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Velacia RP - RP Thread

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Allo all! Thanks for your interest in the RP. Here's the thread to RP in. All info that you need is below.




A massive army of the undead are marching on Velacia, the capital city of the empire you live in. All soldiers, mercenaries, mages and the like are being called to protect it. A small group of warriors is summoned before the queen – and she gives you your mission. “Undead don't raise themselves. You are the only heroes we have in this dark time. You've got to get to the bottom of this problem. If you fail, you'll be executed by whoever is left standing. If you succeed, you'll be richly rewarded.” You contemplate the queen's challenge, and her cheesy words. Will you take up the quest?



The quest in this RP is to get to the bottom of the undead problem, and to not get beheaded!

You'll be fighting zombies, skeletons and the like.

When the game starts, it is assumed that you have taken up the quest and have gone to different parts of the city in order to prepare. The first post should detail how you got to the gate, where the adventurers will start the quest.




1.Follow all forum rules

2.Talk in the third person only

3.Don't be immortal. Get hit, take blows, fall over, trip like any normal person. You can't actually die unless you're leaving the RP.

4.Your characters may be the race you choose, but PM me if you want something really out there.

5.I say when a monster is dead. Please don't go and make things all strange and off kilter story wise. I'll provide info as the story goes. Minor changes are okay.

6. Only one character is allowed per RPer.



Yuffie- Lady Nova Fortia

yannes- Sir Nathan Elindor

Indra- Freya Tethin

Tei- Taemin Lee

iPink- Lady Elli

Ashen_Eclipse- Seer Leyla Nox

diamondmist- Hellfairy Yani Celindor

theAdept_Rogue- Lord Rabelde Cleaveland

shadowshed- Hunter Gabriel

ninjasean- Sir Almaha Terrin








NAME: Nova Fortia (title: Lady)


AGE: 19 1/2


GENDER: Female


CLASS: Weapon Master


WEAPON: Preferred- sword, carries a knife


ITEMS: Holy water, rope, candle, cross, winter blanket, light symbol, water (in a skein)



Physical- Nova is very deadly with most weapons. She's a survivalist and can go almost anywhere and survive there.

Magical- Nova can cast rudimentary fire spells, useful for campfires.

Other- She's a strong swimmer and a good singer.



Slash and burn- deal extra damage with a weapon, and then deal fire damage.

Monster Masher- go psycho on a monster with a weapon

Weak Fireball: Throw a weak ball of fire at the enemy

Kick- Kick the enemy really hard

Fetch!- sends her cougar to attack the enemy with claws and teeth


OUTFIT: Nova wears light brown pants that are very tight fitting. She wears knee high dark brown boots with no heels. She has a long sleeved forest-green shirt and has her sword strapped to her back. She has a knife hidden in her boot.


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Nova has black eyes and dark brown hair that's pulled back in a braid to her waist. She's about 5'8”.


INFO: Nova was born a noble, but left behind that path to become a fighter. She has a giant cougar, Faeles, that follows her around everywhere, ad fights for her. Many people in the streets still call her “Lady Nova” when addressing her, which she hates. She's rather detached, and watches people die with ease.



USERNAME: yannes


NAME: Nathan Elindor


AGE: 17


GENDER: male


CLASS: Royal knight

Royal knights are swordfighters that can wear magic enhanced equipment that allows them to use mana related skills


WEAPON: swords

Nathan is currently wielding a silver trimmed sword, it can be dipped in many fluids (like poison, holy water, ...)


ITEMS: Mana Stone (gives mana to characters who can't use magic), money, health potions, a garlic necklace, a bottle of holy water (see sword for more info)



Physical- Nathan can wield any kind of sword.

Magical- nathan has no magical abilities, but his equipment have skills that require mana.

Other- Nathan has a big social network, and knows how to convince people to do something for him.



draw mana:Nathan uses his mana stone to steal some mana of the enemy, and stores it for later use

fire weapon:Nathan sets a weapon on fire to deal extra damage

glance of fearNathan magically enhances his appearance to look more fierce, making enemy attacks more likely to miss

summon elementalSummons a light elemental for a short period of times, in battle it deals light magic damage, outside fights it's a useful light :P

knockdown: This attack deals normal damage, and could make the enemy fall,the enemy loses a turn trying to get up, during that action, the enemy is more likely to get critical hits

fireball: Nathan casts a ball of fire and directs it to the enemy, if he uses this spell a lot, it will grow stronger (and will also need a lot more mana), Nathan can decide how strong he wants the spell to be


OUTFIT: Nathan wears a magical equipment decorated with powerful stones that grant the magical abilities to the knight. The main color of all his clothes is green, the color of his house.


LOOKS: Nathan looks like an average boy. He has light brown hair, that almost touches his eyes and shoulders. He has green eyes. He looks a bit younger than his age, but in general, people describe him as good looking. because of his training, he is somewhat more muscled, but he is not the bodybuilder type.


