him off. “You know, I haven’t seen him since I became a slave? Your slave? The only chance I get to talk to him in years, and you drag me off because of some stupid petty revenge!” she felt stinging at the corners of her eyes, but she ploughed on. “And I thought you might be sorry for how you treated me! Ha!”


She took a deep breath, her rant over. “I’ll go buy the weapons, you buy the armour” she said stiffly, not giving him a chance to respond before she entered the weapons shop, glaring viciously at everyone she saw.


:evil: :evil: :evil:


She was livid. If she were honest with herself, though, it wasn’t because Lars had been rude to Danny. Whatever small spark she had felt whenever she saw him was gone; she had grown too much, and they were too different now. No, she was angry because she had let herself believe that Lars had actually changed. And some part of her anger was pent-up frustration at this stupid holiday.

When she saw the weapons selection, she nearly groaned out loud. They were all bows and arrows shaped to resemble Cupid’s arrow.


“Where are your other weapons?” she asked the store clerk.


He smiled. “Only these are being sold today, miss. To celebrate love in the loveliest city!”


She resisted the urge to throttle him, and walked out the store without another word. She met Lars outside.


“You too, huh? All the armour they sell is sickening” he asked.


She glared at him. She was still angry with him.

He sighed. “Look, if you really want, we can find that Danny kid and you can have lunch with him?” he offered reluctantly.


“I don’t want to have lunch with him” she said stiffly, not looking at him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him smile.


“Then why are you angry?”


She sighed. “I don’t know. It’s this stupid holiday. Who’s idea was it to make a holiday about romance, anyway?”


Lars smiled at her. An actual smile. Not a smirk, or a smug twitch of the lips, but a smile. “So what do we do now?”


“I don’t know. Not go back to the house; Talia might be singing again” she shuddered. “How about we just get something to eat and then look at the potions”


He agreed with her, and they went to the restaurant.


“A table for two?” the receptionist asked.


“Yes” Lars said, rummaging in the bag for some money.


“No money needed, all tables are free on Valentine’s Day” she said, smiling. She guided them to an outside table, where they could enjoy the view.


She sighed. “At least something good came of this holiday”


He chuckled at her. “Rhen Dharzon, the chosen one, beaten by a holiday”


She was about to offer a scathing reply when their waitress showed up.


She surveyed Lars, barely glancing at Rhen before she continued to stare at him in an obvious way. “Hi, I’m Amber and I’ll be your waitress today” she said flirtatiously, giving them both a menu. Rhen didn’t miss that she spoke to Lars only. She felt a twinge of annoyance.


“Is there anything I can get you while you decide?” she asked.


“A glass of water for me, please” Rhen said, tearing the girls' attention away from the sorcerer.


“Uh-huh” she said, barely sparing her a glance. “And you?” she asked him.


“Just a glass of water, too” he said.


She looked frustrated at his lack of response, but she left. Rhen felt another small twinge of annoyance at her behaviour towards Lars, but she really didn’t know why. If a girl liked him, then why should she care?


“You know, she’s infatuated with you” she told him. He was just sipping his water, and he choked and spluttered when he heard her.


“I—she—what?” he asked.


“She likes you.” She said again.


“So?” he asked, his cheeks a faint shade of red.


“So go ask her out. I’m sure it would be more fun than sitting here and listening to me mope about Valentine’s Day”


“Well, why don’t you go out with the sun priest? Or that boy from your village?” he asked, throwing her question back at her.


She could feel her cheeks reddening. She was sitting here, discussing her love life, with Lars! “I… I don’t like Dameon that way. And I used to have a crush on Danny” she shrugged. “But I don’t anymore. We’re too different now”

She was fiddling with her napkin as she spoke, not looking at him.


“So go out with someone else” he said. She was beginning to think he was trying to get rid of her.


“I can’t be involved with someone unless he’s willing to help me through this quest” she informed him. “So that pretty much narrows it down to people in the party. There’s no way I’m going out with Galahad, Elenie’s got Pirate John, and you… well, then there’s you” she said, trailing off lamely.


“And then there’s me” he agreed.


“Well, what about you?” she said, breaking the silence. “Why don’t you spend the holiday of romance with someone?”


“The same reason as you. I can’t involve myself with someone unless their willing to go on this quest, and that limits it to people in the party. Teh’jal is scary, Elenie already has six husbands and I’m not even going to think about Talia or Mad Marge.” He said.


“And then there’s me” she finished.


He smiled. “And then there’s you”


They lapsed into silence for a while, broken only when the waitress returned to take their orders and refill their drinks. She flirted with Lars again, and she felt that same odd annoyance.


After she was gone, Rhen asked something that had been niggling at her since he apologised. “Lars, why are you helping me with this? You have no obligation, and you’re risking your life to save mine”


He studied her for a moment. “I’m not going to lie” he started. “At first it was because I couldn't let you have all the glory. But then it was less for that, and more for the knowledge that without me, you wouldn’t stand a chance”


He ended with a smirk, but Rhen wasn’t fooled. “Is that your way of saying you care about me?” she asked.