INFO: Nathan is the prince of Durvan, but he left his castle to find some adventure. He is a bit overconfident, and doesn't accept to be insulted.

He's a bit naive and doesn't expect that people would try to stand in his way





NAME: Freya Tethin


AGE: 19


GENDER: Female


CLASS: Fairy


WEAPON: Bow and arrows


ITEMS: Holy water, holy crosses, torches (w/ matches), mirror (not for looking at herself in), and traveling bag (or something)


SKILLS: Preperation (give strength and evergy)


BATTLE SKILLS: Heal Minor--> Heal--> Heal Major, Light flash (flash of light on an enemy), Defening Shriek (frighten an enemy), Silence (stop enemy from doing magic, (more to come, can't think of any more).


OUTFIT: Colorful red dress, bare feet


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Short pink hair, tall, pretty, elfish face.


INFO: Daughter of famous archer, got shooting skills from him. Life got dull, so she left home to do something fun. She came to this city to help kill the undead (this is her idea of "fun". Nothing else, really. That's it.





NAME: Taemin Lee


AGE: 17




CLASS: Shadowdancer (not quite shadowdancer as per D&D, though--i mean, his power literally is in he dances...similar to a bard, except insead of playing an instrument, he dances. with me so far? XP)


WEAPON: his body, his voice, a whip when push comes to shove. Carries a dagger, but rarely uses it in combat.


ITEMS: Flint and Steel, Heavy blanket, Small mirror, Salt, 6 torches, Whetstone, Theives' Tools (lockpicks, skeleton keys, ect), waterskin and water, ink and brush and several small scrolls in watertight cases, three different types of poison in three different vials made of lightning glass, which is nigh near unbreakable.

All this stuff in a Bag of Holding--endless backpack like thing that never weighs more than five pounds, no matter what he shoves in it, and is small and unobtrusive.

He also has a small chunk of lightning glass on a necklace that he never takes off.

Has 50 gold on him for buying odds and ends that he may need. Willing to perform to earn more if need be.



Physical: Acrobatics, Athletic, Blind Fight, Combat Reflexes, Self-Sufficient.

Magical: Detect Magic, Know Direction, Comprehend Languages, Tongues.



Physical: Blind Fight, Combat Reflexes,Dodge -> Mobility -> Spring Attack, Unarmed Strike -> Improved Unarmed Strike -> Deflect Arrows -> Improved Grapple -> Snatch Arrows -> Stunning Fist.

Magical: Lullaby, Hypnotism, Remove Fear

Somewhere between Physical and Magical: Firedance, Riverdance, Wind Dance, Earth Dance, Spirit Dance, Storm Dance--eventually he'll learn Death Dance. These powers are weak now (except for Storm Dance) and grow stronger as he uses them. These powers draw both from his mental and physical energy--they are, afer all, dances, and he is, after all, 90% human (other 10% is a mishmash of elven and demonic) and therefore gets tired, as any human being would. Also--and i'm putting this here simply because it's a similar type of skill but likely not used in battle--he knows a dance that speeds healing, but he wouldn't be likely to try it if he himself was injured.


OUTFIT: bandaged chest (not injured, just bandaged to look cool--haven't given much thought to the purpose of the bandages XD), black vest fastened just below his ribs with a belt-like thing, burgandyish-reddish-dark pants that come to his knees, bandages around his legs and feet. (he has a thing for bandages. i don't even know why. he just does. they appeared while i was drawing him XD)


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Asian-esque, shoulder-length brown hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, Black streak on the left side of his face that's a little difficult to describe. slightly pointed ears. very slightly.


i'll upload a picture of him if i think of it/get it colored in some semi-reasonable amount of time. (of course, if you correctly guess who he's based on, you won't have to wait for the picture XD)


INFO: His parents were lost at sea when he was only four, and he was washed up on the shore of an island that no longer exists. There, he devoted himself to the gods as a whole, and protected the Shrine of Storms and the lightning-made glass within. He's always had a thing for dancing, and he danced for the gods whenever necessary--the gods of Storm when it wouldn't rain, the goddess of the harvest, the god of healing when someone was sick, etcetera. But he prefered the God of Storm.


Somewhere along the way, Taran, the God of Storm himself helped Taemin out of a sticky spot and he's been very devoted ever since. Should probably mention his affilliation with Kiliara, the Goddess of Death as well. He's been wandering the Isles since that rescue, doing what he does and anjoying it. That's how he ended up involved in this undead mess.


Title--well, he's sort of just looks like a peasant boy. so anyone calling out to him would say "hey you" or "hey kid" or whatever. but...he's kind of Taran's personal shrine boy, so you really don't want to mess with him too much.





NAME: Elli (I don't even remember her last name)


AGE: Really, really old. She's a vampire. =3


GENDER: Female


CLASS: I don't really know how to explain it. She steals souls and then kind of uses them as weapons. Oh, and she's a pink mage.


WEAPON: She always carries a purse or a bag with a brick in it. Does that count? She can also wield a staff or a wand to amplify her magic.


ITEMS: She has a pocket-wardrobe with all of her clothes in it (she has trimmed back since disastrously attending Spectral Hall 600 years ago).


SKILLS: Stuff I'll add in later. I'm too lazy right now. =3


OUTFIT: While she keeps her pocket wardrobe with her at all times, she basically only wears one outfit (she kinda realized that her gaudy outfit changes were not very endearing. She is very insecure and all she ever wanted was to be loved.). Elli wears a white sleeveless dress that goes to her knees with black leggings and red high-heeled boots. She has black ribbons tied around upper arms and a black bow in her hair.


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Elli is very pale (she's a vampire) with long curly white hair. Her eyes are red (she's a vampire) and she looks about seventeen.


INFO: Elli was a part of an all-vampire family. Her mother and father had her before they were turned into vampires by Elli's mother's mother. Elli would have married and had a child before being turned into a vampire, but she one day wore an apple-scented perfume. Her mother couldn't resist, so Elli became a vampire at age seventeen. Because of her mother's lack of self-control, Elli disowned her family and went off on her own (after taking her family's fortune to buy dresses). After hundreds of years, Elli finally got over her obsession and settled down in Valacia where she ate a noblewoman and took the woman's place as her long-lost daughter (whom Elli had eaten twelve years previously, although she didn't know it at the time). She began to study alternative magic from a witch living in the city (the witch was burned at the stake after Elli accidentally let slip what the woman was). In recent years Elli swore off eating people (most of the time) and became a staple of the community in Valacia. People have chosen to ignore the fact that she never ages; it is rumored that the last person who called Elli out was found drained of blood six miles out of the city.





USERNAME: Ashen_Eclipse


NAME: Leyla Nox


AGE: 24


GENDER: Female


CLASS: Mystic


WEAPON: A magic-wielders staff, dagger


ITEMS: Three Necklaces- one with the holy cross, one with a clear teardrop pendant, and one with a pentagram/pentacle; Parchment/Paper; Gold, Silver, Black, and Red Ink and brushes/pens; Candles and sealing wax; Incense; Flint and steel; Runes for casting; dagger


SKILLS: Divination by casting; Senses magic; Raises dead



LightHeal; Cure; Bless; Sunburst

DarkNightmare; Plague; Hypnotize


OUTFIT: Leyla wears a dark purple dress with a high waist and 3/4 length bell sleeves, the bottom of the dress hangs straight. Her three necklaces are always worn. She wears a belt that holds her dagger and rune pouch in easy reach. A second belt holds her magic satchel *bagofholding* which has her various tools of magic and other necessities. A third belt crosses her chest, which has pockets for small items or potions in the front, and a place for her staff on the back.


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Leyla has dark brown hair and dark purple eyes. Her skin is fair/pale. She is on the tall side of average height, and is best described as 'stocky' or 'sturdy'.


INFO: Leyla has a natural affinity for the 'dark arts' due to her mother being a necromancer. Her father was a white knight, so she has tried to balance this affinity by learning 'white magic'. But Leyla knows that she cannot ignore her magic, so she walks the line of 'dark' and 'light'. For a time in her teens she prophesied as a living.


Title- Those who knew her as a seer often call her 'Seer' or 'M'lady'. Otherwise most likely called 'miss'.


USERNAME: diamondmist


Name: Yani Celindor


Title: Hellfairy / Hell's Enforcer


Age: 9 (in appearance); 18 (in reality)


Gender: Female


Class: Venos Hae (A type of magic wielder clan with powers reminiscent to Necromancer magic)

Weapon: Daggers, longswprds, poisoned claws and needles, hellbones (bones of the undead enchanted with Venos Hae magic to make them deadly against any and all types of undead creatures).


Items: Holy water, health and magic stones, soldier pills, food, holy crosses, cross necklaces, playing cards, healing potions, rope, magic jewels (think Edward's Excalibur), bandages, medicine, many different poisons concealed in different vials, tea leaves and bags, matchsticks.



Physical: While very young-looking, her small size enables her to escape or outrun things easily. She is also flexible and has very good reflexes.

Magical: Yani's appearance is very cute, but her magic skills certainly dash all types of adorable-cute-little-girly-girl-with-a-penchant-for-dolls thought on the spot. Her Venos Hae bloodline includes Necromancy and Dark Arts, but she knows a few low-level holy spells (used as last resorts).

Other: Yani is easily bored, so she likes to "play tag" with monsters and people alike.


Battle Skills:


Heaven's Call: A cross of light appears and rushes to the opponent, dealing medium holy damage.

Bloodlust: This spell is extremely dangerous; it throws the user into a complete frenzy that leaves them exhausted later. During this frenzy, the user will be overwhelmed with killing intent.

Daughters of Sun: Use dark power (raw/pure) to attack enemy; also used to enhance weapons.

Sons of Moon: Use light power to heal or create a shield.

Puppet Heartstrings: Hypnotize/compel something/someone to do user's bidding.