He smiled crookedly.


“Why?” she asked softly.


“Why what?” he looked confused.


“Why do you care?” she didn’t know why she was pressing this, but she did it anyway.


“Aside from the fact that if you died, the world would fall to Ahriman?” he asked sarcastically. She nodded, not falling for the bait. He sighed. “Because you’re a good person. You’re funny and intelligent and you have even more of a temper than me. You can give a good argument, and you’re one of the only people my age who isn’t falling over themselves to marry me”


She looked at him in amazement. She was about to say something, she didn’t know what, when the waitress returned with their orders. She picked at her food, her brain mulling over what he had said. Did he like her? Was he doing all of this for her?


They finished their food and left the restaurant, neither of them saying anything. “I’m going to go check on the others” she said hesitantly.


He nodded. He still hadn’t said anything. Uncertainly, she leant forward and kissed him on the cheek. “I care about you too” she said, in response to his amazed and questioning look.

She turned and headed back to the mansion, glancing over her shoulder to see Lars touching the spot where she had kissed him.


On second thoughts, Valentine’s Day wasn’t that bad after all.


:evil: :evil: :evil:


Talia watched Rhen kiss the sorcerer on the cheek and then return to the mansion. She smiled and nodded approvingly. She had always known the two would get together, but they were both too stubborn to admit it. All they needed was a push, and now she had given it, they would both, hopefully, get their happy ending.


She wandered off to the gardens, singing beautifully on her way.

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Okay, aside from the "daughter" term confusing me, that was perfect.


Pretty in character, funny, and I think it makes sense. I like the writing, too.


I need to work on my Edward/Stella fic...

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Rhen isn't Talia's daughter - she's Devin and Alicia's daughter. I don't know if that was a mistake or an intentional departure from the canon, but it was a nice fic otherwise.


(still hopes someone will do Te'ijal and Galahad ;) )

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Sure it is. As long as the challenges aren't be judged/if they are, you don't count yours for judging, it's fine.


I'd love to read it, too. I wrote something, but it's BLEEEEEH.

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All right, I started work on mine. Here's what I've got so far. Not much, but something.

Their Royal Highnesses King Edward and Queen Mel Pendragon formerly request the presence of


Galahad Teomes and Te'ijal Ravenfoot


at a royal ball in the celebration of Valentine's Day to be held on


February 14th at 8 o'clock in the evening.


Te'ijal growled as she stared at the invitation. "Royal ball? Becoming Queen has corrupted Mel."


"Come on wife," said Galahad, dusting the skulls on their mantle. "Royal balls are part of their lives now. It was quite nice of them to invite us, don't you think?"


"Yes, but we're not going."


Galahad abruptly stopped his dusting to stare at her. "What??"


"You heard me," said Te'ijal. "I hate balls and they will only serve food, not blood, so there's nothing for me."


"They're our friends."


"Then they will understand why we're not going," Te'ijal said with a sneer.


Galahad glared at her. "They invited us - therefore it is our duty to show up. Not only is it disrespecting our friends if we don't go, but it is disrespecting the King and Queen of Thais."


"Fine, then you go."




"You go and I'll stay."


"But that isn't how it's done!" Galahad sputtered. "Husbands and wives go to royal balls together."


Te'ijal bore her fangs even though her husband was a fellow vampire. "Read my lips. I. Am. Not. Going."


. . . . . . .


"Whose idea was it to make a holiday about romance anyway?" Te'ijal muttered as she and Galahad made their way up the steps of the royal palace.


"You mean you don't know?" said Galahad. "Are you saying that Valentine's Day is older than you?"


"Perhaps," said Te'ijal. "It is not the sort of holiday that vampires care for."


They held hands as they were led into the ballroom in a line with the other couples. A man stood in the doorway, loudly announcing every couple's name, which made Te'ijal want to sink into the floor even more.


"They're going to announce us?" she whispered to her husband.


"Of course," said Galahad. "That's how they present people at royal balls."


"But my name . . ."


"What about your name?"


Before Te'ijal could answer, it was their turn to be announced. The man's voice seem to boom louder for them than it had for any of the other couples.


"Sir Galahad Teomes and his wife . . ." The man abruptly stopped. His eyebrows twitched as he studied his list of names. "His wife . . . uh . . . uh . . T-something . . ."


"Te'ijal," Te'ijal whispered.


"Teee-gail?" the man said uncertainly.


"No, Tee-JAL."


The man was still scrutinizing his list. "Tee-eye-jal?"


"No, the 'i' is silent. Say it with me, Tee-JAL."


The man cleared his throat and the boom in his loud voice returned. "Galahad Teomes and his wife TOO-JAL!"


After a moment of being too stunned to do anything, Te'ijal growled and bore her fangs at the man. "Consider yourself lucky that I don't eat humans anymore."


The man only whimpered.

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That... was... hilarious. And in-character. And I'm so glad you're writing something for them. Can't wait to read the rest...


I'm debating between two ideas... I should hurry up and write one (or maybe both)


Btw, that was post-TDP, right?

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