Outfit: A Gothic-Lolita style dress with a poofy, layered skirt and grey earrings adorn her body. A headband pulls back Yani's hair, and black gloves. Inside the skirt are her weapons, and inside the earrings and her items; the earrings have a Void charm on them (see the spell Hermione casts on her bag in HPDH).


Looks: Dark midnight purple hair, pale skin. She has what humans call "devil's eyes" - very bright neon green eyes with golden flecks.


Info: Info: Yani, while wielding such dark magic, despises undead creatures. She has a very particular hate towards vampires, as one of them bit her brother, killing him.

Her family is of noble bloodline, and is reknowned in their land for being expert fighters. Her family usually made males learn swordmastery and the females, magic.

Yani was always a rowdy child, but she was very insightful. Her childlike appearance is a sort of bloodline.



USERNAME: theAdept_Rogue


Name: Rabelde Cleveland


Title: Lord


Age: 24


Gender: Male


Class: Rogue Mage


Weapon: Scythe, halberd and other pole-arms


Items: Sealing Charms,protective amulets, runes, holy stones, cross blade (impregnated with holy water), silver bullet pistol



~Physical: Specializes in stealth and surprise attacks. Have a high evasion and critical hit rate.

~Magical: Could deliver powerful non-elemental magic, and inflicts curses and bad statuses. Could penetrate magic shields and status-defense equipments

~Other: All his weapons aside from the cross blade are infused with strong poison that could rot the body within seconds


Battle Skills:

Soul venom: Summons a serpent-like being which can both absorb magic and inflicts poison

Bane: Nullifies enemies' magic and seals their magical ability

Bloodlust: Controls blood at will

Shadow master: Hides self inside shadow. Also inflicts damage on enemies by manipulating their shadows


Outfit: Light, leather vest overlaid with silk



Looks: I'll post a pic of him later



USERNAME: shadowshed


NAME: Gabriel


AGE: 17


GENDER: male


CLASS: hunter




ITEMS: brings a handy bag that has healing items, foods, manual books, and sharpener stone stuffed in(he brings a dagger along).


SKILLS: mid of dark soul that mixes up with angelic soul, hence he has two souls inside that could transform into scythes.



- summon: summons one of his soul to transform into a scythe. Arch Scythe is Gabriel's good side transformation that ended up used by Gabriel himself, and vice versa.


- purify slash: slash of Arch Scythe that purify a corrupted soul.

- death slash: slash of Death Scythe that may curse enemy's soul to deaths.

- D-Scythe: summons both of the angelic soul and demonic soul inside of Gabriel, into a scythe with two pointing blades. This wouldn't last long, since having not much senses, Gabriel will lose his reason immediately without his souls' and he'd play the scythe as he wants, but Death Scythe can undid the technique himself whether the purpose to be summoned had accomplished.


APPEARANCE: dark pants, white shirt and brown cloak. He has dark brown hair colour and black eyes.



like normal hunter that grins alot.


BACKGROUND: he first had Death Scythe as his partner when he was in a miester academy. But since his partner had mixed up with his negative, he then obtain a new angelic soul when he cursed an Archangel with his partner but then the Arch decided to get into him to maintain his positive.



USERNAME: ninjasean


NAME: Sir Almaha Terrin


AGE: 21


GENDER: male


CLASS: Lancer


WEAPON: Spear (carries a dagger in his boot)


ITEMS: Holy water, torch + matches,rope,candles,heavy blanket,cross,and water(in a skein)



Physical- punch someone out in 1 hit

Magical- Minor Fireball-->Fireball-->Major Fireball

Other-Great accuracy with weapons



Lunge-Lunges forwards and knocks someone down

Throw Spear-Throws spear at an enemy

Kick-Kicks the enemy


OUTFIT: Wears tight black pants and a tight black shirt he also wears golden knight armour and golden steel boots.


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Almaha has blue eyes and blue hair that goes down to his eyes and his shoulders,he is built due to his training but not to the extent to that he is a body builder.


INFO: He has one sister and his mother and father are the king and queen of Kasilna. His mother and father love their daughter more so they imprisoned Almaha ,but he escaped with the help of friend and went on an adventure with them saved the world and is now saving this town.(He loves adventures)



First Post

In your first post, you've just left the hall where the queen is. You've gone to different parts of the city to prepare. You're coming back to the gates of the city now. Everyone will have to post their coming to the gates before we can move on. This is kind of like you introducing your character to the others who may be there. Outside the gates is a large forest, and the gates will only be opened once.





Nova had been all around the city to prepare for this. The people generally avoided her, for fear of the wicked looking blade on her back, and Faeles, her cougar. She liked that not many people would come near her. Those who did called her "m'lady," and bowed. When will they stop groveling?


She rounded a corner, and saw the gates. They were large and golden and beautiful... Maybe Velacia would be safer if they spent the money from the gates on an army. Nova came up to the gates. She saw a single guard standing there and sighed. What would they do?


She stared out through the gates, and thought of how much better her life was in the beautiful forest. That was always a nice life. Too bad she was going to lay so many to rest there. Oh well. Sacrifice, death. What does it matter?


Nova looked around for the others. Hopefully they'd be here soon. She wanted to get out of this nasty city as fast as she could. A man approached her and tapped her shoulder. Nova spun around and grabbed her sword. She would have killed him in a second, had she been elsewhere.


"Never touch me again." she said as Faeles growled.


The man looked startled, and slightly scared. He said with a quavering voice, "The nobles sent you this, m'lady. It's a fine ashwood bow. Your father's, I think."


Nova snatched up the bow without a comment and slung it across her back. She moved her sword to her belt. "Go." she said angrily as she turned back to the forest to wait.

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As soon as the gates came in sight, Nathan got of his beautifull white horse and signed a boy on the streets to come closer.


"Take this horse back to his owner, lord Faerûn, would you? Here is a penny for the effort."


Without even waiting for an answer Nathan tossed the coin towards the boy, and walked the last end to the gates.


He was displeased he couldn't keep the horse, it was the property of lord Faerûn, a noble that was somewhere related through marriage; Nathan offered a fair amount of gold to buy the horse, without success. He would make sure lord Faerûn regrets that later...


When the prince reached the gates, he noticed that barely anyone noticed his presence, they were all looking at a strange girl and her pet partner.


"who is she?", was Nathan thinking, until he heard what the man said while he was offering her a bow.


"So she is a noble? she?NOBLE?" Suddenly he remembered, the noble ladies where gossiping about her in the park yesterday. If he had to believe half of the stories he heard, she would be an evil demon, or a thief, or a....


Nathan understood that gossip is just gossip, it can't be that bad, she's still a noble after all, isn't she?


Nathan noticed that his shoes and cape where covered in mud and dust already.


and while he was waiting for the others, he was thinking:

"I will be glad when this adventure is over, so I can take a nice warm bath"

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Taemin slipped quietly through the streets of the city. He wasn't overly fond of this city--it was possibly his least favorite part of the isles. It was dark, dirty--and dangerous. But Taran had sent him--so here he was.


He twisted his lightning-glass necklace nervously as he headed toward the city gates. No one noticed the teenage peasant boy passing them quietly. Only slightly more noticable was the odd increase in static electricity as he walked past.


He arrived at the gold gates--odd, such ornate gates in such a dark city. Two other humans and one panther were already there. The gates were locked with an enormous padlock--he knew that he'd never be able to pick that if he wanted to.


He tried to stay still. He leaned against the cold gates, but was too anxious to stay there for long. He shuffled his feet absently, still fiddling with the necklace. He absently pushed his hair back--which was rather pointless, as it was pulled back in his ponytail.


Taran, what were you thinking? he thought with a sigh, feeling the cold metal against his mostly-bare arms.


Just trust me, he heard a whisper in the back of his head. You can do this.


Taemin shook his head and sighed again, then resumed tapping his feet.

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As Freya approached the gates, she spread out her wings after folding them against her back for so long. She was so excited! This had been all she could think about for days. Killing the undead! Awesome!


She noticed a few people staring at her grinning face. She blushed and made her face neutrel (spelling?).


She focused at the ground under her feet and started to make flowers grow and wilt, and grow and wilt until she got bored.


"So," Freya attempted to start a conversation. "Um . . . I like your pet." She said to the girl. Then she turned to the noble looking man. "And you . . . Hey! You're a prince, right? Nathan Elindor, if I'm correct."

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Leyla walked down the dark alley, her boots making little noise against the cobblestones. She quickly tucked the items she had just purchased into her satchel. She disliked having to resort to the back-alley markets, but some of the items she needed weren't available in the more respectable parts of the city.


She slipped out of the alley and onto the more populated street.


There seemed to be quite a gathering at the city gate. Leyla sighed. She was hoping they would have been able to slip out of the city quietly. There was quite a space between the crowd and the gates, as if the people didn't want to be confused with those the queen was sending to fight against the undead.


She passed around the edge of the crowd, and walked up to the golden gates. She noticed a youth leaning against one side of the gates, and three others standing a bit farther away. She chose the opposite side of the gate as the youth, and looked out into the dark forest.

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Elli sighed. This would be the third personal assistant she fired that month. Elli had asked for a Nightmare. She had received an exorbitantly priced black horse. She had asked for a pouch of sorrows. She had gotten an empty bag with a few grains of rice remaining. And now she had received a glass necklace when she had ordered a soul pendant. Was it so hard to go into the Witch's District and bring back something real? Ugh.


With a red cloak slung around her shoulders, Elli approached the gate. She heard whispers of witches and soulstealers as she passed the civilians and she smiled -- if they only knew how right they were. Suddenly Elli tripped over a small girl running to her mother. The small child looked up, fear in her eyes, then looked down again. "You look very pretty today, Lady Elli," said the girl. Elli smiled and reached into her basket. The child quivered in fear until Elli brought out the voodoo doll of Lady Enlyn. The esteemed lady might have wretched seizures for a month, but it was worth it to see the smile on the little girl's face as she slipped away. Elli hoped she would never have to eat the poor thing.


Now at the gate, Elli chose to stand near the solitary peasant boy. He was poor, but he looked scrumptious. It was a pity that wooden stakes were among the essential equipment the queen had demanded. It's not as though eating someone was that big of a deal.


Elli sank to the ground, her dress bubbling into a perfect circle around her, and sorted the things in her picnic basket: A set of cards blessed by the Goddess of Chance; a voodoo doll for each of the courtiers (minus Lady Enlyn); a silver dagger; a tied packet of nightshade; a blossom of oleander; a rosary; an endless wardrobe full of millions of outfits; Necromancie and Magick; and a red ribbon. Satisfied, Elli tied the ribbon into her hair and replaced the rest of her supplies into the basket. This would most certainly be a fun journey.

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Rabelde left the Queen's hall without much enthusiasm. He wasn't exactly eager with the quest she'd just assign to him- and everyone else.

It wasn't that he was afraid of failing, nor was he afraid of getting killed by the undead. It was just because, he shuddered with disgust at the thought, he would be required to fight with the exorcists' holy equipments he is not used to and never wished to use.

He tightened his red silken robe around him, trying to hide the amulets and charms that hung on his shirt, as he approached the city gates, all the while glaring at the silver cross blade he was unable to hide underneath.

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Gabriel walked through the path of the castle. He had seen others' way to head the gate, and followed them. But for a while, his consciousness was drained a bit when he arrived to the central of the city. Don't you think this is too hard? said a female voice from his head. Gah, haven't you gotten to used with this stuff? Come on. Just rely on me. You nuisance. replied another voice. Gabriel just rolled his eyes at the conversation. He was concerned, since he didn't know much about this city. "Nah, let us just concentrate. This won't be too hard, just believe in it," added Gabriel to give at least hope. Geez, you're pathetic,.. a voice echoed.


He then continued to walk. The outstand gates were easy to spot among the dark contrasted city. He noticed that almost everyone had gathered, they're standing, waiting for everyone's arrival. Seeing a short tree nearby, he bent down to look over it. Queen is strange. If she wants us to discover the root, why sent us with different paths? Isn't it more effective if we were sent as team? he thought to himself, wandering what had been the Queen planning.

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((no time to actually post here--but elli, did you just say that Taemin looks like he'd be "scrumptious"? XD XD XD you have no idea how amusing i find that!))

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The greenery around her irritated Yani to no end.

She was currently heading to the Velacia gates, clad in her signature dress and cute earrings. The dust on the cobblestone path rose up with every step she made, billowing into clouds of shining gold. Though the annoying trees and leafy bushes were thinning out rapidly, her irritation did not decrease. Maybe it had something to do about interrupting her beauty sleep.


"I hate this," she said out loud, looking to all the world like she was a petty child who had lost her candy. Well, she wasn't.


She kept walking, her grey ballet flats slapping against the pebbles. A stray bang floating into her vision, and she blew on it.


At last, the huge gates appeared in the horizon. The city behind it was dark, dirty - and fun. She grinned widely.

Yani increased her speed eagerly, anticipating the thrill of battle; it was probably near. Inside this city. Yum.


'Oh, how fun,' Yani thought, her irritation vanishing as she eyed a few people clustered around; a peasant boy, and a vampire to the side. The vampire eyed the boy, before standing near him. She disliked the girl instantly, but she was, of course, a potential ally, so she put it aside and approached them.


"Hello!" she chirped lightly as soon as she was close enough. "I'm Yani Celindor," she smiled demurely, "of the Venos Hae clan."

No one really realized that the little girl could kill mercilessly, so she decided to state her power directly.

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Taemin tried not to edge away from the girl who had decided to situate herself next to him. That look she was giving him...that was a little creepy. And she didn't quite look human. Maybe he was paranoid, but she was putting him on edge.


A young girl had just approached them--she didn't look particularly dangerous. Except...


"...of the Venos Hae clan."


Taemin stood up sraight and stopped fidgiting immediately. Venos Hae. Necromancers. Serious. Necromancers. Well, that would make this whole undead mess go away much more quickly.


"I'm Lee Taemin," he said simply. He didn't really have much of a title to attach to his name. He was simply a dancer. A shrine boy. Well...sort of. About that judging-a-book-by-its-cover thing. This little girl (or so she looked) and he were of the same type--so very unassuming, yet so very dangerous...


There were now eight people gathered at the gates. Only Yani had inroduced herself to him so far. And he wasn't about to start introducing himself to strangers. He didn't trust them enough for that.

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Elli looked up at "Yani Cellindor", sizing her up. She was a young girl wearing an ugly poofy dress, an ugly headband, and ugly gloves. Despite her appearance, Elli decided to give the girl a chance. She must be extremely capable if the queen allowed her a place in the company. Not that Elli gave the queen much credit, despite their friendly relationship.


Elli had heard whisperings of the Venos Hae clan in the darkest parts of the city, but she was generally unfamiliar with them. Something about necromancy...? Elli couldn't remember the last time she had met a formidable necromancer. For some reason necromancers always thought themselves invulnerable and it was thoroughly annoying.


Elli rose to her feet and dusted herself off. Then she met the girl's eyes. "I am Lady Elli Asher." Elli had no idea what to say, and she was beginning to think Yani disliked her. She was also beginning to think the girl knew exactly what Elli was. Stupid vampire prejudices -- as if they could control what they were. Elli fervently hoped for a chance to eat the child -- or whatever it was, as it did not seem to be remotely human nor anything like a child.

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Almaha was walking towards the gates with his spear in one hand and his shield in the other. He had purchased everything he would need to fight the undead. He saw the group that would fight the undead standing at the gate,he made haste so that he would not keep them waiting.


He wondered what this adventure would be like,would it be long or short,warm or cold,and wet or dry. He was at the gate by now and saw the group he recognized two of them Sir Nathan Elindor and Nova Fortia. He had only seen the others when he was walking or doing something else.

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Nova shifted on her feet. She didn't like this crowd. The peasant boy, the vampire and the little girl she could see herself liking. The hunter type man might be okay. The others, though? A prince, some knights, some kind of magician and a fairy. Disgusting, she thought.


She was anxious to get a move on. This crowd would bother her quite a bit if they weren't fighting something. She longed for the days when she could have killed a forest of animals and she could have lived in peace. She sighed. Time to get a move on.


Nova petted Faeles calmly. Faeles bared her teeth at the rest of the party, especially that Venos Hae brat. "Don't worry, faeles, we'll get to kill stuff soon enough." she said softly.


"People! Listen up! The queen put me in charge of this mission, and we're going now. This first part of the journey, we'll be in a forest. I hope you've got all of your personal matters aside. Open the gate." Nova said confidently.


The guards opened the gate, and she walked through them without another word. She looked behind her to see a few nervous people, and shook her head. "What are you waiting for? The undead won't kill themselves."

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When Almaha heard her speak he followed the order and went out the gate. He was finally out of the city and onto the rough forest terrain,he moved best on this terrain because he liked it the most. He would finally get to kill something and have some fun. He liked most of the crowd especially the ones that looked like they wanted to get out of the city too. He liked the other knight,the vampire,the fairy,and the witch the most,the others were okay.

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((haha--elli can't remember the last time she met a formidible necromancer, eh? did elya fade from her memory so quickly? XD))


Taemin tried not to give a start when the girl next to him--Elli--spoke. If his eyes didn't decieve him, the girl had fangs. Well then. No wonder he was getting wierd vibes.


She seemed scornful of this Yani girl. Taemin found that foolish. They already seemed to dislike each other, but he thought this was a fairly bad way to start. After all, they all wanted to get out of this one alive...right? Well, as alive as we go into it, he thought, his eyes flickering over to the girl who just may be a vampire.


Another person had joined them--a lancer wearing gold armor. So many professionals...and then there was him. Little Taemin. Peasant boy. Dancer. Who hadn't been involved in more combat than the occassional bar fight and usually came off worse when his opponant actually got ahold of him.


This could be interesting.

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((XD That was 600 years ago. And I forgot about Elya. XD))


Elli rolled her eyes at the girl one more time and marched out the open gates. Elli knew that it was a bad idea to go ahead of everyone else (she had learned that lesson), but it always annoyed her to see everybody doing nothing. However, it annoyed her even more to see Lady Nova lead the way. The woman was harsh, angry, and seemed to have a score to settle with dresses. And vampires. What was with the vampire prejudices? It's not as though they sparkled!


Elli told herself to calm down. She had to give everybody a chance -- even Yani. They might even be friends someday. Maybe.

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Leyla waited as the gates opened, nearly laughing at the confidence of the former noble. It was only years of training that kept her face straight as she followed the fighter and her animal companion out of the gate. She knew the girl was a respected fighter, and Leyla couldn't disagree with the fact that she was good, very good, at fighting. But she wondered if the fighter would be in for a bit of a shock when fighting the undead.


A breeze stirred the air. Leyla sniffed, and nearly shook her head. The sent of the undead was stronger outside the city. It was what she had expected, and she was disappointed she was right. Leyla was sure the queen had chosen her based on her ties with necromancy, and was almost as sure that the Venos Hae girl was here for the same reason.


She straightened herself, stepping briskly. A knowledge of necromancy wasn't all she had to offer.

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When Nova finished her speech, Nathan's eye were sparkeling. he might have the company of the strangest party ever seen, but he didn't want to make any predictions on the battlefield. Most of them might be just commoners, but if history learned him one thing, it was this: the more common someone is, the fiercer they fight for their freedom; and for once, they didn't target the king.


Nathan took some time to arrange his thoughts.


He would never understand why lady Nova prefers the life of a peasant above that of a noble, but it was obvious she had a talent for leadership. He hoped she was a good strategist as well, as it would be hard to accept orders from her if he didn't agree.


He had no idea what he should think of that street rat, Timing, or whatever the Queen said his name was. He didn't look like he had any skills, but he must have been appointed for some reason. Since he didn't care any big weapons, he was probably some kind of mage, a rogue mayhaps. Nathan decided that he wouldn't be the best company to hang around with, but would try his best to be polite and friendly anyway.


He liked the fairy at first sight, because they reminded him about what happened to his annoying sister. She tried to pet a fairy once, to play with, but the fairy cursed her, and she had the most odd behavior for several weeks. He hoped the fairy knew a couple of trick that would help in the battle. At least she had manners and knew something about the world, she was the only one who knew who he was.


He didn't kwow who that odd pale girl was, but he didn't want to have anything to do with her for sure; She seemed to have quite a bit of money, but he didn't recognise her as a noble, so that was very suspicious, to say the least. She looked a bit like a girl he has seen on an old painting though. He decided that he would summon his light elemental at night to keep an eye on her, she was not to be trusted...


The other once looked just as odd and strange. He was a bit surprised to see Almaha though. He didn't really know the prince, but they have been talking for a few moments on a ball once, Nathan couldn't really remember much about it, he had drunken a few glasses of wine too much that evening.


Nathan's thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the gates that slowly opened..; adventure awaited outside... it was time... to change the world!!!



((sorry I couldn't discuss everyone, but the post was getting too long, I'll make up for it I promise))

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(("she had learned that lesson" XP i sense this RP will be full of spectral hall jokes XD and "it's not as though they sparkled" XD XD XD billiant.))


Taemin slipped out of the gates, again nervously fingering his pendant. He noticed one of the gate guards flinch--he hadn't realized that gold would conduct electricity so well.


He figured the sudden goosebumps he got were a combination of nervousness, chill, and intuition telling him that this was a bad idea. He shook his limbs out slightly--Pull it together, Taemin, he thought.


He dropped his hand to the handle of his whip. He didn't like using it, but the knowledge of the weapon was comforting. If his dances failed him, he wouldn't be completely helpless.


There was one other thing that bothered him--all these people were trained fighters. Trained killers. He'd never killed anything in his life. He'd never even been hunting successfully--the other four dancers he traveled with teased him about that.


Hopefully laying the undead to rest in pieces would be easier than killing a living creature for food.


Kiliara help me, he thought as he followed their apparent leader.


Fear not, child, a familiar female voice said in the back of his head. I will.


((yannes: hehe, timing XD i can't wait to see this interaction))

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((@yannes: I am offended you did not fully read Elli's profile! >=( :lol: It clearly states that Elli has been residing in Velacia for many years now and has become a "staple of the community" with her assumed status as a noblewoman's heir. XD))

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((@Pink I have, but Nathan is from another kingdom, he only knows about Nova because they were gossiping her. The fact that he thinks you are shown on an old painting means that if you really are the one on then painting, you must be noble and ancient, but Nathan doesn't know who you are, as he is a foreigner))

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Stupid. Don't think such! You missunderstand things so much! Arch complained to Gabriel, for thinking wrongly.

"It's oka-" Gabriel's cut by the woman who was standing near the gates. She sounded like a commander and apparently giving order to open the gates. "Maybe yes," Gabriel murmured as he observed the peasant boy, pale girl and unknown girl making a group and seemed introducing themselves. But he cannot hear them clearly because of the complains. He hoped that those strongests that Queen has chosen would really give the good vigor.


Turning his head to the earlier woman that had already gotten into the forest, he made moves and follow her. As he stepped from the gates he just passed, a dark aura suppressed him to his nerve. So I'm really going to deal with undead, I wonder how they give me this chill, though. Gabriel told himself as he got the goosebumps. "This will be really hard."

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Yani kept smiling as the confident woman led them all inside. She was rough, tough, and enough - to make Yani like her. Hm, maybe they could be friends. She would work her charm on the woman soon enough.


"Ooh," she said in a very carrying whisper, "how fun."

Maybe that lovely little sentence (her second favorite, the first being "let's play tag", after all) would creep those companions of hers out. Fun.


That Taemin Lee was nice too. She liked him a lot, he seemed quiet and introverted - her type of friend. Potential, potential...


But that Elli. She was so irritatingly snobbish. Ugh. Did she have to make friends?

No, she told herself immediately after, no, I will give her a chance. Not all vampires are bad, eh.


Her musings were interrupted by the rustling of people moving. She twirled around childishly, a grin on her face, before bouncing cheerily after the woman. "We're going to play, play, play~~" she sang softly, though loud enough for others to hear, "Play taaaag~~"


Oh, how she loved creeping these people out.





((No offense, iPink :D))

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